UFA-Wochenschau 597/1968 02.01.1968


1 Berlin: street naming Kaiserdamm or Adenauer dam title. Notes at the time of image: parade of imperial troops of imperial troops. Street scene from the Imperial era with horse. Road sign Kaiserdamm is renovated in workshop. Court society from the time of Kaiser Wilhelm. Kaiser Wilhelm increases on horse with Chair. Image of Kaiser Wilhelm. Winning column and road. Road signs Adenauer dam and Imperial dam. Mr Pahl interviewed passers-by "Kaiserdamm" or "Adenauer dam. Interview Guide: "I wanted to ask, are for Adenauer dam or Kaiserdamm?" Answers: "Emperor comb." - "Kaiserdamm." - "I am for maintenance of Adenauer dam." - "we are contracted until now here: Of course for Kaiserdamm." Interview Guide: "And why?"
Answer: "Because it was always that way." - "I am for Adenauer dam and would justify it anyway, that yes the back naming of the Kaiserdamm, failure to follow Adenauer dam is also an ingratitude to Adenauer." – "Who did nothing for us, Mr Adenauer, not." - "that is but a traditional road and should stay yet."
(39 m) 2nd Rome: Johnson at the Pope, Viet Nam pictures Johnson with Entourage during the tour to the Pope. Pope distributed souvenirs to members of the delegation. Johnson next to the Pope. Pictures from Viet Nam: dropping of bombs on Viet Nam. Impacts. Debris. Boy on crutches on one leg. Bullet holes in the wall. Weeping woman, child's face, great. Burned a man's back. Scorched limbs. Wounded child.
(25 m) 03 France: most modern bomber Mirage G swivel through the aircraft, large. Settings of the aircraft. Pulpit is connected by pilot. Start to the test flight. Flying Mirage G. (20 m) 4th Holland: historic locomotive old locomotive Get up track. The historic locomotive from the Museum will be stimulated. Name killer. Train. Bell ringing. Commencement of driving on wind mill.
(20 m) 5th Erlangen: Elke Sommer, private title: Guest at Elke Bild: profile of Elke Sommer, great. Her eyes, great. Booth photo with a gun from the film our man from Las Vegas. Her eyes, great. Still photographs from the film. Elke Sommer with rat tails, large. Elke Sommer plays Skat with husband and mother. Elke leaves her little poodle on the hand. Elke Sommer plays table tennis with her husband. Elke Sommer when painting. Close-up. Elke Sommer and big man.
(41 m) 06. The Olympic flame travel title: looking Grenoble image: high-rise buildings of the Olympic village temple of Zeus at Olympia. Skier with torch run from Mount Olympus. Runner runs with the torch to Athens airport. Olympic fire in miners lamp. The Olympic flame in miner's lamps in the aircraft. Pilot in the cockpit. Arrival of the aircraft in Paris. Olympic flags. Relay with a torch At night. Arc de Triomphe At night. Change of season. High-rise buildings in Grenoble. Sports buildings. Ski jump.
(57 m) 7th East Berlin: freestyle by Gaby Seiffert at the Central German Eiskunstlauf-Championships pair skating: Gaby Seiffert runs, jumps ZL. and crashes. Jump in ZL. Kürlauf.
(57 m) 8 Berlin: European Boxing Championships heavyweight champion Karl Mildenberger - Gerhard Zech in the Sports Palace title: Kars of clemency, image: Boxer in the ring of hit Exchange. Gerhard Zech is attacking. Mildenberger meets Zech. Hard impact change. Mildenberger after the fight as a winner with a bathrobe. Zech, great.
(41 m)

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Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Pahl, Georg ; Paul VI. ; Sommer, Elke ; Wilhelm II. ; Mildenberger, Karl ; Seyfert, Gabriele ; Zech, Gerhard


France ; Paris ; Viet Nam ; Holland ; Berlin ; Athens ; Grenoble ; Rome ; East Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Narcotics, drugs ; Bombs ; Boxes ; Ice skating ; Interviews ; filmmaking ; aircraft ; Olympics ; Parades ; Portraits ; Religious events ; Reviews ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Townscapes: Europe ; Landscapes ; Currency ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Eyes ; Buildings in Europe ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 597/1968

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand notes at the time Berlin Kaiser - o. Adenauer camera: Pahl, Wiers origin: Archive Johnson b. Pope and origin: Sedi Viet Nam pictures origin: DEFA Mirage G introduces origin: Eclair historic locomotive origin: Polygoon guest at Elke camera: Rau Elke Sommer - private views to Grenoble Olympic flame travel origin: Eclair, Pathé journal preparations f. Grenoble origin: Gaumont freestyle Gaby Seifert, DDR origin: DEFA Karl of the mild boxes: Mildenberger/Zech camera: Pahl, Wiers beginning and end

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