UFA-Wochenschau 447/1965 16.02.1965


01 pioneers of the Bundeswehr set NS treasure hunt in the Harz detonating in a mine in the Harz mountains. Blowing up in the snow. Bundeswehr soldier driving a bulldozer. The rotating on the spot bike, great. Excavator lifting stones, large. Entrance of the tunnel. Soldiers in the tunnel, man with search equipment. Large head is pushed into the tunnel. Soldiers on the ladder in the gallery. Soldier shovels mud. Soldier drills with drill in the mud. Hack of the soil. Old steel helmet as a found object in the hand of a soldier. Soldier walking through the tunnel.

02. Toy Fair Nuremberg - doll with antique furniture dolls dressed in Biedermeier clothes. Dolls baby sticks out his tongue. Doll on the arm of a man. Dancing monkeys. Spinning whirligig. Dolls on the school. Bears ride in mountain and Valley Railway. Electric Railway. The trains run through mountain and forest scenery and over a bridge, remote controlled cars. Engine under the bonnet of a toy car. Cars standing abreast of death between the cars,.

03. alcohol test runs off tap beer into a glass, cards in the hand of a Skatspielers. Stammtisch round starts with shot glasses. The host puts alcohol test tubes on the table. Man blows in the test tube, big. Blender in the test tube manufacturing processes in the Lübeck manufacturing factory. Workers at the factory in addition to an assembly line sitting. Close-ups of the tube into the manufacturing process. Packaging. The producer speaks interview: "it has me always annoyed, that you got this test tube Go ahead face if it was prompted by the police inside to blow into it. I bought up large amounts of it, so that I am able to supply everyone in the near future. In the early days, several million test tubes have been ordered. I hope through my initiative to protect many motorists from damage." Men blowjobs in the test tube, big. Women blow into the tube, great. Guest host talks about test, interview, background shelf with bottles: "I reject the alcohol test for the following reasons: because he once sales decrease and the other thing of the police." Police officer speaks o-ton: "we have nothing against the alcohol test tube is now offered in free trade. This is also not controlled substance. Rather we hope to see this possibility of voluntary self-regulation, that fewer drivers will sit drunk at the wheel." Empty beer glass is put on coasters, great. A visitor of restaurant, big eyes. Beer glass is blurred before his eyes. A white mouse sits in a beer glass.

04. movie news Sophia Loren films in the Swiss town of Gruyères: lighting with spotlights. Peter Ustinow, as Director of the film "Lady l" with fur hat, half-close. Sophia Loren, half close, with a small hand mirror. Paul Newman, half close, Dalio, half-close. Sophia Loren, as Lady L., great. In addition to Paul Newman in a scene, half close. Hamburg: Filming a "Jerry Cotton"-series. Dancers in the dance rehearsal. Rita Tushingham, great. Rita Tushingham in addition to the Jerry Cotton actor George Nader sitting, half-close. George Nader, great. Umgelter, big Director. Men jump over a high wall, camera car go back. Richard Münch in a movie scene, totally. Men shimmy on ropes forward, totally. George Nader, great. To Mohamed Galal are stage directions. Game scene: George Nader is by hoodlums and pushed into a room. Nader reflected gangster. Switchblade in hand of the 2nd gangster, big. Nader proposes him a Chair over his head. United States - film on the D train: train, half-close. Travelers in the dining car, canvas is pulled down. Film screening during the trip.

05 gymnasts jump into a Handstand rollover over a cross horse gymnastics school in Frankfurt. A gymnast, great face. Gymnast on uneven bars. Gundula Huth gymnast on the balance beam. Adalbert Dan Hutton as coach, half-close. Turner 3 side by side when the giant wave on high bar. Gymnast on the parallel bars, ZL. Turner on the horizontal bar, ZL.

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Dalio ; Loren, Sophia ; Münch, Richard ; Nader, George ; Newman, Paul ; Tushingham, Rita ; Umgelter ; Ustinow, Peter ; Dickhut, Adalbert ; Huth, Gundula


Nuremberg ; Resin ; United States ; Gruyères ; Hamburg ; Frankfurt ; France ; Berlin ; Lübeck ; Brussels


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; Railways ; close-ups, detail ; Industry ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Special events ; filmmaking ; Women, mothers ; Leisure, recreation ; Photographers ; Toys, toys ; Blasting ; accident series ; Gymnastics ; Men ; Technology, industry ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Eyes ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 447/1965

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m the time image NAZI treasure in the heart camera: fire perspectives toy fair, Nuremberg camera: Vlasdeck topic d. week alcohol test (-tube) camera: Jürgens, reason, Luppa film news Sophia Loren origin films in the Switzerland: Cine journal film screening in the D train/United States Rita Tushingham camera: fire, Jürgens origin: Metro "Jerry Cotton" camera: Brandes, Zakariah, Jürgens sports reportage gymnastics school in Frankfurt camera: basic end brand 3, 1 m

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