UFA-Wochenschau 466/1965 29.06.1965


01 Berlin: Film Festival 1965 title: the film festival - image: Memorial Church in Berlin. Waving flags of many countries on the Kurfürstendamm against the Memorial Church. Catalogue of the Festival, large. Cameramen. Horst Buchholz comes down the stairs, half-close. He is embraced by his mother. Curt Jürgens and Simone Bucheron on airplane stairs, half-close. Curt Jürgens, great. Charles Regnier, half-close. Pan across Europe Center next to Royal Filmpalast. Movie poster "The House in carp Street", "Wälsungeblut disgust". Catherine Denevue, great. Walter Gross gives autographs. Sabine Bethmann gives autographs. Willy Brandt on arrival, half-close. Helmut Käutner, great. Rudolf Platte drinking champagne glass, great. Mylène Demongeot, great. Federal film award, great. Tilla Durieux with bouquet, great. Rudolf Forster at awards ceremony, half-close. Hermann Höcherl film award presented Kurt Hoffmann, half-close. Clapping audience. Hermann Höcherl film award presented Wolfgang Kieling. Monsignore Kochs actuality speaks: "one would like to German film wish that he finds genius of entertainment film among our directors young or old, and that he more than so far tried at least much spend planning and spirit, objectivity and diligence with thinking through the action, in the formulation of the script, music, equipment and instrumentation. One wishes the German film and its responsible. the spiritual height, from the one factual and well designed too small and simple" Among the spectators of Felix von Eckart, half-close.

02. money series No. III (holiday and money) title: thought of everything - image: Auto boat on the roof. Family Marquardt comes with their 5 children out of the House. Hand closes door lock. With rubber tires and rubber animals, kids get in car. Car drives off. Hand at the wheel, dashboard. Horst Marquardt driving sings. 2 girls in the back of the car, half-close. Ms. Marquardt, great. The boys. Car boat on the roof on the road driving. Course table and currencies. Money notes. Bank officials when counting foreign bank notes at the bank counter. Man makes money many, notes, wallet. Small package traveller's cheques. Man to sign cheques. Customs officer at customs barrier. Cabinet settles after passing through by car. Open hand counted coins. Chocolate and cigarettes in newspaper kiosk. Hand puts coins in a hat. Tickets are counted when you switch to on Bank Board. Man receives German banknotes. Ms. Marquardt increases with the children out of the car. Milk bottles and newspapers on the doorstep. Horst Marquardt on the light switch. Telephone apparatus. Marquardt is trying to make a call and press fork. Children at the milk bottles. Ms. Marquardt and children, half close, laughing.

03. Munich: International traffic exhibition (comment Sigfried summer) title: world of tomorrow - image: House of the transport exhibition. Model for a monorail. Waving flags on tall masts. Statue of Bavaria with a laurel wreath in hand and mounting: with car tyres in the hand. Models of satellites. Model of old-fashioned wooden bicycle with figures from ancient times. Model of a space station before the towers of the Church of our Lady. Space station, great. Old JU 52. model of a flying car Lev 2000 (Bayer Leverkusen). Witch riding on brooms. Kids with balloons in addition to train. Munich Augsburg train limit. Express train standing and driving from the back left to the front right of the picture: Eagles locomotive from ancient times. Letter sorting machine. Hand presses on control buttons. Letters are transported. Postman goes on bike when carrying out the post. Letter with 2 pennies instead of brands is not running through the machine. View of cars and buses from the top, driving on a busy street. Automatic signal system goes 100 km accident warning labels. Clogged roads. Police officers directing traffic. Model of the new Munich Metro station platform. Construction of the subway. Hand bills inside hole in the ground. Pedestrians going down escalator. Transport in Munich, in the background the Church of our Lady. Pedestrian walk on the Stachus.

04. pop singer Vicky title: knives, forks, scissors, light - image: silhouette Vicky dance. Mounting Vicky. Vicky, big, sings. Vicky dances. Mercedes sports car driving. Vicky sings in the car, sitting next to a young man. Vicky goes in the toy car with a small boy. Children swinging on the playground. Vicky on carousel. Vicky on swing. Vicky on slide. Vicky dances. Vicky sings bar. Laughing boy, great. Girl on slide. Boy on slide. Vicky on swing. Vicky on slide. Vicky between children's playground. Vicky, close-up. Assembly: Knives, forks, scissors, light.

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Bethmann, Sabine ; Brandt, Willy ; Bucheron, Simone ; Buchholz, Horst ; Demongeout, Mylene ; Deneuve, Catherine ; Durieux, Tilla ; Eckardt von, Felix ; Forster, Rudolf ; Gross, Walter ; Höcherl, Hermann ; Hoffmann, Kurt ; Jürgens, Curd ; Käutner, Helmut ; Kieling, Wolfgang ; Kochs, Anton ; Marquardt, Familie ; Platte, Rudolf ; Regnier, Charles ; Berger, Vicky


Munich ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Washington ; London ; Sidney ; France ; Duisburg ; Cologne ; Maracay


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Honors ; Railways ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Flags ; festivals ; filmmaking ; aircraft ; Musical events ; Photographers ; Police ; Portraits ; Postal, postal services ; Reviews ; Satellite ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Germany ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Magic, magicians ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; Science and research ; Outlander ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Magician, magic ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Autographs ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 466/1965

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title mark the FilmFest Cannes Film Festival Berlin 1965 camera: Pahl, Arndt of everything thought?

Money series No. III (holiday & money) world of tomorrow. Transport exhibition in Munich (commentator Siegfried Sommer) camera: Vlasdeck knives, forks, scissors, light singer Vicky camera: Jackson end brand

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