UFA-Wochenschau 537/1966 08.11.1966


1st report coal mining - retraining the miners title: the social report, image: Kohlenhalden. Kohlenhalden. Disused Colliery. Empty tracks. Signals are on hold. Demolition work. Disused Colliery "Count Bismarck". Miners for retraining courses. Locksmith, welder, Turner. Close-ups of men at work on the new materials. Miners for retraining to the masseur. Mr Wichmann interviewed miners about their opinion on the new occupation, o-ton: "sorry you had to hang the Bergmann profession on the nail?" - "no, quite the opposite. I'm even glad that I came for days, so I have at least the certainty that I every day can come back home to us."-"no, on the contrary, I'm glad I'm out of."-" no, Oh, No more sorrow. "-"why not?"-"Well, the miner has no future anyway more."-"You would also today No more go to an other Bill?"-"no", never more." - "Why not?" - "Yes, now Tell me a bill once, where still has a future?" - "the transition here is difficult for you?" - "the only thing a bit, made difficulties at the beginning before all things, that is the theory, Yes, because we are so different we have worked years already hardly somehow mentally." Theoretical lessons. Hand is lifted, big. Class room. Sign in house professional training work of the DGB. Hand draws a polygon with triangle. Blocks of flats. Doves fly out of window. Unemployed older miners To give interview, interview: "I was a jobless miner 27 years, for 4 weeks, in Gelsenkirchen is no work to get. So we are forced to tear down our pigeons on this head, and if we get assigned a job, then there are four or five man they need and forty man be sent."-"my situation is hopeless. I get very little money, for the first time, 140 mark are all 14 days, there still 20 cents, missing and I don't know, I still have three minor children, as I come from."-"with me, I'm 57 years, what should I retrain yet?"-"what prospects have now?"-"No. Stamp just yet and we're poor dogs."-"Oh, actually as an electrician I fear actually worry for later once."-"Yes, because you always wait, what then is, when it is finished, the economy outside looks like." Children play in front of House. Stationary crane and conveyor belt.

02. Erlangen: Prime Minister Huber opened technical Faculty of the University title: this week, image: work front of House for paving. Man tests in laboratory and Institute for technical chemistry. Minister of State Constitution certificate handed over at ceremony in Aula. Minister Huber speaks interview: "the only fight of the peoples, which will be worth in the future, is the intellectual competition, and it's our task, our education policy, to ensure that we can win in this fight as German position coming to us and then also claim."

03. Berlin. Visit of the British Foreign Minister Brown Brown enters the room and is greeted by Brandt. Brandt and Brown in table talk. Brown and Brandt climb scaffolding at the wall. Close-up of Brown. The Brandenburg Gate. Road sign road of 17 June. Bus leaves from Brandenburg Gate.

04. Bonn: Bundestag vote of confidence for Chancellor Carlo Schmid as Bundestag President speaks actuality: "the Bureau of the session is not unanimous. It must be counted." Erhard in conversation with members of Parliament, half-close. Empty Chamber. Members enter by Yes or no. Carlo Schmid Announces voting results. Original sound. Crown, half-close. Black head in addition to Stoltenberg, half-close. Mende, half-close. SPD deputies clapping.

05. Bonn: Federal press ball Strauß and wife upon arrival. Gap, great. Gerstenmaier and wife sit. Augstein at the table in a conversation with Carlo Schmid. Schröder, great. Carlo Schmid, great. Beitz, large, Augstein, great. Gerstenmaier. Women with cleavage. Dance. At the dance: Augstein, Margot Mende, Hunter, Saharan, gap, Strauß in conversation, great. Barzel, Mende with Lady, Augstein and Schröder in the conversation. Dancing couples. Mende dance.

06. portrait: American singer Don Paulin title: songs of this week, picture: traffic. Don Paulin sits with a guitar on the side of the road and sings. Cars drive past before him. He goes next to tracks Get up bridge, on the road, stands on the beach, is located on the beach. Close-up of Paulin, starting with guitar, sitting on the Ballindamm, still, sings on the banks of the Alster (cut into the rhythm).

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Augstein, Rudolf ; Beitz, Berthold ; Brandt, Willy ; Brown, George ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Huber, Antje ; Jaeger, Richard ; Krone ; Lücke, Paul ; Paulin ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schmücker, Kurt ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Schwarzhaupt, Elisabeth ; Stoltenberg, Gerhard ; Wiechmann, Johannes


Gelsenkirchen ; Aberfan ; Ruhr area ; Berlin ; Erlangen ; Hilden ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; India


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hands ; Higher education ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Children ; Musical events ; Portraits ; Schools, training ; State visits (inside) ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Social events ; Economy ; Testing ; Jobs ; Unemployment, unemployment ; Mining ; Trade unions ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 537/1966

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand the social report report coal mining (retraining of miners) camera: Rahim this week Minister Huber in Erlangen (opening speech i. technical faculty) camera: Rau, Foreign Minister Brown in Berlin summer camera: Jürgens mutton jump in the Bundestag camera: Luppa Federal press ball camera: Luppa, l. songs of this world portrait: Don Paulin (amerikan. Singer) camera: Luppa beginning and end

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