UFA-Wochenschau 390/1964 14.01.1964


1st portrait Willy Brandt - a woman takes to the receiver us phone. Profile Willy Brandt is contagious cigarette (large). Hands scroll files. Willy Brandt sits behind his desk and works. He leafs through files and on the phone. Close-up Willy Brand phone, profile. Images from a photo book: fire with clay (large) Mayor Reuter, Mayor Suhr and wife Luise's Schröder (big), Brandt, laughing next to Johnson in the car (large). Willy Brandt at Eisenhower (half total). You shake the hand. Adenauer presented Brandt a certificate (half total) Brandt stands with Erhard on a speaker's podium (half total) Brandt as a speaker (large). Brandt gives an interview Esterer, behind his desk sitting (half total) close-up Brandt. Close-up shots of the new Philharmonie in Berlin, the clinic, the quick tightening and modern homes. Brandt gets out of his car (half total). A police officer greets close-up street sign "Navy Pier 5-46". Brandt enters his front door (half total). Mrs Rut Brandt (half total), faces the kitchen cupboard in the kitchen and gives instructions to a housemaid. Close-up door sign "Peter lives here" shot close-ups of Peter Brandt, behind his desk sitting and working. Close-up door with sign "Lars lives here". Medium Lars Brandt, who lies on the couch and read. Shot and close-up of Mathias Brandt, who goes through the apartment and eating a loaf of bread. He sits in front of the Bookshelf in the workroom of his father and on the phone with upside-down holding their handset. Willy Brandt comes (half total), takes the listener from the hand of his son and places him on the floor. Mathias Brandt (half total) crawling under the desk and get a toy car. Willy Brandtbeeim interview in his work room (half-total and large). Madame ball, Munich 02. close-up of the feet of a liveried servant who knocks three times with his cane on the Earth. Guests in evening gowns come up the stairs (slow motion). Table with glasses (large). 100 mark note is on a Chair (large). Long shot of couples on the dance floor. Close-ups of couples on the dance floor. Esterer interviewed guests "The prices are too high" (large) with microphone. Close-up shots of jewelry: brunette hairstyle with tiara, pendant, necklace, bracelet, 2 bracelets, rings, faces of beautiful women. Close-up of Madame ball poster with beautiful women and writing "Ball whispers". Tibetan children distribute a font "Pestalozzidorf Wahlwies" (half total) fashion show (half total) close-ups of Decoltés, close-ups of older men with bald heads. Esterer interview "How would you define the high society?" Couples and Ballsal (total) interview close-ups.

03. training the Luger - mountain landscape (total). Luger on the track (half total) and in the curve. Young men shoveling snow off the tracks (total). Start the sledders (half total) running individually and twice and falls (total and half total) drives a carriage alone around the track.

04. ice shooting European Cup - men throw the ice (half total) Großaufnähme curling on ice. Close-up of Heads of 2 pretty girls as spectators. Ladies at the curling (half total). Close-up of a woman's face with disappointment about bad throw. A boy throws close-up (half total) 2 sticks next to ball.

05. young people with waves riding boards under the arm go surfing on Hawaii - Beach in Hawai'i (total). Long shot of the beach of Hawai'i with bathers. Close-ups and Halbtotalen on the beach. Lady with a deep décolleté (large). Young girl with bikini from rear (half-close) surf on the Sea (total and half total) close-up of surf with its surfer.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Brandt, Lars ; Brandt, Mathias ; Brandt, Peter ; Brandt, Ruth ; Brandt, Willy ; Clay, Lucius D. ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Johnson, Lyndon ; Reuter, Ernst ; Suhr, Otto ; Schröder, Luise


Berlin ; Munich ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Hawai'i ; Washington


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Curling ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Industrial events ; Interviews ; Women, mothers ; Portraits ; Postal, postal services ; Tobogganing ; Jewelry ; Sports details, fouls ; Cities ; Buildings ; Landscapes ; People ; Events ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Fashion ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 390/1964

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 portrait: Willi Brandt camera: Pahl origin: archive material Madame ball, Munich camera: Jürgens, Zakariah, Seib, Rieck, strong, Vlasdeck training the Luger camera: Hafner curling - European Cup camera: Hafner surfing Hawaii origin: Pathe news final brand 3, 1

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