UFA-Wochenschau 364/1963 19.07.1963


01. our neighbors (V): England. "Tumult to the Queen". -a. Stoneleigh Abbey. Royal Show (breeding bulls). -Elizabeth II + Philipp in off. Coach driving, shortly. Sign on roof "Royal Pavilion" m. brit. Coat of arms (relief) Furthermore, close. E. + P. a number of gentlemen welcome E. here before, half close, frontal, close. -Place m. Ansammlg. by breeders & their animals & Bull parade from grandstand i. Htrgr. - div. once. by the pass of the Bulls (m. Nummernsch), close. 2 breeders hold high, near shield "Highland". Eliz. + Ph. welcome at the entrance to place a Lord, half-close. Winner-COP held a chain by 2 breeders to, close, big boy. -b. London. Demonstr. on Trafalgar Square. -Wider the. Train m. Transp.. approaches frontal system. Various settings. Amount of listener. jug. Protesters, including responsive police. This includes copies of stand. T. m. girl vorgehen old. Poster "against tyranny 'neb." the youth front. approaching, close to State copy YouTube,. Police cordon is Staatsgebäube, soloseat. half close. Tumult in d. streets, thread & Boulder police and protesters, a police officer picks up small banner (against..) and knüllt it together, close, shortly. Police drag away young men, close - Standkop. sleeper. -c. London. Staatsbes. the Greek. Pair of ruler. -Reception to platform d. brit. King House. MacMillan i. Htrgr., half-close. Tony betw. JG. Women standing side. half close. Elderly woman unt. Spectators waving smiling m. flags, side. close. -Carriage with riders escort passes d. menschenbesäumte Street, half close, statue in the fo, coach m. Elizab close. + King Paul, half-close. Oblique supervision of Buckingham PAL. People trellises m. from monument m. on Rondelle and up-coming train, half total. Supervision on number of umbrellas, close. -02 Iserlohn. Visiting Prince. Margaret': a) in the Town Hall. Cut-out town hall tower with clock & inscription "Town Hall" including, BRGM. Alfred Potthoff presented a Carnation bouquet M. inside, close to half, book in hand, breaking d. BRGM., M. keeps close. M. enlists in the gold. Book a side. Close (wearing extravagant hat (flower Bowl).--b. parade of the "Royal Highland Fusiliers".) Deselect Pan OVR. Bearskin CAP, large, on the media on parade ground. Flag handover, close. Fusiliers m. drawn. Bayonets, close + a big. Pan m. order number to head of a commander v. breast big. M. walks off guard with officer escort, half-close. Band m. bagpipe Pipers, going short. Some settings. time series b. parade steps, Margaret neb. Commander stehd. & zusehd., close. Viewers to benches typically Sun, front women m. children cart.

03. battle of the engineers a) England. Military show in Gillingham and Upnor. -Helicopter set up dust whirling up close, shortly. Einzl. Soldiers, driving away, jump out of 2. Tanks, half-close. More. TV, run small explosions on field maneuvers, 2 soldiers, crossing bridge demolition coincides d. shortly thereafter. Fliegd. Helicopters, close, interpreted by means of control mines. Soldiers go m m. life jackets. Boat & bridges to water, in short, one conducted m. d. hands, close, short, truck is on 2 boats designed bridge standing over used. Stehd on field. Officer m. kl. Hearing aid ear, close, bascule bridge descends over the bridge impact site in a horizontal position. Clipping m. vl. looking to grandstand. Military, halbseitl. half close. Tank goes over bridge, kl. Explosion under him, stops tank, half-close. Officer operated a small handheld device that is connected to the hearing in the ear, close. Tank driving OVR. movable limbs bridge. -b) Bundeswehr has to decide for a new tank. -Div. once. Demonstrierg. of the French Model AMX 30 - German standard tank - newly developed German Cannon Jagdpanzer (testing on land and water - target practice). Groups of men + officers in the field. Armoured soldier during d. driving side. large. Soldier looking through telescope (?), tall, short. Dark fluttering flag mast, great. Conduit at a shot, side close. Various settings. Shooting of the German standard tank, explosion. -04 Amsterdam. Iron collection of the housewife Bleeker. -Woman stands, m. d. dirigierend hands before a magnet crane to dump, sheet metal waste break away from the magnet, woman added, old attacks. Iron out, look at it, close. -Hand provides iron on wooden shelf, Transfokator return releases look shelves filled with iron. Mrs. Bleeker in m. iron the full room, demonstrates. antique iron, close + types of heating to shows large, div. Wife BL. grabs laundry basket, carries him from home, enters laundry, seen from the outside. -05 Duisburg. Water Polo international match Germany: Holland = 4:3 (outdoors). -Oblique supervision at the pool. Div. game once. -slow motion. Some plans. -Images: Clipping grandstand, bildf. -appl. Mrs. White (young) STS. Summer hat and big sunglasses. jg contouring the mouth with joy. Girl, it's close.

06. Bad Neuenahr. Int. Clay pigeon shooting. -Pan from set up. Quivers on shooters in the background, various settings. Shooters, close + big, such as a lady. Ideal disc to another falling close. Operation of spin, close, pile tubes on ground, bildf., one falls to. jg 2. Girl looking for, side. Nah, miteinand. talking. Old. Mr front panel with trigger buttons, close. Close once. Cartridge refill, a shooter blows in the steaming heat gun. Winner Ahlin, Sweden, Lennart will in the circles of smiling. Lords of jg. Lady hugs, close. Start of the cooperation harkens SP Sleeves, close. -

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Ahlin, Lennart ; Armstrong-Jones, Anthony ; Bleeker, Horst ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Friederike von Griechenland ; McMillan, Harold ; Margaret von England ; Paul von Griechenland ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Potthoff, Alfred


Stoneleigh Abbey ; Federal Republic of Germany ; London ; Bonn ; Iserlohn ; Amsterdam ; Hong Kong ; England ; Africa ; Fontainebleau ; Duisburg ; Bad Neuenahr


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; Demonstrations ; Hobby ; Flags ; Parades ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Advertising ; Armor ; Shooting ; Swimming ; Special reports ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Blasting ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Animals (except dogs) ; diving ; Art ; Agriculture and forestry ; Maneuver ; Military ; Military events ; Exhibitions ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 364/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m visit of the Greek Royal couple in London origin: Pathe news Princess Margaret in the Federal Republic camera: Basic, Luppa battle the engineers (blowing up bridges - tank) origin: Pathé news, Eclair iron collection of a Dutch housewife origin: Polygoon water polo international match Germany-Holland camera: Luppa, basic international clay pigeon shooting camera: strong final brand 3, 1

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