UFA-Dabei 609/1968 26.03.1968


01 Düsseldorf: Convention of movie theater owners title: here in terms of film, image: theater owners at table. Swivel to doctor Engelbrecht. Doctor Engelbrecht speaks actuality, big, about the involvement of films on television. Theater owners at tables close to half. Edwards: "If the flood of films broadcast by the television can be stopped or reduced, so there will be dangerous consequences for the German movie theater. The number of still-playable houses is down so that someday a German film production No more can exist, which simply requires the presence of a large player base. The main problem of the German film is and remains the reduction and broadcasting of films on television, especially on the weekends."
(25 m) 2 Hamburg: Osipov-balalaika Orchestra in Germany title: this music: balalaika hits, image: singer Ivan Petrov and Orchestra. Iwan Petrow sings original sound, great. Balalaikaspieler. Dr. Kaiser honors singer and singer with the Golden record. He speaks interview: "I have been following the triumphal March, your music in our country takes in concert halls alike like on the record, with particular satisfaction, because music is also enjoyable."
Gold record, great. Listeners applaud. Ambassador Zarapkin claps, great. Drummer. Balalaikaspieler. Conductor front Orchestra, from behind.
(42 m) 03. England: tax increases as a result of the financial crisis this economy: after the gold rush, image: driving car with poster. People standing on the street. Woman with head bowed. Chancellor of the Exchequer Roy Jenkins and wife come out of House. Car drives with shield gold crisis. Newspaper seller sits on the road. Cars in showcase, jewelry display, electric cookers, radios. Fashions in shop Windows. Cigarette shop. Man wearing a cardboard box with bottles. Man drinks beer, great.
(20 m) 04. Bonn: Prime Minister of Somalia in Germany car, white mice accompanied prior to Palais Schaumburg reverses. Soldier presented the gun, big. Somalia's Prime Minister rising car and is welcomed by Kiesinger, half-close. Handshake.
(11 m) 5th post and economy post cars from a garage. Postal savings bank car driving. Telegram messengers. Post sorting machine. Make a call. Telegram strips. Telecommunications facility. Workers in the manufacture of telephones. Doctor Haese interviewed entrepreneurs through mail orders. Package distribution. Satellite station Holzhausen.
(51 m) 06. Rex Gildo in Tegernsee title: this youth: holiday with Rex Gildo, image: Rex Gildo driving by car. Rex Gildo driving at the wheel of car, great. He goes to the hotel Bachmair am see. Rex Gildo sits on sofa and gives interview about career, big: Gildo: you need Very much A lot lucky to do this and I try for example to get better texts for my songs and better composers and whatever I tried never to shut down me, so on no mesh. I just always try to catch the trend, which is currently."
His eyes, great. Rex Gildo sings. He goes down stairs, cash sings, sings in dining room, balcony. Still photographs trick in the foreground. Emerges from swimming pool high, on lounge chair by the fireplace.
Hermann Schridde (53 m) 07 portrait title: doing sports: stars for Mexico, image: Hermann Schridde rides introduction installation: feet start. Horse jumping obstacle, Turner on rings. Floor gymnast. Discus thrower. Float, long jumper. Hermann Schridde moves on tractors. He transported obstacle. His hand switches course. He rides in the step to the barn. Sajith during training. He trained horse to lunge. Sajith cleans horse. Sajith and family table. Mrs Schridde stands next to mold and speaks interview. Sajith on the course in tournament ZL. At Derby on the high wall of ZL. Jump over obstacles. Sajith in the stall next to winner plaques.
(58 m)

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Engelbrecht, Wolfram ; Gildo, Rex ; Haese, Jürgen ; Jenkins, Roy ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Köhlechner, Manfred ; Petrow, Iwan ; Zarapkin ; Schridde, Hermann


France ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Düsseldorf ; London ; England ; Berlin ; Tegernsee ; Lower Saxony ; Lithuania


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; Honors ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Interviews ; filmmaking ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Olympics ; Portraits ; Postal, postal services ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; State visits (inside) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Listener ; Jobs ; Eyes ; Gastronomy ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 609/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand in terms of film Convention of theater owners camera: Jackson in music balalaika hits Ossipov Orchestra camera: after the gold rush, Jürgens, l., Rühe this financial crisis in London economy origin: Pathe news, archive Somalia of Pres.. In Bonn post & economy in youth holiday with Rex Gildo Rex Gildo in the Tegernsee camera: Rau with sports star for Mexico portrait Schridde camera: fire at the beginning and end of

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