UFA-Wochenschau 494/1966 11.01.1966


01 Hans Joachim Klein is sportsman of the year title: Sports Sports Sports - image: Hans Joachim Klein trophy. Hans Joachim Klein during the training with finger and foot exercises, large. Relaxation exercises. When the crawl swimming training in Mainz. The forward somersault turning. Swimming Dolphin style. He swims pages-Dolphin style. Hungarian coach Satori speaks interview: "as well as an ideal float there making technical improvements. It is the leg work with Hans-Joachim Klein... The 100 m dolphin swim for the first time at the Olympic Games in Mexico City, while Hans-Joachim Klein has also new possibilities and opportunities." Satori whistles, great. Small jumps off the starting block in the water. Small leg work in the water. Small, large, in the election for the "sportsman of the year". Fritz Walther claps, great. Small cup receives. Clapping spectators at long tables. Hans Joachim Klein dances with Helga Hoffmann.

02. Bavarian Championships in figure skating in Oberstdorf feet of the couple Sonja Pfersdorf / Günter Matzdorf at Kürlauf, great. The free skate of the master pair. Viewers in weakly occupied stands clapping. Coach congratulates.

03. hindelang: International men's ski race Special: runner on the slope. The Frenchman Killy crashes. Run by Karl Schranz / Austria (3.). Jules Melquiond / France on the slopes. He runs through the target WINS Billy Kidd / United States second. Run through the goal. Billy Kidd with glasses after running, half-close.

04. New York: transport strike title: New York on foot - image: New York City skyline. Clogged highways of full cars, shot from above. Procession of men with posters of TWU on strike. Empty subway station. Related U-Bahn trains on tracks in the depot. Crowded road. Pedestrian walk. Go up stairs, great. People push bikes. Union Leader Mike Quill actuality, behind microphones, talking half close: "personally I don't care if I rock in jail." I will not call up the strike." Quill umdrängt from folks at his detention. Pedestrian crowds. Mayor Lindsay as a pedestrian, half-close. The illuminated New York City At night. Cars with headlights on crowded streets.

05. encounter with Israel - II report: religious life Tel Aviv: Jew enters the synagogue on the Sabbath. He kisses the Mezusa at the entrance. Rabbi Ansbacher talks actuality and explains the rites of the Jewish religion: "is the pious Jew in the synagogue, he kisses the Mezusa, she hangs on every door and justify to our apartment. He stops a second in the entrance, bows down towards the Holy Shrine and, only then he occurs as a guest of the true Lord of the House, a guest of God. We are located in the Tel of Aviv synagogue I Hutchi wat Zion. Its members were at the time mostly from Germany. The main elements of the Synagogue: the Holy Ark, it contains the written by rolls of the Torah, the Old Testament and is unrolled a week four times and read. The Holy Shrine is positioned in the direction of Jerusalem and there turned and contact the Jews of all over the world every day at their main prayer. Right from the shrine of Chanukaleuchter, symbol of the Festival of light. He is reminiscent of the struggle for freedom of Hassmonäer. Before the loading space of the Imama. In the middle of the gallery. Gallery and shrine, they are the focal points of the synagogue." Hands set up books. The Rabbi opens the Holy Ark, which contains the written by rolls of the Torah, the old testament. The Rabbi has a role. He lit candles. The prayer leader sings. The gallery and the Holy Shrine. The Rabbi Ansbacher explains rules for food, o-ton: "Washing of hands, dip the bread in salt the food of the people how once when the victim, speaking of the blessing saying all this to differentiate from one of the animal and effectively lift it a sacred action." Large kitchen. The Mashgiachs monitor compliance with certain rules. Cooking salt poultry. Quiet street on the Sabbath, only A few private cars, o-ton: "on the Sabbath, a day on which rest the professional and economic life and public transport; but we prevent anyone from, driving his private car. A day of prayer, learning and family." Little boy sitting at the table. Woman lights candles and blesses the table. The man puts his hand on the boy's head and kisses him. The man singing is prayer with wine goblet in his hand. He pours drink in Cup of the woman from the chalice. Man, woman and boy drink. The prayer leader at the synagogue, large

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Ansbacher ; Lindsay, John ; Quill, Mike ; Hoffmann, Helga ; Kidd, Billy ; Killy, Jean Claude ; Klein, Hans Joachim ; Matzdorf, Günther ; Melquiond, Jules ; Pfersdorf, Sonja ; Satori ; Schranz, Karl ; Walter, Fritz


New York ; Israel ; East Berlin ; Tel Aviv ; Munich ; Oberstdorf ; Baden-Baden ; Gary long ; Mainz


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice skating, art running ; Justice ; filmmaking ; Night ; Religious events ; Swimming ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: North America ; Strike, strike ; diving ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; Art ; Cups ; Crime ; Science and research ; Microphones ; Hygiene ; Outlander ; road safety education ; Gastronomy ; Trade unions ; Buildings in Australia ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 494/1966

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand sport sports sports Hans-Joachim Klein at the training camera: Luppa, strong athletes of the year camera: strong Bayr. Championship figure skating camera: Vlasdeck, rough. Men's ski race, hindelang camera: Rau, Vlasdeck New York of foot traffic strike in New York origin: Metro encounter with Israel Israel Synagogue Sabbath (II) camera: Pahl end brand

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