UFA-Wochenschau 449/1965 02.03.1965


1st film retrospective old-fashioned projector. Demonstrators turning projector with the hand. Film Strip. Cameraman turns film camera with hand. Cameraman when shooting from the plane, the camera with the hand turning. Cameraman before Kaiser Wilhelm Castle Doorn. Marching soldiers from old time (Kaiser Wilhelm).

02. Oberhausen: Festival Hall of the Festival Theatre with movie posters. Movie posters, large. People facing billboards. State Secretary Kohlhase speaks at the award ceremony production sound, half close: "Ex Equo - the Bell Foundry in Alpolda received the Grand Prix Oberhausen 65 for the best ad shown at one of the participating newsreels" VEB DEFA studios for newsreel and documentary film "figure skating World Championship in 1964" the UFA weekly news. In both cases the designers have given a high degree of creative power in their ads, which are underlined, is Which one large scale of possibilities in the design of individual subjects available is." Audience, smacking half close listener, half-close. Kanoute presenting Mr Esterer, totally. Award ceremony for the Polish newsreel. Dr. Engelbrecht, Federal Association of movie theaters, speaks interview, half close, front of UFA microphones: "we have donated this prize to the newsreel as integral part of our theater program to promote and to improve. We are pleased that the UFA weekly news has won the prize for the best subject."

03. who is wet?
Title: Head of wet. Waving crowds with banners, totally. Nasser as a speaker, actuality, total. Nasser gives autographs, half-close. Wet with cigarette, half close, Nasser front microphone, great. Nasser, speaking, half-close. Wet, laughing, half-close. Bust of Nasser. Children waving flags. Nasser in addition to Ulbricht, half-close. Pan by Nasser to Ulbricht. Nasser and Ulbricht immediately, waving through crowd, totally. Sitting Nasser in addition to integrating at the negotiating table. Beckoning people to light pole, totally. Ships in the Suez Canal. Impoverished residential buildings on the river bank. Fellachs ploughing. Modern buildings in Cairo. Rolling mill of Demag. Khrushchev waving next to Nasser, close to half. Construction of the Aswan Dam. Demolition by push of a button. Waving people at the roadside, totally. Confetti. Nasser in addition to Tito, half-close. Nasser besides Tito with glass at Banquet. Nasser abuts with Sandrine Tito, half-close. Nehru half close. Wet between the cheering crowd, totally. Withdrawal of British troops from Egypt. Handshake between Erhard and wet, half-close. Egyptian newspaper. Nasser goes next to Ibn Saud, totally. Nasser in addition to King Hussein, total. Map: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Persia. Soldiers in the Israel Egypt border. Burned out vehicle. Ball bullet in vehicle. Marked UN vehicle. Trek. There is a flock of sheep with a shepherd. Female soldiers. Armored car. Soldier planting the UN flag in the ground. Parade before Nasser. Soldiers carrying flag with a skull and crossbones. Greeting Nasser, close to half. Parading troops and armored cars. Aircraft.

04. French fashion title mannequin - Courrèges: mannequin with large white glasses with vision slits, trousers with wide stripes, short jacket and blouse with carriers. Kniefreie straight dresses, quadrangular hats under the Chin-bound kurzärmeliger sweater with bib shorts. Short straight and white boots. Face of a mannequin with white large glasses with vision slits, great. Long jackets and pants. Pierre Cardin: evening dresses made of glittering materials with lateral long slits. Flared pleated skirt over tight evening dress. Next slotted sheath evening dress. Carving: evening dress with collar and deep dekolletiertem back. 3 mannequins go down totally in evening dress, steps of a wide staircase.

05. interview Uwe Seeler title plaster bandage on the foot. Crowds waving HSV flags, total. Uwe Seeler on the pitch stürmend, half-close. Uwe Seeler falls outside the gate in action, close to half. Uwe Seeler stands up again and score a goal from the side. Stand copying: Shot. Uwe Seeler strikes the ball into the goal, as copying. Viewers take up arms. Uwe Seeler, pain after injury. Uwe Seeler with a head bandage on the playing field. Uwe Seeler limping on the square, half-close. John Allee, total clinic. Uwe Seeler, reading in bed, half-close. Its associated foot. Letters from admirers. Uwe Seeler speaks interview: "I am particularly, that I have opportunity to thank all supporters and friends for the active participation and the warm wishes via the German newsreel. I'm already Very much Very good under the circumstances and I'm good cheer, soon to be on your feet." Uwe Seeler on the shoulders of fans, half-close. Uwe Seeler with bunch of flowers in the car at lap on the HSV sports field.

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Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Engelbrecht, Wolfram ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Esterer ; Hussein von Jordanien ; Ibn Saud von Arabien ; Kohlhase ; Nasser, Gamal Abdel ; Nehru, Jawaharlal ; Tito, Josip ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Seeler, Uwe


Cairo ; Hamburg ; Washington ; Oberhausen ; Egypt ; Middle East ; France ; Dresden


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Buildings in Africa ; Misery ; Industry ; Interviews ; Flags ; festivals ; filmmaking ; News, communications ; Parades ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Portraits ; Advertising ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Ships ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Blasting ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; UN ; Unrest ; maps ; People ; Cups ; Military ; Livestock, livestock ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Listener ; Agriculture ; Fashion ; Viewers and audience ; Industrial ; Agriculture ; Military ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 449/1965

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m-film review origin: Archive short film festival in the House of Lords camera: strong, Jürgens, Killus, Arthur Ulbricht in Cairo origin: vis news portrait Nasser origin: vis news, archive French fashion origin: Eclair, GAUMONT, Pathé journal Uwe Seeler, interview camera: Zaki final brand 3, 1 m

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