UFA-Wochenschau 582/1967 19.09.1967


01 bad Durckheim: Wine Festival title: it runs, runs, runs, image: wine glasses and beer glasses are filled. Marquee from above. Large wine barrel. Sausages on Grill, great. People eat sausages. Marquee, total. Violinist fiddles and plays with the toes on bass. Roller coaster. Old man drinking wine glass, great. Young couple, young man drinking wine, great. Wine tent. Swaying. Young people share a kiss.

02. Munich: Oktoberfest brewery horses pull cart. Mayor Jochen Vogel rolls up the shirt sleeves. Marquee from above. Carousel. Penguins in basin. Shot out carousel. Stockfische on the spit. Roast chicken are cut. Get out of the Lukas. Man drinking from beer Stein. Beer tent. People swaying. Waitress with beer Stein.

03. London: Inauguration of the new DGB-Haus "Hans Böckler-House" title: notes at the time, image: look through the glass door of the House. Entrance hall of the new Hans Böckler House. Bust of Hans Böckler, great. Key of the House, great. Handing over the key to Ludwig Rosenberg, half-close. Fixed Assembly. Ludwig Rosenberg speaks at the opening of the House close to half and big, o-ton: "here is the new House, which will bear the name of our Hans Böckler as the old. It is a proud, modern building, objectively and in the style of our time. We are proud of this building, which will now be our new home, which will facilitate our work perhaps and certainly make much better and easier. Here no goods are traded, here the most precious goods of the people is considered his luck us only and protracted task." The Hans Böckler Haus, total. Settings of the House, great. Audience, great.

04. United States: America Cup sailing the fastest and most expensive sailing yacht in the world of intrepid jacked up on land. The yacht's helmsman bus Mosbacher, great. The Australian yacht checkers Pattie and her helmsman Jock stubborn rock, great. The large sailing yachts in the race. Fleet of boats. The American boat WINS.

05. Spain: Franco on Ibex hunting Franco rides through rocky terrain. Among the attendants, grandson be Francisco. Franco looks through binoculars, great. Franco shoots. Of Capricorn is obtained. Close-up of Franco. Dead Capricorn, great.

06. German scrap mill for England takes scrap car gripper. Scrapping space of old cars with heaps of scrap cars. Machine parts the old bodies.

07. Frankfurt: motor show - sports car that you can't pay for title: UFA series: new on our roads, image: driving sports cars. Anfangstmontage. Young visitors, great. Test model, rotating wheels. Large speedometer shows the speed. Various sports car on stands. Fiat 124 spider. Small sports car. Look in the car. Motor. Italian luxury car Lamborghini Miura (350 HP). Monteverdi high speed for 74.150 DM, Ferrari steering wheel in the middle and three seats.

08. Frankfurt: Ringo Bonavena boxing title - elimination of qualification to the World Championships Karl Mildenberger -: on the edge of the k. o., image: Boxer in the ring. Mildenberger enters bathrobe in the ring and greeted the crowd with arms raised. Gong beat, great. Shock Exchange. Mildenberger stumbles. Bonavena looks up, ZL. Referee separates. Protest calling the men in the audience. Bonavena violently attacking ZL. Among the audience members Peter Müller, Mildenberger in the attack. Bonavena clings, ZL. Bonavena meets Mildenberger, who must to the ground, ZL. Audience, great. Impact Exchange ZL. Bonavena violently attacking and collect points. Mildenberger fought off. At the end of the fight. Bonavena, point winners, tearing up arms. Spectator, large. Bonavena is surrounded. Schweißbedeckter Majumdar, great. Bonavena is supported by followers on shoulder.

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Bonavena, Ringo ; Böckler, Hans ; Rosenberg, Ludwig ; Vogel, Joachim ; Mildenberger, Karl ; Mosbacher, Bus ; Müller, Peter ; Sturrock, Jock ; Franco, Carmen


Düsseldorf ; Frankfurt ; Munich ; Bad Durckheim ; England ; Spain ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Boxes ; Hunting, Hunter ; Musical events ; Shipping ; Ships ; Sailing ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; People ; festivals ; Listener ; Jobs ; employment ; Construction ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Trade unions ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 582/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand it runs, runs, runs Wine Festival in Durkheim and camera: strong origin: Archive Oktoberfest in Munich camera: Rau, summer notes at the time of DGB-House - opening (Hans of Böckler House) camera: Rieck America Cup sailing origin: Metro Franco on Gemsjagd origin: No.-do German car scrap mill in English origin: Pathe news new on our roads Auto IV: Frankfurt Exhibition camera: Jackson 12 round fear boxes: mild Bonavena at the beginning and end of

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