UFA-Wochenschau 367/1963 09.08.1963


01 Verdun. Franzos, among German youth commemorates the fallen of both world wars. -Sold. Cemetery unt. Title. Guide Leon Olivier rises m. young people in unterird. Casemate down. Once. of the vault. O. speaking, front, size.. Highlighted in the language (O-T): face a Jüngl. gr., plaque on wall of vault, cross m. Aufschr. "The dead." Stone wall, d. young people stand close comrades"devoutly before Memorial Grotto, youth igniting candle m. flowers adorned. Memorial Stone, hand + candle here, close. Illuminated label. Warning sign m. skull in the vault course. Olivier launches reputation from production (sound), soloseat. Gr., in order to demonstrate the sound. -Stone monument of a liegd. Soldiers cemetery behind it. Faster downward swing OVR. Monument of a serviceman. m. skyward Court. Spear on base with Inschr. "ILS n'ont pas pass", close. Wooden crosses werd. v. grass, close. Various settings. Work young people on wages. Cemetery (stone knocking, ditch), inserting a cross close, cross shadows on grass, close. Cemetery edge m. agree. Crosses & gr. Cross i. background. -Ceremony in the dark: - 2 jug. Wind, close. Music chapel on staircase, dimly illuminated, younglings m. torches, Tower with 2 lights up. Windows in which walk lights, youths wearing wreath, including torch-bearers, close, wreath + loop, screen-filling. Weak angestr. Tower, oblique v. unt. seen. -02 Quickborn b. Hbg. "Prefab 63". (Model settlement)UNT. Title aufsteigd. Helicopter. -Flugaufn. the settlement. Henri Nannen speaks before inauguration guests outdoors, standing at a lectern, v. hint. GES. + front. Close (o - s narration), guests close, Ms. min Ohnesorge cuts through the band, close, heads Applaudierender oblique supervision, side. close. -Once, single houses, including on terraces before sitzd. People, a house outside + inside m. people at tables, jg. Mrs demonstr. Kücheneinrichtg., pulls out a table of built-in wardrobe, controlled from cooker knob. Lady makes candles on window sills, v. Tempe. seen. Once more. Houses, including a m. rooftop. Fliegd. Helicopter, v. unt. GES., close. Flugaufn. Settlement. -03 Kinderdijk / Holland. Wind mills romance for tourists. -Div. once. Windmills, tourists in the vicinity and on closer inspection, Bauer sets by pulling on leash mill wings in Bewegg, close to the water point rotating blades, close. Mr b. setting s camera (viewfinder), friends. Supervisory focuses on wind mill photo screen views. Older window your. Living room sitzd. FAU with views of windmills. Once. photographing & filmd. Gentlemen, rotary wing, close.

04. Paris. The "Sputnik band". -Settings, fantastic. Space fabric before Darling. Background, downward swing of doll in an astronaut suit. 2 band members in world space suits emerge from a capsule. Div. formerly, percussion guitar u. Percussion musical Chapel uniforms for astronauts (original sound). -05 Hamburg. Dog breeding show. In short, women to visitors and dog owner in front of hall entrance, m. dogs about wood pedestal, dess. Pages Auditors are, oblique supervision on Hall inside. White Terrier makes the words d. m. microphone, spokesman d. entsprechd. Movement of the snout. UNT. various dogs in wire boxes including Spaniel, gr.; long-haired Terrier Lady m. loop a. close to head, which is still set by women's hands. Dog m. herausgehen old. Tongue, gr, a barking long-haired black. Dog, close. Chihuahuas in front of her. Owner, close. Poodle werd. Tour brought in the district. Bite of a poodle is tested, close. Of elegance. JG. Dogs on leashes held women sniff each other close. T. Lady feeds you spotted. Gr. Dog. Upright standing poodle neb. JG. Lady who keeps him in line, close. CL. girl with versonnenem views of s. poodle neb. to close. Podengo on leash, walking + at a fountain in doing its business, close. Vorst. the winner: kl. Pinscher, barking, close, Hungarian Shepherd dogs at the feet of their owner.

06. Nurburgring. "Gr. price v. Germany". -Start and passing in drawn through pan, v. Tribune from ges. UNT. Jg spectators. Man m. shirt marked "Dunlop" m. young girl in discussion, close. Various settings. Line, vornehml. jug. Viewers on terrace on mountain slope from rear sight. Car driving on the box, helpers make close d. car to create the engine. Driver s helmet takes, close. Graham Hill close to d. box (on foot). Viewers of Stirling Moss at the edge of the train looking smiling a car, close. Winner of John Surtess gets out of car, v. hint. GES., is hugged, near Mr. St. Moss, gum chewing, winking eyes m. d., front. close. Mr kill Surtess wreath before gr. Board m. Aufsehr. "Gr. PR. v. Dtld.", close, beglückw. turns him, beside him, while Surtess smiling waving, frontal, close.

07. Frankfurt. Water Ski Championships on the main. Start of a participant, close. View from Kiel train boat (part shown.) on shimmering. Water on dark high-rise silhouettes. Various settings. Jumps list. Hill side. close, including m. views of audience on the shore behind. Falls, side. half close + close, a participant falls before the Hill, a piece is pulled up, claps from there in the water, close. Black poodle looks out from folding, close, barking. -

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Nannen, Henry ; Ohnesorge ; Olivier, Leon ; Hill, Graham ; Moss, Stirling ; Surtess, John


Quickborn ; Hamburg ; Kinderdijk/Holland ; Verdun ; Frankfurt ; Paris ; Nürburgring ; Fort Douaumont


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dogs ; cameramen, cameramen ; child care, education problems ; Education, youth ; Leisure, recreation ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Advertising ; Religious events ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Buildings ; war graves ; Holiday ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Dogs ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 367/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 7, 6 reconciliation in Verdun youth meeting over graves origin: k 99 prefabricated houses camera: Rau, Pahl windmills romance origin: Polygoon Sputnik Chapel origin: Pathé journal dog show camera: Rau Nürburgring camera: Luppa, reason, Zakariah, Jürgens water ski Championship in Frankfurt camera: fire, strong final brand 3, 1

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