UFA-Wochenschau 426/1964 22.09.1964


1st star sign Libra. Dancing couples on the dance floor (total) Max Schmeling and Anni Ondra with wine glass toast (half total). Walter Schultes eats caviar with tweezers. Caviar grains (large). Mannequin, tiara on woman's head, collectors considered images with a magnifying glass. Justizia with scale. Berthold Beitz (half close), Brigitte Bardot (half close) Elly Ney (large) Max Schmeling (large) Lieselotte Pulver (half close) at Bambi award. Eisenhower(Groß) Pablo Picasso painting (half total) Lübke fondles horse head, Lübke in drinking from a cup and eating cake. Lahiri is a kiss on the hand (all figures from archive) Fabiola. A car in the rain with the windshield wipers and scale as amidst discs. Hand on the steering wheel. Speedometer shows on 20 car meets and travels to puddle. Oncoming cars must stop. Acrobat with balancing pole goes beyond cable, man falls on Bret, which suggests high, throws up stone, is the other guy's head. Young man sits next to young girl on a bench. He Get up, flips the Bank, and the girl falls down. He runs into the bushes with cloth before the eyes behind her. Elisabeth Flickenschildt, half close, mannequin. Young man face other girls with girls. Both are taking to attract his attention her coat off and stand there in a bikini. Legs of a girl, get out of Bikni. Girl goes with umbrella holding behind him, young man makes Handstand. The detailed girl with umbrella behind it from his point of view, on the head.

02. Mirage IV, inspection by Pompidou. Assembly Hall with aircraft. Aircraft rolls from Hall. Pompidou on tour. Pompidou (large) Jet fuselage of the aircraft with the inscription of the bomber Mirage IV A. Mirage IV A. bomber next to each other on the airfield. Bomb under the wing. Pompidou enters accompanied by the halls. Visit the Rubis rocket. Missile launch (smoke, far) 03 Alweg-Bahn in Tokyo photographed the moving Alwegbahn from the bottom. train driving forwards out of the picture. Train conductor (half close). Passengers on the train. Look down on the road while driving. Look forward to train track and road. Passing on an airfield. Entrance of the train stop.

04. wedding King Constantine of Greece and Princess Anne Marie of Denmark. The offers wedding carriage is located in Princess Anne Marie and King Frederik (total). The wedding procession (total). Spectators on a balcony. Anne Marie waving next to her father with a bouquet of lily of the Valley. (half close). Anne Marie makes Hofkniks prior to Constantine, who kisses her hand. Ceremony of the priest. The present rise. Queen Friederike presented the couple rings. (total)Prince Charles of England keeps Crown (half close) about the couple. Speed of the couple from the Church. Anne Marie and Constantine (medium). Ride the 6-clamping wedding carriage by confetti. Anne Marie and Constantine waving in the wedding carriage (total).

05. Premiere "Winnetou II" in Essen. Golden screen for lex Barker. Hustle and bustle of people photographed before the cinema, from above. People with umbrellas are pushed vpn policemen. (total). A white and a black car drive. Indians on the car roof with binoculars. Indians get out of the car. Karin Dor moving through the crowd with flowers on the arm. Lex Barker, along with Pierre Brice and Karin Dor (half close). Presentation of the Golden screen for Winnetou I. Lex Barker and Pierre Brice show (total) the film award. Crowd in front of the cinema.

06. Oktoberfest in Munich with Siegfried Sommer as Blasius (comment). The Stachus (total) with traffic. Pedestrian walk through the street, among them Siegfried Sommer. Standing still rocking horse carousel. Swan in the carousel next to the horse, heads of 2 brewery horses with ear flap. Boy on a rocking horse in the moving merry-go-round. Crawler track and coaster. Recording the Oktoberfest by the Ferris wheel out. Self-drive cars. Smiling older men as a spectator. Who flies over draught a woman sock over the head. young girl in the Kettenkarnsell. Crier drinking beer glass. He exclaims. Viewers of the place. Fair women. Man takes fleas out of box in the flea circus. He searches for the lost flea. Bayer peels Radi and salt it. Hand cut paper with knives. Guide to the 00 Chapel of Bavaria (total) and schunkelnde people. Trumpet blower (large). Little boy washes away dishes. Young girl standing waiting under watch at the Oktoberfest. Illuminated October meadow (total). Pferdekarusell turns in the dark, young man and young girl go side by side.

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Annemarie von Dänemark ; Bardot, Brigitte ; Barker, Lex ; Beitz, Berthold ; Brice, Pierre ; Prinz Charles ; Dor, Karin ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Fabiola von Belgien ; Flickenschildt, Elisabeth ; Konstantin von Griechenland ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Ney, Elly ; Ondra, Anni ; Picasso, Pablo ; Pompidou, George ; Pulver, Lieselotte ; Sommer, Siegfried ; Schmeling, Max ; Schultes, Walter


Tokyo ; Food ; France ; London ; Athens ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Karlsruhe ; Salzburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Higher education ; Justice ; filmmaking ; aircraft ; Rockets ; Joke ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; transport questions ; Engagement ; festivals ; Astrology ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 426/1964

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m the portrait "star sign" camera: fire origin: Pathé journal, archive this week Mirage IV/Pompidou origin: Gaumont Alweg-Bahn in Tokyo origin: Asahi news wedding King Konstantin and PR. Annemarie v. Denmark origin: vis news, Athens world premiere movie "Winnetou II" and "gold. Canvas"f. Lex Barker camera: basic study Oktoberfest in Munich with Siegfr. Summer as Blasius (comment) camera: Vlasdeck origin: Archive end-mark 3, m

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