UFA-Wochenschau 526/1966 23.08.1966


1 earthquake in Turkey breakdown from ZL 865/1 - same section. Debris. Fallen together houses. Men digging in the rubble. People from debris. People from shelters. Tents.

02. bad weather in Austria: breakdown of ZL 865/2 - same interface. Flooded houses. Torn railway tracks. Fallen signal mast. Debris from homes. People hide have. Man wearing image. VW goes through water. Travellers with suitcases. Destroyed car. People riding in a rubber dinghy.

03. Vienna: Attack on travel agency Alitalia front of the travel agency Alitalia with destroying Windows. Onlookers on the street. People with posters of South Tyrol policies eliminate not South Tyrol crime bombs no wrong.

04. Berlin: Krupp-plastic Halle title: technology of our time. Giant plastic tent is blown up. The blown-up tent on the exhibition grounds before the radio tower.

05. Munich: central laundry bags are transported automatically. Fully automatic washing plant. Laundry in the deficiency.

06. England: excess life suit of the Navy man is attracted above life suit. Layer of the suit is filled with gas. Man in suit is driven by ground water to the surface. Man swims in suit on water.

07. accident story: defective plug breakdown from ZL 865/5 - same section. Joachim Teege lies on the carpet and viewed through magnifying glass. Man lying on the carpet. Joachim Teege considered plug. Hands of the man of who, when the unqualified repair plug. He put the plug into wall socket, then touch lamp and gets a shock. Joachim Teege lift image by Theodor Körner "Oh life is people quickly... but so's life is bad."

08 Cologne: Football 1 FC Cologne - Munich 1860 breakdown from ZL 865 / 7 - same section. Cologne, big goat mascot. Playback on the field. From Munich's attack. Attack of Cologne. Defensive player from Munich deflects the ball into his own net. Viewers behind bars wipes up the eyes. Cologne cover fends off the Munich attacks. Overath is placed in the penalty area and scored penalty. Spectators cheering with arms raised. Different scenes of defence by goalkeeper in ZL. Listless spectators and boys.

09th Hamburg: Poetry on the market - Peter Rühmkorf reads poetry title: poetry on the market. Spectators on the road. Young girl with long blond hair. Hand plays xylophone, great. Hand on Baß side, great. Jazz band. Face of a man of that big. Peter Rühmkorf reads poetry, great. Girl's head against a wall. Man and girl. Man with moustache, large. Profile of a girl. Girl with sunglasses, sideways, large. Rühmkorf, great. Great jazz players. Neon Deutsche Bank, traffic lights before Bank switches light. Large audience faces. The play of light in the dark.

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Dibelius ; Fuchs, Herbert ; Rühmkorf, Peter ; Teege, Joachim ; Vohrer, Alfred ; Overath


Vienna ; Berlin ; Austria ; Hamburg ; Turkey ; England ; Munich ; Wolfsburg ; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Demonstrations ; Railways ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Football ; Night ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Advertising ; Shipping ; Ships ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Youth ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; People ; Military ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Water ; Assassinations ; Military ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 526/1966

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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"" This week earthquakes in Turkey origin: vis news severe weather in Austria origin: Austria Alitalia stop in Vienna origin: Austria technology in our time Krupp - Park tent camera: Pahl on life suit of the English marine origin: Pathe News Central laundry in Munich camera: Rau accident series: "defective plug" Bundesliga start football: 1 FC Cologne Munich camera: Luppa, reason, l. poetry on the market poetry in Hamburg Peter Rühmkorf camera: Seib, l., Rückert start and end mark at the beginning and brand of end of

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