UFA-Wochenschau 538/1966 15.11.1966


01 policy in Bonn - Chancellor candidate - coalition talks title: who with whom?, image: Strauß speaks. Reporter. Strauß Announces vote of CDU/CSU group for Schröder, the Kiesinger candidate of Chancellor, Barzel, actuality, half close: "Kurt Georg Kiesinger: 137 votes, Gerhard Schröder: 81 votes, Barzel: 26 votes." Georg Kiesinger sitting, half-close. He was surrounded by reporters. Kiesinger talks after election interview, half close: "I have this severity official, I am well aware how difficult it is to bring things to a good target soon, taken with the will to put all my energy out, and I would ask you for your understanding if I at this moment on programmatic statements pass." Kiesinger surrounded in conversation with Strauß by reporters, half-close. Brandt holds actuality, close to half, surrounded by reporters: "we dispute the claim of the CDU/CSU, which does not in the Bundestag have the majority, To want to be alone over the naming of the new German Chancellor. Who will be Chancellor, decides through the formation of a majority for the thing program of the new Government." Negotiations over coalition-building of the CDU/CSU and SPD. Brandt; Wehner, Kiesinger, Strauß, Barzel at the negotiating table.

02. Rome: Meeting of the EEC trade unions title: this week - image: Conference. Conference participants. Rosenberg speaks big to reject accession to the EEC from Spain and Portugal.

03. Jerusalem: Axel Springer donates library for Museum total Jerusalem. The National Museum of Axel Springer, close to half speaks at groundbreaking library for archaeology and art, half-close. Jumper in stone. Ambassador Pauls, great.

04. Munich: Passing the 100,000. Apartment the Federal Post Office spokesman at solemn handover, o-ton: "we have to take an admirable, amazing stock today. We celebrate namely. the 100.000. apartment" Hand closes door. New owners and guests enter the 100.000. apartment.

05. accident story 10 - storage and stacking Joachim Teege sits wearing a turban in the Chair and reads Egyptian writing. He speaks and shows on screen. Egyptian construction. Mr. Dr. Hilpert together messy stacks boxes as a warehouse worker. Pictures of him on camel riding at Egypt travel. Box falls on him from above. Joachim Teege speaks, o-ton: "Take it easy with the life" says Theocritus (image) but so... (Image of Egypt travel and obituary)'s lives are bad."

06. EEC-story - EEC headquarters in Brussels - 65th birthday of Professor Hallstein title: In the service of Europe, image: excavators on construction site in Brussels. Construction site in Brussels for new administrative centre of the EEC. EEC building. Complex. Negotiating table, Office space, meeting. Tariff barriers, Negro children on pot, cauliflower, big. Wine harvest. Young employees takes EEC writings of shelf. Graphical representations of EEC functions. Couve de Murville and Henry Spaak as EEC Foreign Ministers meeting. Meeting of the EEC Commission, chaired by Professor Hallstein. Close-up Hallstein. Hallstein talks, actuality, sitting at the desk, half close, about Europe's future: ", what is going on at the moment in the relationship of the community to its environment, its geographical environment, but that's most spectacular. I mean the growing inclination, especially our European neighbours are permanent way to connect with our community. We have their hands full and good cheer and hard at work." Hallstein scrolls in signature solution and signs. Europe trains. Traffic on the burner, pumped-storage plant. Brussels cityscape from the top.

07. Hamburg: Sing out Germany title: Michel your songs, picture: sing out choir Germany. Young people of the choir "Sing out Germany" sing songs for a better world after American model.

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Barzel, Rainer ; Brandt, Willy ; Couve de Murville ; Hallstein, Walter ; Hilpert ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Pauls, Rolf ; Rosenberg, Ludwig ; Spaak, Paul Henry ; Springer, Axel ; Teege, Joachim ; Wehner, Herbert


Brussels ; Munich ; Jerusalem ; Austria ; Rome ; Hilden ; Hawai'i ; Hamburg ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Flowers ; Books ; Railways ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hands ; Industry ; Domestic events ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Musical events ; Plants ; Postal, postal services ; Indians ; Townscapes: Asia ; Townscapes: Europe ; Youth ; Customs ; Construction ; Buildings in Asia ; Trade unions ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 538/1966

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Policy in Bonn (coalition crisis) camera: Luppa this week Rosenberg in Rome (Gewerkschaftskongr.)
Origin: Sedi Springer in Jerusalem camera: Woskowitz 100,000 guests apartment of the BU-post accident series III: camps and stacks in the services Europe EEC report (& Hallstein 65th birthday) camera: Jürgens Michel, your songs sing out in Germany camera: L., Seib, fire at the beginning and end of

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