UFA-Dabei 607/1968 12.03.1968


01 peasant demonstrations title: it currently: farmers on Assembly. Farm holidays in Itzehoe. Farmer feeding pigs. Bauer gives interview, big on farming subsidies and price. Protest relocation of farmers for demonstration.
(66 m) 02 Bonn: Bundestag session - Kiesinger speaks to the "State of the nation" topic: agriculture goes to the lectern, he was total. Kiesinger speaks interview: "our farmers will need Government help in the future, to assert within the German economy and on the European market. Establishments from which no adequate income generating can be must- or sideline can increase their income or eliminated from agriculture. ...
Still, there is the risk that the value of life for us to Very much on the acquired material goods is measured. But rain forces that warning to remind that not by bread alone man lives everywhere. To win freedom and fullness of existence for all Germans, which is the highest point of our struggle for the reunification of the German nation."
Chamber with total members of Parliament. Deputies clapping. Kiesinger leaves lectern, totally.
(66 m) 03 filing Bach: deep relaxation - Yoga Institute title: this medicine: here rests our boss, image: detailed people. People go to treatment in the Institute. Relaxation exercises in groups. Men and women lay on mats. Cycling with the legs and candle. Relaxed lying on mats. Woman's face, great.
(46 m) 04 Bischofsgrün: electric sleep Center sister wife's bedside sleeping mask is based. Woman sinks into sleep. Electronic records.
(46 m) 05 England: air-cushion bed for injured rubber bed is inflated. Girl in bikini lies on bed. Location without pressure for injured with burn damage.
(46 m) 06. Paris: plastic fashion title: this mode: image skin to measure,: mannequin in bath. Manufacture of artificial breasts made of plastic. Mannequin in a plastic dress. Mini dancer in a plastic dress. Future fashion workshop. Flying plastic pads. Mannequins sit on transparent House plastic floating on the water.
(32 m) 07. Berlin: Caterina Valente show title: this music: Hello Caterina Valente, image: old and new Memorial Church. Pan across buildings, which is circling turn. Caterina Valente, sings original sound "That was our song". She goes through snow in a fur coat. Close-up, walking and singing. Ongoing, ZL.
(60 m) 8 Dortmund: football Borussia Dortmund - HSV 2:2 title: doing sports: HSV greatly in shape, image: impetus breakdown from ZL 946 / 10: kick-off. Goalkeeper Öczan / HSV, fends off ball. Siggi Held the ball. HSV defended. Defender Horst / HSV, shoots own goal. 1:0 for Dortmund. Dortmund players embracing, total. Flags are given. HSV hits the post, ZL. Goalie jumps and hangs on the crossbar of the gate. Big young audience, great. 2nd half. Hustle before the Dortmund goal. Emmerich plays the ball. Neuberger shoots 2-0 for Dortmund. Viewers with motorcycle Cap tears up arms, great. Krämer scores goal for the HSV. Viewers with Hat, great. Öczan holds. Hönig shoots 2:2.2 viewers embrace.
(49 m)

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Kiesinger, Kurt ; Valente, Caterina ; Emmerich ; Held, Siegried ; Hönig ; Beer, Horst ; Krämer, Werner ; Neuberger ; Oczan


Feilmbach ; Itzehoe ; Bonn ; Feilnbach ; Bischofsgrün ; Paris ; Berlin ; Feilnach ; Dortmund


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Women, mothers ; Football ; Musical events ; Sleep ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Medicine ; People ; Yoga ; Agriculture ; Fashion ; Agriculture ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 607/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand while currently farmers on the barricades he was "to the State of the nation" Agriculture and farmer demonstration camera: Luppa, Zakariah, fire this medicine here-rests our boss Yoga & sleep centre in Munich air cushion bed camera: Rau origin: Pathe news in fashion [...] still wet plastic story from Paris origin: Pathé journal in music Hello Caterina Valente Valente story camera: Pahl while HSV sports greatly in form HSV/Borussia Dortmund camera: Luppa, l., Zaki, Jackson at the beginning and end of

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