UFA-Wochenschau 500/1966 22.02.1966


01 short film Festival Oberhausen title: short film festival - image: detailed people. Close-up shots of young visitors of Oberhausen. Young man with a beard, great. Young man. Close-up shots of movie posters (thick and stupid and others). Young woman with large glasses. Young girl with big cigarette. Award for the best documentary film in France "Le Mystère Koumiko". Clapping spectators, total. Awarding the best Czech short film "Romance". Clapping spectators, half-close. Sign of the best weekly news from Russia. Jürgen Neven you Mont speaks actuality, and justified the award ceremony: "Novostidnir, USSR, for the best composition and composition, as well as for the selection of different national subjects." Prize giving ceremony for the representatives of the Russian weekly news. The award of the main Association of movie theater on the Russian weekly news presented Dr. Engelbrecht. Dr. Edwards speaks, actuality, big: "The main Association of German cinema has awarded a prize in Oberhausen for due film, short film and a prize for the most modern crafted newsreel, in this way the social events of the movie theater a new incentive to gain and to bring in a modern line in the social events of the movie theater." Illuminated Festspielhaus.

02. Hamburg: Exhibition World Press photo title: moments in the image - title: exhibition visitors in the Springer home. Young man as a viewer, great. Image: Flight to safety (woman with four children), man ventilated baby - 2 soldiers - face of Asians - soldier on the machine gun - soldiers face. Pan across the wall with pictures. Fencer with a small boy - man rides on bike with boy and pulling stroller behind him - little girl at ballet class - man besides sculpture of a female figure - Freckle face of a boy - 2 kids are football players behind the ball on the road behind a young woman - child's face - - footballer joins others from behind - trainer and lion - teenage audience - 2 elephants rise in goods wagon - elephant drinking from bucket and leg lifts.

03 Buenos Aires: unusual taxi service title: invent time - image: pedestrian. Taxi driving on the road. Passenger enters. In the taxi stand for cigarettes, newspapers and drinks. Passenger pays a soaked and sprayed spray in his hair.

04. Nuremberg: home ski of inventor Georg Haller with the home ski in the hand. 2 tracks running with rubber in boards. Wife turns on home ski and coached skiing movements.

05. Berlin: Luminous stick thumb push button on cane, big. Lamp lights up in the cane. An old woman, great face. Old people go at night with the brilliant walking stick. At pedestrian crossing peddling in the floor. Volkswagen stops and people go across the street.

06. Switzerland: Hundesuchgerät of small tractors as a search device. Man walks with dog through forest. Dachshund creeps in foxhole. Small tractors at Horchgerät connected is drawn away in the foxhole, to locate the location of the dog. Man digs the dog out of the Earth. Dachshund shakes itself.

07. encounter with Israel III: opposites road from Jerusalem. Jews in the neighborhood of Mea Shearim hide in front of the camera, go into homes, turn away and keep the hats in front of the face. Rabbi speaks, large production sound: "a neighbourhood of Jerusalem, inhabited by strictly Orthodox Jews, your life-forms for centuries unchanged, come predominantly from Eastern Europe. Typical the out, the loop curls. Their origin is not entirely clear, and their language is Yiddish. The residents of MEA Shearims are still a small minority. - But she feels some pious Jew in moments of self-examination as a kind of religious conscience of Israel." Young man with long lock on the temple as a sign of the strictly Orthodox Jews. Boy with Locke. Old man goes and keeps the hand in front of your face. Weir village: Young man's commands with military training. Young men and women lined up as soldiers. Gun is loaded. A Jew, great face. Young man playing with shepherd. Jeep drives young men and women on the field. Driving wheel of a tractor, big. Young people ride on agricultural machine field that furrows. Water sprays from pipe to irrigate the fields. Young male and female post guard work in the fields at the border of the country from attacks. Sign stop frontier in French and Jewish. Soldier on the phone with a female soldier, great. Post on observation post. Young Israeli, big, talks about the strategic hamlets. Young man and young woman with gun down to border fence. The Jewish flag is retracted to mast. The young people sitting around campfire. Campfire, large. Young people sing. Item comes with gun.

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Persons in the Film

Engelbrecht, Wolfram ; Haller, Georg ; Nevendu Mont, Jürgen


Hamburg ; Washington ; Israel ; Oberhausen ; Berlin ; Switzerland ; Buenos Aires ; Nuremberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dogs ; Flags ; Fire ; filmmaking ; Women, mothers ; Night ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Postal, postal services ; Smoking ; Advertising ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Technology ; People ; Military ; Science and research ; Microphones ; Listener ; Agriculture ; Exhibitions ; Viewers and audience ; Buildings in Australia ; Dogs ; Agriculture ; Military ; Technology ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 500/1966

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand short film day Oberhausen (film) camera: Basic, Zaki, l. moments in the image World Press Photo (Photoausst. at Axel Springer) camera: fire they invent time taxi (unusual taxi service) origin: Sucesos home ski camera: strong luminous cane camera: Pahl search device for dogs origin: Cine journal encounter with Israel opposites III Israel report III (opposites) camera: Pahl, strong at the beginning and end of

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