UFA-Dabei 603/1968 13.02.1968


01 Viet Nam: Battle for Khe Sanh - review of Indo-China war: battle for Dien Bien Phu title: Viet Nam: I want to shout, image: soldiers. Gunfire. American soldiers build wall with sandbags. Dropping napalm bombs before the US positions. Photos of the battle. Dead. Review on Dien Bien Phu: bombs. Bounce by French parachutists. French soldiers in the jungle. Tank. Troops in combat to Dien Bien Phu. Vietminh March in Hanoi. Marching under the banner of star on a red background.
(60 m) 02 student riots in Hamburg - Chancellor and representatives answer the students title: talking not fight, image: police officer. Speakers on the street. Moving with anti Viet Nam transparent. Police. Blocking chain of police pushing back students. Kiesinger speaks before the Parliament to the student protests, o-ton, half close: "we live in a free country where freedom of expression denied anyone and limited. We live in a constitutional State where anybody his opinion by violence is allowed, and the violation of law and justice to express."
Deputies clapping. Pan across federal House. Before the House of Parliament, deputies discuss actuality with students: "my freedom is on the tip of your nose. You can be set from me out on the street and trample with the feet in the air. But that doesn't bother me. "But when you get to my nose, then I am Of course disturbed."
"I think but just that eminently political questions, as it represents the Viet Nam war, for example, also among the reasons why we are No more agree with our current style of politics, politics in Parliament." "Go out in the meetings, then ask the people and ask the workers what they think of you, and then answers very shattering you will get. Take as fact, that just the workers are demanding the most calm and order."
"Have you experienced times, if at the moment where we peacefully demonstrated...?" "Because I agree so completely with you. So I think that tomatoes and stones were unfortunately but an argument, it sounds now you it, because I agree with you."
(54 m) 03 Munich: hunters Carnival party title: this exclusive: Kitty hunting in Schwabing, image: dancing girl. Girl dancing in pants. Dancers and dancers. Hunter, half-close. Mini dancers with long hair. Front low cut dress. New dance created Kasatschok. Russian dance before.
Grenoble (41 m) 04: 10 Winter Olympics title: doing sports: Grenoble 1968 Olympic fire. Torch bearer kindled fire. Cameraman swings: downhill women: Olga Pall / Austria on the route. You win a gold medal. Silver medallist Isabelle me / France and Christel Hass / Austria, bronze medal, Kiss winner Olga Pall, half-close.
Figure skating Ladies: Gaby Seyfert runs freestyle and won silver medal. Peggy Fleming is freestyle. You win a gold medal. On the podium, Peggy Fleming, Gaby Seyfert and Hanna Maskova / CSSR.
Giant slalom men: Willy Favre / Switzerland on the track. He won the silver medal. The gold medal winner Jean Claude Killy / France. Jean Claude Killy, great.
Men's downhill: runner on the track. Heavy falls. Guy Perillat / France runs and wins the silver medal. Run the Goldmedaillengewinners Jean Claude Killy. Perillat and Killy, half-close.
(93 m)

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Hunter ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Favre, Willy ; Fleming, Peggy ; Haas, Christl ; Killy, Jean Claude ; Maskova, Hanna ; Mir, Isabelle ; Pall, Olga ; Perillat, Guy ; Seyfert, Gabriele ; Stuck, Hans


Bonn ; Viet Nam ; Munich ; Hamburg ; Grenoble ; Hockenheim, Germany


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Bombs ; Karate ; Demonstrations ; Higher education ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Youth ; cameramen, cameramen ; Carnival ; Carnival ; Olympics ; Photographers ; Police ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Dance ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Social events ; Currency ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 603/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Viet Nam mun would like to [...]hrcion...

Khe Sanh Dien Bien Phu takeover of of Hanoi by the Vietminh origin: vis news, archive talk not fight student riots Hamburg camera: Rühe, Zaki of Kamal Declaration camera: Luppa discussion before Federal House camera: Luppa this exclusive hunters Schwabinger Battue Grenoble camera: Rau, summer in sports highlights in Grenoble (downhill skiing ladies figure skating, women's giant slalom men's) departure men's origin: Gaumont beginning and end

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