UFA-Wochenschau 373/1963 30.09.1963


01 Cadenabbia. In the end. Holiday of Adenauer as Bu. -Kanzler (see also ZL). -Once. A. with hat in hand walk, dead. + close. Villa C. hint. Trees, half total. A. lagging, Garden Gate group comes to him waving, while women's i. Htrgr. greeting locals to women including para. him a bouquet. Group smiling onlookers m. stretched. Necks, close. Adenauer b. bowling m. blond. JG. Lady. With glasses reading A., head in hand having regard, halbseitl. big, sitzd on the table. Adenauer in rear view OVR m. view. Shore terrace close to Lake Como, arms on table b. writing a letter, part of his head to m. liegd. Hand with pencil, big, depositing writings, close. Adoption scene unt. Cabinet members in attendance of including Erhard & by Brentano's outdoor group photo reporter in front of the Villa, close, close to half. Adenauer's exclusive interview, sitting on the garden table, close (original sound. Camera Assistant Rühe with hand-held cameras, frontal, close. -02 crisis in South Vietnam. -Close once. People in the streets. NGO Dinh Diem of up front by salutierenden soldiers, side. half close. -Madame Nhu, m. family outdoor f. photo posing, front. close, close, standing together with son and daughter in plant. -Young Vietnamese m. pistol in the direction of the target, raise hand hand m. gun during firing, close. -Revolt of Buddhists and monks, scuffle in the middle of demonstrierd. Measured on road in the presence of police, briefly. Mme NHU sitting on sofa, explains a you tagged genüb. sitzd. Mr rich gesture something close. Picture of the monk burning is held in hand, great. Cut-out set of buddh standing in front of building. Monks. The picture above is registered in March by monks, close. Large ornament ornate dead car on broad street car line driving ahead, 2 out-standing monks b. passing, coffin is close close, mourning and praying Buddhist group, close oven Luke slid into a furnace hole, with behind sichtb. Fire, close. Upward swing by hand, beating with Clapper on the ball, on the face of a monk. Glowing ash is long shovel out fire and laid out, off, oven with smoldering and partially still glowing ash before, close. -Cabot Lodge. U.S. Ambassador to South Vietnam, b. arrival in SAIG. Airport b. darkness, descending the gangway -, halbseitl. close, is smiling in the company of a group of men and a General over airfield, frontal, close. Redender entertaining groups of soldiers of the army airfield, near, including colored soldier, close. Soldiers of a fighting force of United States Army climb the helicopter, close to the long series of helicopters in the field with rotating screw, in the doorway of a flying helicopter standing soldier with MG in stop at passing, half-close + close, boots of the soldiers at the bottom right image before a landscaping aerial, close. -Belgrade. Mme NHU speaks before the Inter-Parliamentary Union. -See ZL. In addition: State building, half total, with road before that. -03 Berlin. Heinz Oestergaard commented on his newest, autumn models. -Oakley sitting on Ivy covered stairs outdoors with sketchpad on his knees, frontal, close, speaks (interview - s. narration), intermediate sections outline v. evening dresses, close. -Demonstration v. fall fashions in outdoor, including victory column, neb. MOD sculptures by individual models: including costumes with fur trim or loose narrow fur cloak, woollen & dresses, Brocade costume fur collar m. under coat, dinner dress; Mannequin in mink coat before organ i. Htrgr., pushes him, plays white dress. Wollgeorgette including, dresses with veil coupling. -04 Italy, crazy hats. Upward swing of long evening gloves, reprove, dragged by woman's hand on face of smiling Lady, it turns their headdresses of bundle of narrow. Strip the camera; Mannequin is kept back along the hat by Mr. hand mirror; Show div. strange formations, close + big mannequin with plume on head is by interviewer microphone countered. -05. skinheads - story. Foundational feast of a Club of bald carriers, schunkelnde men, big and in funny Club costume, bald head, big group. -Interviews with the head of a bek. Bald Institute in his Office, as well as the Guild master of the OHIM. Salons in hairdressing salon, jew. Gr. (O - s SPR. text), t. hairdresser washing a woman's hair, massaging the scalp, mirror image of a woman, whose Kopf is massaged, close. Once. Hair care, Crown on dünnbehaart, is Männerkopf with liquid. Daubs, bald is reflected. Dark wig used on young lady with bald, she considered themselves smiling and feeling the hair, big. -Bald is the Barber with a machine. Polisher handles great. Buckets and cans with floor wax on the table, close. Bald carrier each other Each other rub the skinheads and Polish them, man polished own bald head with a cloth, Gr., stamped "caution. Fresh gebohnert."is pressed on bald head, lady sitting next to men's kisses bald of a prostrate himself in front of her Lord, bald with lip print, large. -06 Duisburg. Football match, Meidericher SV: Hertha BSC Berlin 1: = 3. - div. game settings, goal scenes and goals in slow motion, div. plans. -Recordings, including tense faces, close, cut-outs of the spectator area if applause, viewers swivel ENS flags, close. Put a sitzd on the edge of the playing field. Man jackets printed of a sketch by Rahn & the words "Helmut Rahn, the man with the Golden foot", close. The Helmut Rahn referenced by the place, and and. Crouching men on the sidelines, half from rear sight, half-close. -Man is heavily disappointed face, driving with his hand over his face, frontal, big

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Brentano von, Heinrich ; Diem, Karl ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Lodge, Cabott ; Nhu ; Oestergaard, Heinz ; Rühe, Bernd Michael ; Rahn, Helmut


Belgrade ; Cologne ; South Vietnam ; Cadenabbia ; Upper Volta/Africa ; Berlin ; Italy ; Travemünde ; Duisburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; Demonstrations ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Fire ; Fireworks ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Political events ; Religious events ; beauty care ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Unrest ; Buildings ; Medicine ; People ; Military ; Military events ; Holiday ; Fashion ; Entertainment, festivals ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 373/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m of Adenauer in Cadenabbia camera: Vlasdeck hot topic: Viet Nam origin: Novosti, GAUMONT, GAUMONT, GAUMONT, Gaumont fashion - Oestergaad camera: Pahl hats from Italy origin: iNcom bald story camera: reason, fire football: Meidericher SV-Hertha BSC camera: Seib, reason, Zakariah end brand 3, 1

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