UFA-Wochenschau 584/1967 03.10.1967


01 change of Government in Berlin title: notes at the time, image: Albertz. Albertz goes with a small white poodle from House along the street, half-close. Close-up of Willy Brandt and Klaus Schütz. Interview, interview, Klaus Schütz are big, about the reason for his return to Berlin: "I had the feeling and My friends with me, that it is necessary, I'm going to Berlin from my Office in the Foreign Ministry in Bonn." "The reason is quite simple: I want to help the Berliners, help us all that this city is progressing further."

02. Schleswig: Bundeswehr builds longest floating bridge in the world pioneers in bridge construction. Floating bridge crossing the Schlei. Connect the parts of the bridge. Soldier face, great. Military vehicles drive over the bridge. Tanks drive over the bridge. Aerial photographs of the bridge.

03. Berlin: Indian dance Katakhali on the Berliner festwochen the dancers at the make-up of the masks. Thick layers of paint are painted on faces. Performance of the dancers. Dance in strange sign language with strange masks. Hand drumming on drum.

04. Berlin: Olympic course for skaters in the new ice rink title: training for Grenoble, image: back shot of the stadium. Street masher, great. Hands tie skating boots. Construction workers continue construction materials on carts. Pair skating training with coach. Skating coach Manfred Schnelldorfer gives interview about the meaning of the course, o-ton: "for the first time in the history of the German ice sport all elite runners for Olympic preparations to a common course meet. The purpose of this training is that we coordinate ourselves in the training methods is To try that we operate as A lot Each other to share experiences, we learn Very much A lot on fitness work, which means that we will be tested here all the time and it will turn out Very much soon, such as balancing sport." Ice skaters at health test. Medical equipment when recording. Measurements of the condition.

05. UFA crime series: child abduction at the Carnival title: UFA-exclusive: crime on the child image: children running. Newspaper headlines and photos of children. 2 year old disappeared, detectives on the hot track. Statistics of the growth of the morality crimes against children. Child goes alone on the road to school. Children on rotating carousel on the playground. Roundabouts on the Cathedral. Mr thinker gives his daughter money for Carousel ride and says goodbye to her. Girl goes carousel. Mr goes thinkers from the square. Girls ride the carousel waiting for her father. Mr Wiechmann appeals to the child. Woman watched the two and follows them suspicious, but then turns away. In the background 2 Kripobeamte, total. Wiechmann buys child balloon. Child goes in addition to Walton from square to a lonely place, sometimes hesitates, but comes with. Walton before the House of the family thinkers. Mr. and Mrs. thinkers, big, talk about the case. Child turns on playground, o-ton: "Have you expect, that your daughter in this experiment is so easy?" - "no, not in and of itself. "We have our daughter, even our children, always pointed out, repeatedly told, is not with."-"we declare yourself the?" - "Yes, I would like to say, it depends on the situation. Whether she now would go along with any thing, I don't know. It has been said, only, I know your dad, and there probably Right away she won the trust and then went along." Dr. Land, head of the Hamburg police are interview, big, o-ton: "What consequences now for the police from our experiment?" - "the police can not solve alone this by their own means. She must rely on a serious appeal to all parents and educators to set, that their children can let in no moment alone in particular not on such occasions, which can lead to special temptations."-"We assess you, Mr. Dr. land, the documentary crime themes, which we publish in the UFA?"-"I judge these issues positively. You are matched with us basically, match so the daily events and the truth. I am of the opinion that an optical concept promises a greater success than just a conversation or a printed text. only if it is brought by the optics which, however, must be the truth, a real success can be expected." Still photographs of Walton and child.

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Alberts ; Brandt, Willy ; Denker, Harry ; Land ; Schütz, Klaus ; Wiechmann, Johannes ; Schnelldorfer, Manfred


Berlin ; Schleswig ; Braunschweig ; Hamburg ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; Ice skating ; Hands ; Dogs ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Justice ; Children ; musical instruments ; News, communications ; Sports details, fouls ; sports facilities ; Dance ; Medicine ; Crime ; aerial photographs ; Construction ; construction ; Dogs ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 584/1967

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand notes at the time mayoral candidate contactor (withdrawal of Alberts) camera: Pahl, Pahl, Wiers building a pioneer bridge camera: Rieck, Brandes, Zakariah Katakhali - dance theatre camera: Pahl training for Grenoble ice skating training in Berlin camera: Pahl, Wiers UFA exclusive crimes against the child crimes against the child camera: Jürgens, Seib, Zakariah, Rieck, Petersen origin: Archive [...]

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