UFA-Wochenschau 404/1964 21.04.1964


01. Advancement of the Berlin wall. A national police officer Get up the wall and take photos off with a pair of pliers the Stacheldrahtverhau (total). Barbed wire and pliers (large). Flüchtlingskreut are available with wreath, students from West Berlin with torches and the image of the wall between them in silent protest around the grave, people COP as guardian behind the wall. Part of the wall is lifted up by carrier. Police dog in the dark. Removal of the wall, working in the dark with headlights. A French military officer observed the process with the hand over the eyes. Headlights hide the cameras. The refugee tomb is guarded by Torch carriers (total). Rebuilding of the earlier wall. Torch next to cross (large). Construction of the wall directly behind the refugee grave.

02. Bambi - award ceremony. Fountains outside the Festival Hall in Karlsruhe. Fans crowd around Thomas Fritsch (total). Winnie Markus going on her car on Katharina Matz to (half-total). Gustav Knuth gets out of his car and waving his hat (half total). Sophia Loren gets out of the car and the people waving to (half-total). Observers of the directions the prominence, smacking (half total). Sophia enters the Festhalle Loren (half total). As viewers of Jean Marais (half-total). Ella Fitzgerald sings with a microphone in his hand (original sound) big. Sophia Loren as a listener (large). The Bambis (large) assumes a Bambi. Lil Dagover (half total) erhäkt Bambi and Hein Rühmenn (half total). O. W. Fischer among the spectators smacking (half total). Victor de Kowa big speaks (interview). Gustav Knuth as a listener (large). Thomas Fritsch in addition to Helga Lehner as a spectator, smacking (half total). Iamteagirl powder with flower bouquet speaks (interview) big. As a listener Winnie Markus, smack (large), Joachim Fuchsberger interviewed Sophia Loren (half total) original sound. 2 sets of German, she speaks: "I love you" and "I work all day". Sophia blows Kiss to the audience Loren, (half total).

03. The portrait of "The bull" - flowering meadow. 2 boys ride on the bike by blossoming landscape. Blossoming branches. 2 kissing couples. Kiss (large) lip to lip. Pamplona images. 2 bulls runs against each other and fall over. Last bulls go under a yoke. Woman sits in the Chair and reads. The man with bound above apron wipes dust, kissing his wife in an armchair and poured the flowers on the spring hat of his wife, who takes his hat and puts on. Is a strapped calf's head on a plate. The man plays guitar, wrestling. Bombshell. Mannequins in lingerie, Bikini, screw top come along and pushing, Balmain fashion show. Queen Elisabeth (large) Queen Juliane (large), Ruth Leuwerik with Bambi, Fernandel (large), Tito between children, von hassel (large), Peter Boenisch with illustrated (half close) Stoll to the camera (large). Lovers Junged is located on a meadow and picknickt. A painter paints in close proximity, and occurs in the picnic basket. He inverts the basket over the head of the young man, tagging along behind him and chases him through the forest (time lapse). Before him held a long ladder that blocks the way to him. He sees through the individual rungs (time lapse). Bouncing with the painter in limp chop. He plays a bullfight with his girlfriend, who holds the cloth out to him. A Steirkampfes original. The artist is entitled to when the young man runs Bullfighter under a tree, on him, the high tree falls down. The young lovers kisses.

04. football: 1. FC Köln - Borussia Dortmund 5: 2. tape between Borussia-toppers. A striker converges with the goalkeeper and loses the ball. Shot on goal. Cologne players protested and get the ball out of the net. The goal is not recognised due to foul. In the Gallery of Sepp Herberger (half-total). The Cologne player make a Hauer. Shot on goal for Dortmund. To shear quantity, screen-filling. Scenes from the Borussia goal, scoring 1:1, game in the midfield. Game gate before the Borussia. Shot that the goalkeeper stops. Viewers with twitchy lip (large). Cologne scored to the 2:1 flags are waved in the stands. Superior playback of Cologne. Shot on goal for Cologne 3:1 shot on goal for Borussia 3:2 players from Dortmund and Cologne together running after the ball. Goalkeeper Ewert holds (slow motion). Shiny parades of the Cologne goalkeeper. Shot on goal by Tieien 4:2. Leo wild shot into the empty goal 5: race 2. spectators with flags on the square and surround the players (total).

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Boenisch, Peter; Dagover, Lil; Elisabeth II. von England; Fischer, O. W.; Fitzgerald, Ella; Fritsch, Thomas; Fuchsberger, Joachim; Hassel von, Kai Uwe; Juliana von Holland; Knuth, Gustav; Kowa de, Victor; Lehner, Helga; Leuwerik, Ruth; Loren, Sophia; Marais, Jean; Markus, Winnie; Matz, Katharine; Pulver, Lieselotte; Rühmann, Heinz; Stoll, Erich; Tito, Josip; Ewert; Herberger, Sepp; Thielen, F.; Wilden, Leo


Karlsruhe; Berlin; United States; Spain; Katowice; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Border DDR/BRD, borders; filmmaking; Women, mothers; Football; Plants; Rings; Joke; sports audience, sports spectator; bullfighting; Animals (except dogs); Kissing, kissing scenes; Agriculture and forestry; Fashion; Astrology; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 404/1964

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m the time image bringing forward the Berlin wall camera: Pahl film news Bambi Awards camera: strong portrait of Bull origin: Pathé journal, archive material see list Zodiac sports report football of 1st FC Köln - Borussia Dortmund camera: Basic, strong, Luppa final brand 3, 1 m

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Liselotte Pulver’s 90th Birthday (* October 11, 1929)

In the 1950s the actress Liselotte Pulver captures the hearts of the audiences with her happy-go-lucky laughter. It is especially her comedic performance in films such as “I often think of Piroschka”“ or “The Spessart Inn” that make her one of the most popular film stars in the so-called German economic miracle years. Born 1929 into an old-established family in Bern (Switzerland) Pulver attends business school before enrolling at the local acting school. After landing several small roles in the city theatre of Bern she gets a steady gig with the Schauspielhaus (“play house”) in Zurich, where she attracts attention with her performances in classic as well as modern plays. Soon she gets hired to star in films, such as “The White Hell of Pitz Palu”, co-starring Josef Albers. While the versatile actress is quickly typecast as the “cheeky girl” she also personifies particularly complex roles in films like “The Buddenbrooks” by Alfred Weidenmann” or “A Glass of Water” by Helmut Käutner. Her starring role in Douglas Sirk’s film version of Remarque’s “A Time to Love and a Time to Die” lead to her international breakthrough. Billy Wilder casts her in the screwball comedy “One, Two, Three” in which she plays the secretary Ingeborg. The scene where she dances on the table is legendary. Lilo Pulver also acts in French productions. One of her most splendid performances is in Jacques Rivette’s film “The Nun.” Contractual or health restrictions force her to decline other tempting foreign film offers, such as “Ben Hur”, “El Cid” or “The Troops from St. Tropez”, much to Pulver’s regret. From the 1970s on she makes only rare appearances on the big screen and on television. Her comeback role happens to be the character “Lilo” in the German produced segments of the children’s TV show “Sesame Street”, where she was active from 1978-1985. In 2012 she finally retires from acting.

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