UFA-Wochenschau 380/1963 08.11.1963


01 719 (backups - Selfcare) see accident story (25) -. -02 Indonesia. Lahiri's visit. -Deselect pan set by umbrella group. jeweled jg. Girl with flowers i. hair, a. air. standing. close, two smiling young girls with kostb. Vessels in hands, close. On top of gr. People swarm in, unt. Umbrellas: Lübke. & wife neb. Sukarno, are stehd by trellis. JG. Girl m. flowers sprinkled, close, Lahiri strews flowers on Hat s wife, both smiling, frontal, close. Lot the heads of reckender and winkd. Teenager, seen at an angle v. above, section v. young, close, bildf. -Lübke and Sukarno driving in off. Dare m. people trellis standing, waving through street front half close. Fahraufn. by vornehml. Young people who swing flags, half close, drive under stretched across road. Transparent long live friendship. the German and the also. People", Gr. Group of musicians playing on einheim. Percussion instruments, half-close + close. Girl band parades once on grandstand, div. Dances on Bali before spectators round, Sukarno on grandstand, close. Various settings. Pre-accession support and pan around by allegorical figures with dance. Movements, pre-accession carrying a palanquin, pre-accession pushing a decorated car with pagoda Tower. Mrs. L. Say something to a leaning over to her Indonesian woman (jg.) in uniform, close, neb Lübke. Sukarno and wife Lübke in bleachers, half-close. -03 South Viet Nam. The jungle war. -Parade to the 8th anniversary of diem's regime - regime - coup - guerrilla war. -a. Pres.. Diem. and police chief NHU columns in white uniforms and combat gear, remove parade, close to half the short, standard-bearer series, short, tank, close, concentration camp.

b. tank with winkd. Soldiers driving through road, various settings. Military and observational civilians in the streets, soldiers prepare their weapons and ammunition, with weapons at the ready, div. once. Bombardment of the Palace facade of the unt. Fire liegd. Palace, bildf. -Palace of military and crowd surrounded, cheering crowds, mainly teenagers, roam the street with banners.

c. balloon helicopter BC whether. GES., front landscape, gunner v. rear with MG at the ready, close. Fight. Guerrillas and South Vietnamese. Soldiers in rice fields. Various settings. Operation of cannons and firing guns, close. Soldier leads 2 prisoners, group stehd. young prisoner blindfolded, close. -Injured is set by a soldier before the helicopter carefully on the floor, close. Overlaid with U.S. flags, coffins are on flat off. Car driven, d. str., group US soldiers is in row and half close, U.S. soldiers wear link before aircraft, coffins to the and in the transport aircraft, close. Stretcher with jg. Vietnamese woman will be stored by US soldier, shortly. Little boy faces covered bodies and shouts with anxious eyes (behind the legs of U.S. soldiers). This injured Vietnamese winds young vietnam in pain, close. Soldier prays before incense, close. Seitschwenk by feet, in addition to which pair of boots is about lying on a stretcher covered dead, close.

04. great reportage Lengede. , To rescue three buddies after 7 days, ZL of 719 Unwesentl see mine disaster. Interface differences. Headlamp lighted dimly recognizable scenery. Reporters entering hospital. Interviews at the hospital beds (original sound). -Resettled on-the-scene. Div, once. a new hole. Drilling with cranes and ambulances, etc. before tracks in the foreground, standing groups of people, close. A priest at the drilling site. Helper passes 2 food tube sister from first-aid car, which goes on to, food tube is lowered through the supply hole, workers operated crank a winch, to 2 reporters speaking Bisch. Lilje, close to swivel on a cross on his chest, and hands of the reporter quotes before. Pan from a drilling site to another, totally. "First-aid tents with patrouillierendem soldiers. -interview with mine Director Faiz in the dark (original sound). Sketch map of the location of the 11 closed and the hole. Work on and around drilling site At night, clothes shaped tubes is filmed in needles, close, and left down, forts. Interview Faiz. Illuminated drilling rig, total. -(O) on a new search bore is hammered for the purpose of signaling to the drill pipe. Eagerly listening groups of miners, near, in the dark. Answer remains off. -

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Diem, Karl ; Fehrling ; Lilje ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Nhu ; Sukarno ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Lengede ; South Vietnam ; South Viet Nam ; Indonesia ; Bali


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; Disasters ; Musical events ; natural disasters ; Parades ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Advertising ; Religious events ; Armor ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; Youth ; Unrest ; War, prisoners of war ; People ; Military ; Military events ; festivals ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Mining ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 380/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 7, 6 accident story role 25 origin: Jupiter film Lübke in Indonesia Viet Nam - coup - fall d. diem regime, guerrilla war origin: Metro mine disaster of Lengede, GAUMONT, Gaumont camera: Seib final brand 3, 1

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