UFA-Wochenschau 383/1963 29.11.1963


Kennedy + quote from Teilhard de Chardin - Chardin-portrait, great.
United States. -Newspapers headlines about d. werd m. Kennedy's assassination. taken away from news-stands, lesd newspaper. People on road m. stunned. Faces, weeping jg. Girl, close, mute + dull-looking gentlemen, headlines, close.
The crime:-still photo of Kennedy in car when driving through Dallas dissolves into motion, once. close to drive through the crowd with brilliant winkendem Kennedy, v. d., dare by vl. people, including reporters, that Kennedy, + Jacqueline b. drive-by, smiling, cutting close - shots resound - d. front d. building shot from - unrest - himself ausbreitd. Horror - companion gets out of car - COP looks up at the building - jg. Girls get into terror u. Faces turn away, close - the President's car empty – weeping women - shocked faces - murder weapon is taken away (held over head), close - Lee Oswald runs off - reporter set in motion of the UG - coffin with the Pres., will such transfer in car - Jacqueline tries to open door. -Honor guard on a street in Washington, at night, moving car, illuminated, total. -Input d. white. House with people entering at night, TV. The decomposing on coffin, totally close, men parade around, half close, guard the casket lower limit salary. Sabre, half-close. -Archive footage of Kennedy, k. portrait, illuminated, big. Deselect Pan flag on the roof of the Bonn City Hall on the balcony, total, close. -The farewell: Berlin. Rally outside Schöneb. Town Hall on the day of the funeral. At night. -Transparent "We have lost a friend" about floral arrangements, wreaths and candles-blasted Kennedy image, a woman flowers, weeping women, close to the Kennedy image with candles sets before + framed v. flowers, close. Waving flag with the Berlin bear at Dar, close - the U.S. flag over Versamml. Place i. Htrgr. - between t. Woman & older. Mr stehd. General, hand a. forehead holding close - illuminated. Kennedy portrait, big - plate "John F. Kennedy - Platz" is officially unveiled, close. -Washington. -Military trumpeter b. Dar., close, settles trumpet. -Once. Standing and Crouching people on the roadside, individuals with reduced. Heads once div., big -. Funeral procession (interview) - honor guard marches forward, half - drawn casket on horse, white horse, escorted by honor guard - follow big military music bands - roof + dome of St. Matthew's Cathedral, close, coffin is lifted from the car - once. the stehd before Cathedral. Companion train - Cardinal Cushing makes his worn - playing mil music Chapel blessing sign before the casket - casket is levels, half total - following the coffin: Jacqueline with both. Children & hint. her 2 brothers of Kennedy's, half close to countless leaders and statesmen, including de Gaulle Lübke, Eisenhower, Prince Philipp. -Gently above waving U.S. flag at half-mast on buildings, close. -Car goes road with column of slow moving car with Johnson under strict guard slowly by road with people trellis, close, half total, seen at an angle.
Arlington. -Div. once. Burial ceremonies at military cemetery. Jacqueline, headed by brothers Kennedy s close. Pan over the mourners, including in front row Lübke, de Gaulle, Erhard, Haile Selassie. Honor guard folds the Star-Spangled Banner, close. Jacqueline kindled an eternal light, close, expensed. Pan the FSO. Light at the foot of the casket on the honor guard before, Robert Kennedy stands together with Jacqueline, while clerics express their sympathy, close, she passes on honor guard, cemetery scene totally. -The successor with rose still photo Johnson to the oath. Hand next to Jacqueline standing close, both large individually. -Archivaufn. Johnson in Berlin. Johnson s speaks first words as President, outdoor b. darkness, large (original sound).

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Cushing ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Johnson, Lyndon ; Kennedy, Jacqueline ; Kennedy, John F. ; Kennedy, Robert ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Oswald, Lee ; Selassie, Haile


Dallas ; Texas ; Washington ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Indonesia ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flags ; Musical events ; Political events ; Religious events ; Deaths, funerals ; Buildings ; Art ; Works of art ; People ; Military events ; Assassinations ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 383/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m KENNEDY quote de Cardin camera: Seib, reason, Pahl, Arndt, Vlasdeck, Luppa Dallas origin: Metro, Metro funeral origin: Metro, Metro, Metro flashback origin: Gaumont, Pathé journal farewell origin: Gaumont, Polygoon, Polkronika successor: Lyndon B, Johnson origin: archive material end brand

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