UFA-Wochenschau 431/1964 27.10.1964


01 Oestergaard and his new fashions. Cars stand in a semicircle. Carriage with steel sunroof reverses. People stiff from all the cars. Mannequin with bright costume with fur collar stands between two cars. Oetsergaard commented on its mode of (production sound). Mannequin with high beaten round fur collar gene on the costume sits on car radiators, mannequin with fur hat and fur collar costume is car and speaks with a young man. Car goes forward slowly, mannequin sits leaning on cooler of young man, mannequin pelzgefüttertem complete with bright dress. Young man turns crank of old-fashioned car. Mannequin in Coktailkleid with deep-cut lace top sits on a cooler. On the running Board of a car driving a mannequin with a black Coktailkleid with a white mink collar, next to her is young ran with. Mannequin with a round, white framed and embroidered neckline of the dress, she turns and shows back to the belt line. Oakley goes to (total) between his mannequins in long pure on the camera.

02. Beatle mania. English on the road. 2 men with Homburg go, then young man with Beatle haircut. Alternating cuts, men with Homburg and Beatle heads. Men's boots with high heels. Swing over close Röhrenhosen to Beatle head. Current record. Delivery in business of top western boots, embroidered with high Absätzeh. Beatle head (large) young man inverts motorcycle helmet about Beatle haircut. Rocker in leather jackets go on their motorcycles. Piccadiliy with neon. 2 musicians with saxophones. Feet of dancing young people. Hand plays music on guitar, Beatle dolls. Dancing youths consider Beatleplaten pictures, and straw hats. Boy with round straw hats go legs of boys ranked between pigeons across the street. Boy combing Beatle hair before showcase. Boys with Beatle hairstyles (large).

03. holiday on ice. Chimp combed before mirror. Foot of the chimpanzee with skate boots. Sjoukje Dijkstra continues DIAdem in her dressing room (half close) in her hair. You puts together her skating boots, Get up and going forward out of the picture. Their gig at holiday on ice. Run by Margrit Göbl and Franz Ningl in the Revue. Appearance of the chimpanzee John Holiday. He swings at the long rope and is caught by showgirl, clown on the ice. Small white poodle jump from big sausage machine and run over the ice. Poodle chasing and falls down.

04 ZL 770/5 5th Olympiad in Tokyo see accident story - oil stain on the floor. Running an athlete's legs. Running of the Ethiopian marathon runner Abebe Bikila. Run to the turn. Favorites from Japan and England on the track. Enema by Abebe Bikila in the stadium. Run through the goal. Exercises after the run. 80 m hurdles women: run laterally from back to front into the picture and in slow motion. Champion Karin Balzer, Frankfurt / Oder before the Polish Ciepla and countrywoman Kilborn. Karin Balzer waving on the podium (half close). 5000 m run men: the French master runner Michel Jazy is in the finish by the American Bob Schul and overhauled the German Harald Norpoth. Pole vault: Wolfgang Reinhardt with staff before the jump (half close) he pulls the. Latte at 5. 10 m. The American Fred Hansen jumps this height and wins the gold medal, scoreboard shows 5.10 m. bronze medal: Lehnertz, Germany. The 3 pole vaulter at the award ceremony (halbnan). Decathlon: Willi Hanson village in the 1500 m run, breaks down after running through the target and is located next to Woods on the cinder track. Scoreboard: 1 Willi Hanson, Germany, 2. Aun, Soviet Union, 3. forest, Germany. Hei ceremony Holdorf slips to jump on the podium and must rely.
Grandstands (total). Invasion of the athletes to the final fire in unordered rows. Invasion of the Japanese, beckoning athletes. The people in the stands waving handkerchiefs to to the athletes. Table of Leuchtschirft "we meet again in Mexico" burning Olympic fire, flares in the lap of the stadium. Table 'Sayorane'

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Aun ; Balzer, Karin ; Abebe, Bikila ; Jerschke, Günther ; Oestergaard, Heinz ; Pernice, Jutta ; Ciepla ; Dijkstra, Sjoukje ; Göbel, Margret ; Hansen, Fred ; Holdorf, Willi ; Jazy, Michel ; Kilborn ; Lehnertz, Klaus ; Ningel, Franz ; Norpoth, Harald ; Reinhardt, Wolfgang ; Schul, Bob ; Walde


England ; London ; Berlin ; Tokyo


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; child care, education problems ; Education, youth ; musical instruments ; Olympics ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Transport: public transport ; Revues ; Fashion ; Entertainment, festivals ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 431/1964

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point 7, m the hilarious Chronicle of Oestergaard and his new. Fashion camera: Pahl Beatlemania origin: Gaumont Holiday on ice camera: Pahl, Arndt accident story/del to d. BoD. d. work sports report Olympic Tokyo and statements marathon race origin: Tona 80 m hurdles race d. ladies origin: Tona 5000 M: origin: Tona vaulter origin: Tona Decathlon, Holdorf. Dtld. Gold Olympic closing ceremony origin: Tona final brand 3, 1 m

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