UFA-Wochenschau 555/1967 14.03.1967


01 Colombey-les-deux-églises: elections in France breakdown from ZL 894/2 - same section. Title: Notes at the time, image: de Gaulle, half-close. Woman opens Cabinet. Souvenirs and a pendant with a picture of de Gaulle. Flags containing Colombey les deux Eglises. De Gaulle front car, half-close. Election posters pasted on walls. Residence, Castle Colombey. Select inhabitants of Colombey. Image de Gaulle at the polling station. De Gaulle chooses. Town crier. Bauer occurs before the door of the House.

02. Russia: Men drilling in the ice laying pipeline in Siberia. Planning vehicles drive over the ice of the frozen Strait between the island of Sakhalin and the Mainland. Sledge pulled by dogs. Laying pipes. Tubes are pulled with tracked through the snow. Demolition.

03. Göttingen: Expansion of the University Göttingen cityscape with half-timbered houses. Site planning of the new building of the University. Old roof Gable. Modern University buildings. Professor Seitz talks about the new, large, original sound: "in the Humanities must be remedied first through a multi purpose building. We need to restore these buildings as efficiently as possible. In five years the workplace to be 8000 students created." Model of the new building.

04. Hamburg: Internorga-guest host show dishes in glass cabinets. Cutlery. Tablecloths. Machine for hot sausage. Distribution of samples. Esser. Kids eat sausages. Modern bottle opener. Fat man drinks. People drink beer.

05. Hamburg: Association of German order guards hand scrolls in letters. People sitting around the table. Different order on tray. Post sections of payment instructions. Newspaper clipping about "Club the protectors of of order of". Member of the Association, head, large. Reproductions of the movie poster of cat and mouse.

06. the Red revolution - part I.: The Tsar thanked from the title: the Red revolution - the tsar abdicated, image: Tsar Nicholas II. 1917: troops marching in Petrograd. Mass demonstrations. Rally. Distribution of handouts. War pictures of the first world war. Mounted troops. Impacts of grenades. German prisoners in Russia. Women with head scarves are snakes outside shops. Hunger posters. Photo: Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra. Close-up of Czar Nicholas II. family portrait of the Tsar. Tsar Nicholas bathes naked. Miners working in tunnels. Farmers work with primitive means in the country. Mobs of workers on construction sites. Down, feet stomping ground. Reception at the Tsar. Tsar and Tsarina greet dignitaries. Train from ecclesiastical dignitaries. Refined Court society at the promenade. Workers at work on the oil well Baku. Josef Stalin marches between strikers. Uprising of peasants, workers and soldiers 1917 photo of the abdication of Tsar Nicholas. Symbols of the monarchy will be removed from walls. Cheering crowds.

07. Hamburg: Germany tour of Gilbert Becaud - "Nathalie" title: song to the Kremlin, image: Gilbert Becaud on the piano. Gilbert Becaud sits at the piano and sings Nathalie. Clapping song. Applause and bowing.

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Alexandra von Rußland; Becaud, Gilbert; Gaulle de, Charles; Nikolaus II. von Russland; Seitz; Stalin, Josef


Göttingen; Russia; Hamburg; Korea; Colombey; Colombey-les-deux Églises


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Misery; Higher education; Emblems; filmmaking; Musical events; Oil; Medals, awards, honors; Postal, postal services; Revolution; Reviews; Townscapes: Germany; War, prisoners of war; Elections; Construction; Exhibitions; Gastronomy; Skateboarding, Skelten; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 555/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand notes at the time elections in France origin: Pathé journal Soviet pipeline origin: Sovkino University Göttingen Internorga Hamburg camera: L. Association to protect v. order camera: fire the Red revolution part I.: from October revolution, the Tsar thanked origin: DEFA, GAUMONT, Sovkino song on the Kremlin Gilbert Bécaud "Nathalie" origin: DEFA beginning and end

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100 Year Anniversary of the October Revolution (November 7th/8th, 1917)

On November 7th—or October 5th, according to the Julian calendar, which was enforced at the time—a political coup d’état begins in Russia. Its movers and shakers glorify it as the „great socialist October revolution.“ History books describe it as one of the 20th century’s bloodiest revolutions. About 6 months earlier, war-weariness and supply shortages had led to insurgencies and the overthrowing of the czar. A provisional government, backed by the workers’ and soldiers’ councils, took over the lead. But the military defeats and the further deterioration of the supply situation that accompanied the „dual power regime” led not only to a rapid loss of confidence in the interim cabinet, but also to riots and a number of attempted coups d’état. The Bolsheviks, who until then had only played a minor role, finally took the opportunity and staged a coup in October. Contrary to the myth of the storming of the winter palace, which the famous director Eisenstein created later on, the coup had taken place without much resistance. In the following months the Bolsheviks enforce their claim to power with all means, crushing any opposition. They never fulfill their promise of peace and end to all the misery. While they finally complied with the demand to get out of World War I, Russia plunges into a devastating civil war that claims the deaths of millions and ultimately brings even greater misery onto the Russian people. In 1922, at the end of this „caught up revolutionary war“ comes the founding of the USSR, the Union of the Socialist Soviet Republics. The former USSR and its socialist brother states still celebrate the anniversaries of the October Revolution as the founding myth of the world’s first communist state.

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