UFA-Wochenschau 531/1966 27.09.1966


01 adhesion release Baldur von Schirach - Albert Speer is imminent--looking back at the Nuremberg trials title: 20 years ago - image: Spandau. The changing of the guards of the Spandauer prisons guard. Russian troops marching. Capture of the Nazi Government in Flensburg, Jodl, Dönitz, spear. The building of the Nuremberg process. Intake of listeners to the process. Hess will be felons and sits next to Göring (still image). Schirach in the interrogation (still image). Spear on the dock (still image). The defendants stand up at the entrance of the judges. Repro: Hitler and Rudolf Hess. Hess at the Nuremberg trials in the interrogation speaks interview: "as of now my memory available to the outside out again." I would stress that I carry full responsibility for everything I've done, signed, or signed with." Repro Baldur von Schirach, the Hitler youth. Albert Speer before swastika and cannons. Construction troops and work service during the construction of the Siegfried line. Spear in the interrogation of the Nuremberg process, o-ton: "it was me become clear at the beginning of February that Hitler wanted to continue by all means, without regard to its own people, the war. It was clear that he mistook his fate with the loss of the war with the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and that he saw also The end of the German people in his end of me." Guards.

02. Studio mirror "Don Quixote" in Spain with Horst Buchholz and Gina Lollobrigida title: neues vom film - image: crowd scene of the film. Camp scene. Horst Buchholz, Gina Lollobrigida is on car molested and freed from Horst Buchholz.

03. Hamburg: New camera stereo 70 in use during filming of "Operation Typhoon" the camera to produce a three-dimensional film during shooting. Georges Martin and Klaus Jürgen Wussow with Chase about frameworks. Crash.

04. Hamburg: Interview with Alfred Hitchcock Hitchcock in the port of Hamburg discusses actuality, big, recipe of his films: "the audience pays for fear. Voltage is not often popular in life. In a movie the audience know if the voltage is at the end, with a laugh or smile." Hand in door gap, revolver, great.

05. Dortmund: art Gymnastics Championships breakdown from ZL 870 / 4 - same section. Horse jump men, ZL. Gymnastics men's. Akinori Nakayama won the floor exercise Mikhail Voronin on the rings receives the highest score, Russia, and WINS. Akinori Nakayama WINS on the horizontal bar. Freestyle in ZL and finish. Floor exercises women: free skate by Vera Caslavska / CSR. She is defeated by the Russian Natalia Kutschinskaja. Natalia Kutschinskaja on uneven bars, ZL. You WINS ahead of the undervalued Doris Prause Fuchs. Weeping American Doris Prause Fuchs. Natalia Kutschinskaja receives a medal, great.

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Buchholz, Horst ; Dönitz, Karl ; Dürenmatt, Friedrich ; Göring, Hermann ; Hess, Rudolf ; Hitchcock, Alfred ; Hitler, Adolf ; Jodl, Alfred ; Lollobrigida, Gina ; Martin, Georges ; Speer, Albert ; Schirach von, Baldur ; Wussow, Klaus Jürgen ; Caslavska, Vera ; Kutschinskaja, Natalia ; Nakayama, Akinori ; Prause-Fuchs, Doris ; Woronin, Michail


Spain ; Hamburg ; Spandau ; Belgium ; Dortmund ; Flensburg ; Neuchâtel ; Nuremberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; Photographers ; Reviews ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Gymnastics ; Military ; Crime ; Military ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 531/1966

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Title brand before 20 years Nuremberg trial origin: reproductions, archive new from the film "Don Quixote" in Spain (Horst Buchholz) origin: No.-do "operations Typhoon" camera: L. interview with Hitchcock camera: Jürgens World Championship World Championship in gymnastics camera: Rieck, Salgado, l. beginning and end

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40th Anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s Death († April 29, 1980)

Alfred Hitchcock is the undisputed “Master of Suspense”, even today. He steers his audience’s emotions, plays with their fears and desires like no other director. Psycho, Rear Window, Vertigo, North by Northwest, The Birds, Dial M for Murder - each film is a masterwork of its genre. To create the unique suspension that characterizes Hitchcock’s oeuvre, he experiments with all sorts of cinematic tools and time and time again finds unconventional visual answers. Also, he works with the most distinguished actors of his time - from Kim Novak to Grace Kelly, from Cary Grant to James Stewart. Nevertheless, “Hitch” falls short of receiving the highest recognition for his work - he never wins an Academy Award. Being one of the few directors who successfully asserts himself as an auteur against the US-American studio system, he becomes a role model for an entire generation of filmmakers - the Nouvelle Vague, or French New Wave. The native Brit acquired his tools in Europe, first as a title card designer for silent movie titles, then as assistant director and script writer. Soon he travels to Germany for a co-production and becomes familiar with the techniques of legendary German silent film directors, many of whom work at Babelsberg, the most modern film studio at the time. In the mid-1920s he shoots his first two films in Munich: The Pleasure Garden and Mountain Eagle. Hitchcock becomes so adept in the German language that he would later give interviews in German.  

Back in Great Britain he garners attention with films like The Man Who Knew Too Much and 39 Steps. Eventually the movie mogul David O. Selznick invites him to the USA in 1939. It is here where he creates - in cooperation with his film editor wife Alma Reville - the films that would become cinematic history. In 1980 the man with the characteristic head, the black suit and the cigar dies in Los Angeles at the age of 79.

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