UFA-Wochenschau 450/1965 09.03.1965


1st where is Wilson?
Title: Image by Wilson. Wilson in Berlin. Red carpet is rolled out. Wilson goes down the aircraft stairs, total. Based on Wilson and accompaniment in addition to Brandt, total. Wilson and Brandt, side by side during the tour of the wall, half-close. Wall barriers with sign "Why so uncomfortable". Stacheldrahtverhau in the snow. Slamming people behind barrier. People carry banners in other Wilson The all American boy. Aircraft on the airfield. Aerobatic team. Traffic in London double-decker buses. Man reads newspaper. The London Stock Exchange, total. Operation in the stock market, inside. Gordon Walker beckoning, total. after defeat in Leyton. British troops get on plane. Prince Phillip from aircraft, half-close. Marching Scottish marching. Wilson in Bonn: Wilson in addition to Erhard, total. Presents stand, Wilson walks from the front, half-close. Wilson catches a pipe, large. Wilson speaks at press conference, interview, big: "we To want do everything to promote the political Union of Europe. With regard to the forthcoming political negotiations it would be useful for both sides, if Britain would be involved in these discussions." His folded hands, great. Wilson, writing, great. Wilson, laughing with a pipe, large. Cartoon: Wilson sees as a sailor with blindfold through telescope with a blindfold.

02. French painter of Georges Mathieu dialog with Mathieu. Title: Picture of Mathieu. Mathieu runs on image to. Interview interview: "Why are you painting?" - "for me. "Not a little to quickly paint I throw me very selfish in myself, to me again with the other people to connect." -?"-"I don't fast male pleasure of records. It's my rhythm."-"tired painting?"–"you exhausted me. I give you my heart. I have dedicated my life to her. It is a refuge from life."-" The light has a meaning For you?"-" the light that is the white and the black."-"the colour is essential to you?"-"black enough, but with the color, I add intensity."-" why do you have the Greek world turned their backs? "-"the classical Greeks are responsible for the inherent weaknesses of our civilization. You have the supernatural eradicated."-"why are you a lonely man?"–"completely lonely. "Why you live but we aren't all that?" - in a frame so unusual?"–"maybe it is considered opposition that I don't live in my time frame. But the quality of the things of our time is equal to zero."-"your room reflects your heart?"-"the room that you have seen is only a parade rooms. My own is confidential."-"you believe in the value of the provocation?"-"I don't try to provoke."-"so, who are you Georges Mathieu?"-" maybe the incarnation of my Göttersagen. " Perhaps that which accuses me of the public to be; in any case I mean am painting." Mathieu kneeling in front of the canvas and paints. Mathieu, big head. His hands with brush, painting. Before painting standing and painting. Close-up of Mathieu. His hands pressing out of tubes of paint. Bust of Mathieu. Head of Mathieu next to the bust. Mathieu, total, starting from a window in his apartment. Sabre, embroidered shoes and slippers. Mathieu enters the House, goes through a door, walks up stairs, armor. Crucifix on the wall. Mathieu with cocks out bird. Mathieu on large desk sitting in front of a wide Bookshelf. Mathieu before painting. Painting, large, full-image.

03. ebony - dog guide dogs supermarket walk walkies GmbH. title: young Boxer. Young dogs are worn in box. Showcase of the "dogs super market" with a woman before. Boy is facing the window, what are young dogs in a cage. People in front of the shop window. The young dogs, half-close. Children's faces before the showcase. A woman's face. Puppy, large. Young Boxer is on the arm and a young woman. Dog Guide Ehrenreich speaks through voice systems at Garden Gate actuality: "here Ehrenreich's uncle, I would like to pick up the Ali." Man comes out of the House with large shepherd dog. The dog jumps into the parked car. Schnauzer and Sheepdog sitting in the car. Spaniel front sits next to the steering wheel. Ehrenreich goes with 5 dogs from his car. He goes to the dogs on a leash in the snow and runs with them. Dog handler speaks actuality Ehrenreich big: "after completing the training of dogs, the owner asked me continue to keep your dogs into custody and perform, and schools, and if you ask me whether it is worthwhile, then I can say, so that I can live it, I mean can deny spending my earnings are, and I don't want more", because I do it Yes to the creature's sake, for the love of the dog." Head of the Hirtenhundes, large. Schnauzer, great. The dogs jump back in the car. Car driving down from behind.

04. Munich: International dance competition of professional dance pairs for the "prize of Europe" at the Deutsches Theater In the professional - title: dancing couple. Ladies in evening dresses are doctored, half-close. Beautician traces eyebrows. The couples on the floor, totally. The dance couples half close, in the Waltz. Faces of judges, great. The English couple, Bill and Bobbie Irvine at the Tango, half-close. You are a winner. Men's shoes of the audience next to each other. The conductor. A young spectator, great face. Young spectator drinking from glass. The English pair Peter Eggleton / Brenda Winslade in the Quickstepp. You will total 2. clapping audience.

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Brandt, Willy ; Eggleton, Peter ; Ehrenreich ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Irvine, Bill ; Mathieu, Georges ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Walker, Gordon ; Wilson, Harold ; Winslade, Brenda


London ; Hamburg ; Bonn ; Berlin ; Munich ; France ; England ; Dresden


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Dogs ; Cartoons ; Children ; filmmaking ; Women, mothers ; Musical events ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Portraits ; Press, press conferences ; Advertising ; Reviews ; beauty care ; State visits (inside) ; Dance ; Art ; Works of art ; Men ; People ; Military ; Outlander ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Buildings in Europe ; Viewers and audience ; Dogs ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 450/1965

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m where brand Wilson? Comment E. Esterer Wilson in Berlin and Bonn camera: Pahl, strong, basic, Luppa Rhine army strike d. brit. Aircraft industry Leyton by-election origin: Pathé news, archive Brit. Troops in Hong Kong English Exchange origin: Metro dialogue with French painter of Georges Mathieu Mathieu origin: Pathé journal walkies walkies GmbH dog leader ebony camera: Pahl in the profit cycle. Dance tournament, Munich camera: Vlasdeck, Brandes finally brand 3, 1 m.

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