UFA-Wochenschau 376/1963 11.10.1963


01 accident series. see ZL 715-02 Munich. Farewell visit Konrad Adenauer. -A. waving misses people trellis close. Appl. Audience in the Conference room i. German Museum. 2 men in costume wear stehd on the Madonna on stage. Adenauer, A. & the men m. d. figure, the close, A. thanked a Mr.

03. Bonn. Visit of Chancellor portraits by Ernst Günter Hansing. -Expensed. Pan OVR. Portrait, bildf, detail of the eye area, bildf, Hai provide explanations for portrait on the wall, Adenauer, window of the Palace, easily supporting head in hand, frontal close. A. s. maintains m. Haidar before wall portraits. Once. Chancellor studies. -04 Munich. Lettering Adenauer coin in the staatl. Coin. -Some close once. v. d. work a Moneyer. Aden. Coin is set to other. Pan, close. -05 Gustav basic Kalkan +. -Archivaufn. Gründgens as Director and as Darst. the Mephisto.

06. Baden württ, Germany. Electronic calculator for the financial bureaucracy. -Punch card input, div. Transfers equipment in operation, accountant m. one-handed typing, starting with the other lines on the map, man operated. Electron devices, rotating coils, gr. Control Panel with flashing digits and characters. Tax assessment notice with the resulting data runs out of machine, sitting outside auditors. -07 Mannheim. Remote-controlled shunting operations. Various settings. Rangiermeister b. d. work on Control Panel overlooking railway embankment. B. close your hand. Button illuminated on and in the label "A remote control", close. Top mast m. antenna against the sky, close. Rangiermeister in p. cabin + animals freight train, expensed. Pan wheels an ongoing locomotive on top with a driving position. Interlocking track shift, close. Moving locomotive, totally close. -8th Berlin. Mounted police with two-way radio in the saddle. -2 police officers riding along forest road and forest road, jg. Girl comes into running, excited something tells them that shows directions. Pan v. Saddle bag on handset on the front of the saddle, that is, taken close, p. speaks into it (original sound), heads both. Horses b. chewing, halbseitl. close. speaking p. v. back, recorded at an angle. Equestrian officials. i. forest hint. Cyclists here, this throws down wheel, hits s sleeping in the forest, pursued by the officials, is wrist wrapped v. chain, close. A police officer on horse ford. p. two-way radio car where it arrives, short, bring the arrested.

9 Austria, Falkner meeting. -Fixed place: Gr. meadow before Castle as a backdrop, group Hunter launches incoming guests in horns, in partly histor. M. White clothes (the three-cornered hat), carriage. Horse driving OVR. Meadow, with cars arriving guests with Falcon in hands, Falcon is exempt from cardboard, close. Demonstration v. dressage on meadow, eating Falcon about ambush animal, close, Falcon air starts something in d., half close, Falcon opts for s. hand Lord, close. -10 Paris. Dressage to "Grand Prix de Dressage" Polo de bagatelle. -Running legs of a darling. Horse, side. close. Common riding a. DIV set of dressage riding individual: young lady, Joseph Neckermann, then winner Chamartín. Hint people trellis. Hedges demarcation. Elegance. ält. Mr with kl. Pipe in the corner of the mouth is where a cigarette, with melon on head, front. Gr. -Award ceremony, 11 Longchamp/Paris. Coincides with the "Prix d ' Arc de Triomphe'. -On audience thread passing looking at camera smiling Lady with Super-rut, close. Inmitt. sitzd. Viewers right. Lady with cigarette i. mouth b. studying a list, close. Some settings. d. race, total of geschloss. Field, as well as the crowd. Winning jockey Deforge and owner at the Fuchsia 'Exbury' standing, close.

12 Hildesheim. 3. German championship in the miniature football. Mr, gr is the kick-off. m. gr is sitting watching at table. Close watch. Hall, half total, m. many game tables, various settings. the competitions. Looking down anxiously nerr makes move from cigarette, gr. Looking to young, single, Gr., Großaufn. the figures, focused faces of the participants, large. Final whistle, trick shot overhanging composition of miniature teams before football goal. -13 Cologne. "" Football game of 1 FC Köln: Bremen 4:3 = Werder – see ZL 715 - almost the same cut - here without awarding Shepherd's "Footballer of the year". -

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Gründgens, Gustav ; Hansing, Ernst Günter ; Chamartin, Henri ; Deforge ; Neckermann, Joseph


Hildesheim, Germany ; Munich ; Mannheim ; Austria ; Bonn ; Berlin ; Baden-Württemberg ; Cologne ; Paris ; Longchamp


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Hunting, Hunter ; Football ; Police ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Youth ; Art ; Works of art ; Science ; Jobs ; Entertainment, festivals ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 376/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 7, 6 accident story Rolle13 origin: Jupiter film Adenauer: farewell visits Adenauer medal camera: Vlasdeck Gustav basic Kalkan + origin: archival electronic data processing machine + electric locomotive camera: strong, strong mounted police with two-way camera: Pahl Falkner meeting Austria origin: Austria dressage in Paris origin: Gaumont Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe - horse racing origin: Gaumont table football camera: Rahim football: 1. FC Köln - Werder Bremen camera: Luppa, fire, strong, Zakariah final brand 3, 1

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