UFA-Wochenschau 444/1965 26.01.1965


1st swearing-in Johnson's swing over the dome of the Capitol, blowing big, with American flag before. Johnson says the oath at the swearing-in ceremony for the President, totally. Mrs. Johnson stands between the Chief Justice and Johnson with the family Bible. Drive of the heavily guarded President car through the street, totally, before the motorcade. President's car with his bodyguards, half-close. Parade of soldiers in period uniforms. Johnson and Mrs. Johnson, beckoning, half-close. Old fashioned railway goes on the train. Photographed marching soldiers from above. Johnson speaks, actuality, total: 'we can never again stand aside prideful in isolation. Terrific dangers and troubles... "The front of the Capitol with flag, great.

02. Winter Street with tire tracks in the background Chateau Rambouillet Erhard in addition to de Gaulle and Pompidou, half-close. Standing in a row: Couve de Murville, Schröder, Erhard, de Gaulle, Pompidou, total. Room of the castle with luster. Antique clock, great. Handshake Erhard-de Gaulle in the entrance of the Castle, total. Greeting a COP, big. Erhard goes down the stairs and waving beside his car. Erhard speaks after returning to Bonn before microphones. Beside him Schröder and HALE are, half-close. Erhard interview: "we have very clear and unambiguous statements of the President of the French Republic on the question of the reunification of Germany and its commitment to participate in an initiative of Germany. The decision of the Soviet Union are entitled of course."

03. Warsaw Pact: Brezhnev with Hat, great. Kosygin, half close, with hat. Gomulka, half-close. The meeting in Warsaw, based on. Brezhnev and Gromyko in the circle of participants in the negotiations.

04. Berlin: Evacuation at the wall barbed wire in Berlin, big. Sebastian Street street sign. Sign you are leaving the American sector. Prohibition sign "With the exception of coaches". Man loads locker on trucks. People with luggage go behind barbed wire at the border. Furniture is worn out of homes. Broken window panes. Departing truck with furniture. In addition to infantry fighting vehicle is people COP.

05. Cologne: Zoo school polar bear on its hind legs sitting, half-close, in the background of children. Children face the enclosure with camels. Monkey, large. A teacher explains the nature of animals children on the living model. Cockatoo is sitting on the shoulder of an animal keeper and explains, o-ton: "this is a yellow hoods Kakadu. Because of this yellow hood up here, do you see? It establishes that, when he is aroused." Zookeepers shows Snake (light Tigerphyton), boy wonder original sound: "How is the Snake?" - "it is a yellow Tigerphyton." - "where's that?" - "You too India come here, from Hindustan." - "it is also toxic" - "hear the snakes without ears?" - "Snakes don't have ears, but that hearing also not." - "lick, she does so, a snake can look Very bad and focuses mainly on movement and then at the same time perceive the smell. It smells so with tongue."-"how hard weighs about?"-"About weighs 1 ½ hard Zentner and 4.50 long." A green iguana, great as a demonstration object. His claws, big. The boys ask, o-ton: "that so lives in Central and South America and lives mainly on trees, that can not recognize you, on this long toes, which end in a sharp claw. So he can hold wonderful."-" Yes, and what is the Ridge here? "-"a true meaning has not. It is similar to a horse a mane has."-"and what is this bag here?"-"Yes, that have mainly males. This is used to specify. Thorough to specify. You get big this and threaten their opponents." Jungengesichter, big, head of the iguana, great. A chimp beats wheel. Laughing boy, great. The monkeys, big lips. Hands and feet of the monkey, large. The nurse goes on with the monkeys, pointing the finger at his head. The children waving handkerchiefs.

06. World Championship in the two-man start of the FIBT. The Bob on the ride through the curves, start of the bobs Germany I. Wöhrmann / Brown. Ride on the bobsleigh track. You are 5 Bob Italy I. line Ruatti / de Lorenzo. You will be 2. It start English bobs Antony Nash and Robin Dixon. Ride through the target. The world champion after the victory, half-close.

07. Berlin: Six days in Germany Hall of viewers shooting to. Hand ringing Bell. Laughing girl. Drivers on the track. Viewers shooting to. Cyclists. Driver driving slowly. Driver on the track in the turns. Music Chapel plays. Total of the car. Heads of spectators, great. Rounds are shown. The winner of post / Pfenniger receive a wreath. Cut to the beat. Recycle bins, banknotes are listed, fill tray with glasses. Empty benches. Case fills up. Slidable lattice grate closes.

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Braun, Heinz ; Breschnjew, Leonid ; Couve de Murville ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Gomulka, Wladyslaw ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Höcherl, Hermann ; Johnson, Ladybird ; Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Kossygin, Alexej ; Pompidou, George ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Dixon, Robin ; Lorenzo de, Teófilo ; Nash, Antony ; Pfenninger ; Looy van ; Ruatti ; Wöhrmann


Washington ; Berlin ; Cologne ; Bonn ; Warsaw ; France ; St. Moritz


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bobsleigh ; DDR ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Trade, finance ; Children ; Flags ; Women, mothers ; Pacts ; Parades ; Police ; Cycling ; Schools, training ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cups ; Contracts ; Transport: motor vehicles ; winter pictures ; Foreign policy events ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Buildings in North America ; Sports honors ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 444/1965

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m overview swearing Johnson's origin: Metro Erhard de Gaulle and return camera: strong origin: Eclair, Pathé journal Warsaw Pact origin: Polkronika evacuations along the wall, East Berlin camera: Pahl of the report d. week Zoo school, Cologne camera: strong, basic sports reportage the FIBT World Championships origin: Cine journal six days, Germany Hall, Berlin camera: Pahl, Arndt origin: UFA final brand 3, 1 m

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