UFA-Wochenschau 548/1967 24.01.1967


1 Hamburg: Hanseatic auction title: boats for sale, image: Hanseatic. Hanseatic Quay. People on the ship. People on the bridge. Boy turns rowing. Visit of the inventory. People go through gears. Cabin. Auctioneer auction inventory. Auction of the rescue ring.

02. Hamburg: boat show will be transported on truck boat. Unloading of the boat. Drivers at the wheel, great. Sailboats in exhibition. Face of an old man, great. Boat, small boat with girls. Face of the Viewer, great. Luxury motor yacht for 200,000 DM. disassembling boat. Diver plunges into the pool. Underwater camera. Deck chair on the water. Girl in suit lays down on a deck chair and drinking from glass that is at rest.

03. Kamal in Berlin title: notes at the time - image: soldiers stand at attention. He was speaking before microphones (tagesschau, SFB, RIAs, II.) O-ton, half close: "I am personally, to be where I have spent 19 years of my life in this city. I can call me so at least a half of Berlin with some law." Kiesinger welcomes Mayor Albertz. Kiesinger enlists in the Golden Book of the city. Ride motorcycle escort through town. He was on scaffolding at the wall. Barbed wire. Kiesinger looks through binoculars.

04. Berlin: Embassy reception at Ulbricht Ulbricht on reception to welcome the Ambassador. Ulbricht in addition to wife Lotte Ulbricht prostet to guests. Integrating with wife dance.

05. United States: Apollo project astronauts get in capsule. Astronauts in the capsule lying at trial practice. Astronauts leave the capsule. Chaffee, large, white, large, Grissom, great. The 3 astronauts. Framework of the Saturn rocket.

06. Hanover: building exhibition Constructa II people in exhibition halls. Young couple in bathroom. Suggestions of the Federal Post Office to the installation of ducts for subsequent installation of telephone cables under plaster. Young girl on the phone. Man on the phone. Top hung Windows.

07. London: high-rise Acrobat Acrobat turns on the roof of the House. View from the top on the road. Acrobat Sebastian goes along houses Sims. Handstand across the street on high-rise building. 2 young girls look up.

8th Munich: Bambi award title: between 5 and midnight, image: Bambi. Lieselotte Pulver, sitting in a silver dress with large earrings. Pierre Brice bows with Bambi, half-close. Lex Barker receives Bambi. Gerd Fröbe receives Bambi. Gerd Fröbe speaks interview: "I have never in my life expected that I ever had a chance to get a Bambi. I don't get it, I'm Very much happy and I was happy as old stag Of course Very much on this little deer." Gustav Knuth, great. Close-up Lieselotte Pulver. Bambi, great. Lieselotte Pulver receives Bambi. Heinz Rühmann receives Bambi. Winnie Markus claps, great. Heinz Rühmann speaks interview: "I had a set of Kurt Goetz told as a particularly nice finish: the opportunity to hold the Shut your mouth, should be never pass."

09th Munich: Bal of Paré Johannes Heesters sitting. Franz Josef Strauss at table (half close). Ella Fitzgerald sings (close). Thomas Fritsch dancing on the dance floor. Mireille Mathieu sings (close). Among the listeners of Romy Schneider and Harry Meyen, Paul Hubschmidt. Mireille Mathieu singing, original sound (close). Count Axel von Ambesser drinking from glass. Margot Hielscher (close), in conversation with Duke Ellington. Heinz Rühmann (half close). Mireille Mathieu after performance (close).

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Alberts ; Ambesser von, Axel ; Barker, Lex ; Brice, Pierre ; Chaffee ; Ellington, Duke ; Fitzgerald, Ella ; Fritsch, Thomas ; Fröbe, Gerd ; Grissom, Virgil I. ; Heesters, Johannes ; Hielscher, Margot ; Hubschmid, Paul ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Knuth, Gustav ; Markus, Winnie ; Mathieu, Mireile ; Meyen, Harry ; Pulver, Lieselotte ; Rühmann, Heinz ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Ulbricht, Lotte ; White, Edward


London ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Munich ; Berlin ; United States ; West Berlin ; East Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Honors ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Domestic events ; filmmaking ; Women, mothers ; Musical events ; Postal, postal services ; Rockets ; Shipping ; Ships ; Sensations ; State visits (inside) ; Dance ; Diving, diver ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Men ; Cups ; Social events ; Transport: General ; Jobs ; Architecture ; Auctions ; Exhibitions ; construction ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 548/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand ships for sale Hanseatic auction camera: Seib, l. boat show in Hamburg camera: Seib notes to the time Kamal in Berlin camera: Pahl Ambassador reception at integrating origin: DEFA Apollo project origin: Metro Constructa II in Hanover camera: L. Acrobat in London origin: Pathe news between 5 and midnight Bambi Awards camera: Rau, summer Bal Paré camera: fire, Rau at the beginning and end of

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