UFA-Wochenschau 366/1963 02.08.1963


1st Dortmund. Evang.. Kirchentag. -Announcement a. poster m. motto "M. conflicts live", great. Graph. Representations of a hand, Gr., geometr. Sketch, a phone. -Expensed.-swivel OVR. Photo of Kindergesichts, bildf, poster a. str. "12 minutes for God", Gr., thence obliquely. Expensed. Pan on steeple, mounting: supervision (vertical) on pedestrian power, including carrying case: industrial plants and area. 3 crosses, close. President Wang speaks outdoors before microphones, large (o - s anonymous.), behind him a moves gr. Flag. Oblique Blick on screen-filling amount of listeners. (See below for final rally) 02 Skopje. Earthquake disaster. -Child looks distraught STS. Expression in camera, close. Hockd in the open air on Earth. Woman, frontal close. With lively. Miteinand arm movements. styling men, close, close, by da Seitschwenk on destroyed walls installation clock on stone wall (5. 15). More. Once, destroyed. Homes & neighborhoods, including querstehd. Telegraph pole. Car wreckage m. wall chunks. (B) man Coulter. Salvage work on the debris pile, throw stones aside, dig. Single people get. salvaged and transported on stretchers, close, close to rescued. CL. girl playing in the rubble with doll, close. Woman & kl. Son in serious. silent embrace, close. Face of old praying woman, tall, still engrossed on looking down boys, front. close 03. The end of the experiments a. archive footage of nuclear explosions and effects (kale. City). Mushroom cloud formed back (trick).

b. Moscow. Initialling of the agreement of stop of the nuclear. -Discussions at the round table, single men in close, including Gromyko. Unterird. Nuclear blast (archive).

04. Paris. De Gaulle's press conference. -Held against each other clenched fists, big. De G. obviously, frontal, gr. + close. Cutting the Assembly side. half close.

05. Ile you Levant. Rocket "Berenice". Out of bushes moves gr. Pipe slowly across dirt track, close. Technicians on large telescope (?) inside. Rocket is transported on a scaffold, the scaffold is relaxing by the sea. Rocket away. Technician is mobile technical equipment and searches with finger scale buttons (in the open), shortly. Seitschwenk OVR. Rocket in the technician making to create close. Technicians inside front panel, close, recording on radar reception disc, shortly; Close linkage of facility on the shore. Transfok. Tour of senkr. ausgericht. Rocket. Technicians holding hand on button and looks at the clock in the and. Hand, watch over a counter, close, plant m. scales & gauges, close. -Rocket launch, close to half, total, short.

06. in Knokke: Dolce Vita a. gambling casino. -Div. once. Wall paintings (kl. Chair on Chair - giant apples with mask. -Fish m. woman legs). Once. Chandelier in details, employees wipe him, briefly. Section of the chandelier, bildf., becomes blurred.

b. EXH. the sculptures d. sculptor Ossip Zadkine at the Casino; Fuzzy plastic base is hot, EXH. Room m. Visitors, half dead, briefly, A few settings, sculptures (A lot Transfokator).

c. Motocross as a national sport. -Gentlemen & jg. Lady in Freizeitkleidg. Protective helmets Hay stripes at the edge of the railway, take in going on, close, beckoning young lady on a Go-Kart, to the camera, close, placing her feet in sandals, against which someone presses s. finger, close. Some settings. Go kart racing, sportswoman overturns gently in the hay at the edge of the railway, close. Group looking to jg. Ladies and gentlemen, smiling and with fingers pointing, close. It helps the fallen, she laughs, close. Rear view jg. Lady in bikini b. swinging the target flag, close.

d. children make short morning gymnastics with coach. Rear view 2 right. close on stone Bank of sitting women overlooking the water. Water skiing athletes at sea, half close, short. Woman (only Unterkörp. sichtb) wading with dog in the water, supervision on boys, which falls at the start of water skiing in the water, close, Dachshund stapfender of water on the beach, close. Road m. holidaymakers, jg. is unterhaltd. Pair v. back saw. KL. child, starting next to MOM, look around for the camera, patters then quickly the mother behind, close. Tiles are vorwärtsbewegd. Robbe m. partial view of the accompanying guard beside, near, shortly. Rear view long series jg. People who move checked in by road.

e. singer contest. -Michael Jary on the table of the jury, half-close. T. Dame Chancon maintains close (original sound), jg. Man yodels (original sound). Excerpt from jazz singing jg. Lady close (original sound).

07. Dortmund. Event of the EV. Kirchentag. Peter Frankenfeld before Chapel standing, lecturing, frontal, close (o - s SPR. - T.). Boy zuhörd. Girl & jg. Man, the close, stage m. Frankenfeld, half total. Long shot of the Darling. With enlighten viewers field. Into center stage. Ralf Bendix wears geistl. Song before, frontal close (original sound) (sings to the guitar) 08 lay sermon of a former prisoner outside the mines. Listening to labor groups prior to mining terrain, shield "Factory gate 2", large. Preacher, front. Close (o - s narration). 2 once, grey unmodernde House front with people on Windows.

09 Dortmund. Final rally of the Kirchentag on. Racetrack Wambel. -People in urlaubsmäßg. Clothes flowing to the entrance of the racetrack, Lübke + wife go with companions over the course, frontal, close to half. Oblique supervision on fitting Music Orchestra, filling image, OVR Seitschwenk. large. Cut out Musikermasse. Pres.. Hot talks ' with ausgebreit. Poor benediction from landing down (o-ton - see narration), halbseitl. close. Snippets of the handset volume, bildf, devout individual boys and juvenile m. geschloss. Close eyes. Transfok. Tour by midweek. Cross opened views of 3 standing side by side wooden crosses, total, half-close.

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Bendix, Ralph ; Frankenfeld, Peter ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Jary, Michael ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Scharf ; Wilm ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


England ; Knokke ; Lyon ; Dortmund ; Skopje ; Knokke/Belgium ; Paris ; Atlantik ; Le Bourget ; Ile you Levant ; Moskau


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Dogs ; Industry ; Disasters ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; motor sports ; Musical events ; natural disasters ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Political events ; Press, press conferences ; Radar ; Rockets ; Advertising ; Religious events ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; Buildings ; Art ; Works of art ; People ; Holiday ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; nuclear science ; Exhibitions ; Mining ; Dogs ; Industrial ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 366/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 Kirchentag in Dortmund Skopje: earthquake in Yugoslavia origin: Novosti nuclear ban treaty origin: Sovkino press conference de Gaulle origin: Eclair Quz [...] PRM [...]
Origin: Pathé journal Song Festival in Knokke Lai young sings to "Coupe d'Europe" camera: Rau Kirchentag report final brand 3, 1 m

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