UFA-Wochenschau 379/1963 01.11.1963


01 Lengede. Bergwerksunglück-- rescued miner is Wichmann s. doorstep interview (interview). Panning list. Accident site m. rigs and teams b busy. Drive clarifiers, two serious men, close, rescue squads and caravan on the edge of the basin. Sketch map v. tunnel and dam breaking point in the cross-section. OVR backward swing. Drilling scaffolding, great; on drilling rig (Salzgitter-Saugbohranl.) in action and umstehd. Workers drill rotates in mud, big, detailed settings. Work on a drilling rig. -Engineer speaks (o-ton: "prior to 3 min...) ") Water flows through the pipe into the tank, close." Promotion of rock is deposited on stockpile; Contact supply pipe, workers listening in, waiting relatives, stop lists m. name derjen. Enclosed, with whom Verständigg. Hergest is. Tree branches against the evening sky with gr. Moon. Headlight is set, close m. hand, blasted to inflatable boat on Earth. Night photography: Excited people u. Recovery of rescued in ambulance (original sound), drilling, drilling a 2 hole in mud rotary drill bits, close, workers sets harking ear tube opening, call, sound v. glucksendem water of calles actuality). At the end. d. l. day. M. bearing the civilian clothes d. miners, workers reads tarnished name lists, close. Top drilling scaffolding "Shaft Mathilde" flag to half-mast, close. Series vans on site, group Poliz. & miners before ambulance standing. Building facade, at night, with hint. more. Miners. Windows shoots. Engineers. Drilling scaffolding, night, angle v. unt. seen, Bergmann m. headlamp drinking from Cup, (great at night, workers welding pipe (b. Dklh.), close, shortly. Truck drives down slowly. -3rd day: deselect Pan hint of steeple. Treetops on people who go to church, v. back. Installation: Details Bohrmasch. einzl in operation & church-goers, among others. ält. Mrs m. enters Church floor, wife, b. open d. door falls views crucifix. -Bore-on the beet farm. Terrain half-dead. m. ill. Rescue teams, various settings. Drilling rig. Interview with an engineer (o) concerning the difficulties hole d. gg. 3 Athmosph. -Pressure. Sketch map d. new hole m. Fig. a. d. history. Waiting relatives, legs v. wartd. People & scnlendernd front legs v. workers, close. M. blass wheel of a moving truck, GM, part of the scaffolding of drilling against the pale sky. Moon. It is night: Bergarb. and helpers watching as probe is filled with food, etc. and introduced in supply pipe, is lowered by pulling on cable. Workers are available to tape device and listen on heraufdringd. Will the voices, names. reported by (all original), man puts on the headphones, close, in police cars members hear the voices, rotrd d. Verlorengeglaubten. Drills, g, 02 Germany. "Big Lift" - Americ. Maneuver. -V. back, close a Fiddler, a. airfield, US transparent rolling off. -Machine, in short, one detail is drehd. Wheel, bildf, bases of transparent. -Machine, U.S. soldiers rising from, half-close + close. Bag a. ground m. inscription "John L. Kennedy", close, close soldier Kennedy, & Gr., with nameplate a. breast. Aufschr. "Hellon Wheels" unt. Sleeve braid, close. Soldiers remove v. aircraft. Is longitudinal, OVR b. darkness. Runway machine lowering m. lighting brands v. back, total, a Winker v. back, rolling out machine, half total, short, aussteigd. Intermittent soldiers b. Dar., half close, short, dark to landing machine from behind. -03. Bonn. Erhard Dean Rusk interview list. Defense. -Erhard + Rusk occur Erhard, followed v. companions through door into a little i. Palais Schaumb., close to half, smiling, close, swivel on it gegenüberstehd. Rusk, shake each herzl. and smiling d. hands in front door, in the gleichf. smiling men stand close, raise hands in taking apart such greeting d., close.

02. a. "Big Lift": a cameraman. Airfield, close, start., half-dead., short, Kai Uwe von hassel on airfield neb. a gentleman standing, which he on s.th.. draws attention, close. Access hatches to debug of a transparent. Machine opens automatically, close, soldiers to throw out luggage, close, shortly. Once. Soldiers flocking away from aircraft (m. Helmets + luggage). Rolling machine before Tower air traffic control d. m. Aufschr. "Rhein-Main", short. Sold. -Trupp deployed on Highway, where long tank series, soldiers spread a. ammunition floor shortly, Jeep passes Highway m. available tanks, trucks, including ground liegd. Packaged ammunition, driving recording + balloon. -02 b. "Big lift" in Formosa US air landing maneuver. -Numerous parachutes & 3 jet fighter in the sky, v. unt. seen. Generals sitting on the covered grandstand, of which a d. binoculars eradicator peeps, close. Parachutes, aircraft bouncing off the m. a. sky remote. Countless parachutes in the sky. 2 jumper on the floor in front of her is longitudinal, lowering shades, close, short.

04. London. Soccer: England: "Rest of far". -Stadium m. environment, total, unt. Title. Prince Philipp m. companions is located on pitch single player, half close to the Pan about 3 players close. Various settings. d. game. Audience cut-outs, close. Lot bildf, applauding, mainly teenagers, close. Royal brass band parades in square. Formation Stadium, total, oblique v. above seen through. Transf. Tour v. snippet of Gaines. Musician. Transfok. -Riding up on a playing field, cutting jub. Viewers, of which A few of the seats jump, half-close. Players are hesitant, because a foul was seen. Audiences sometimes jumps up, applauded, others whistle. Uwe Seeler enters the field of play, half-close. Side door scenes in slow motion. seen. Goalkeeper buries unt ball. himself and a striker falls on him. Young man in audience with on crack. Mouth, close, goaltender flies into rolling. Ball counter (slow motion), it let go, tight plans. -Faces, door in slow motion, close to half seen v. page, jub. Grandstand audience. Players converge close to half, totally. Slow ball hits post, soloseat. GES., half-close. Teams in the middle and a marching band i. background, Uwe Seeler at retirement, frontal, close. Older jubilant English (m. before bleachers cheering) swings s cylinder with sewn on brit. several times Flag in one, a flag in the other hand, frontal, close.

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Erhard, Ludwig ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Rusk, Dean ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Seeler, Uwe


Lengede ; Formosa ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Bonn ; London ; Federal Republic


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Disasters ; skydiving, skydiving ; Football ; natural disasters ; Political events ; Armor ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Landscapes ; Maneuver ; People ; Military ; Military events ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Mining ; Military ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 379/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m mine disaster of Lengede camera: Seib big lift Erhard & Rusk in Bonn, talks about defense camera: basic origin: Metro football: England: rest of the world origin: Pathe news final brand 3, 1 m

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