UFA-Dabei 615/1968 07.05.1968


01 student unrest in Paris while currently: notes at the time, image: wounded protester. Police line on the road. Portal of the Sorbonne. Sentry above the portal of the affiliated University. Street fighting between police and students. Verwundeter is connected. Fires on the road.
(21 m) 02 Rolandseck: Kunstpreis for Professor Hans Richter Rolandseck station. Professor Richter, half-close. Modern painting, abstract. Motion effects. State Secretary Diehl speaks at ceremony actuality: "the first start-up, the art was our time of believe and generally liberate the spiritual life of a hardening of the forms and institutions." Listeners, half-close. Professor judges Get up and receives the art prize.
(26 m) 3rd Studio mirror: "Death in the Red Jaguar" George Nader leaves in the Red Jaguar and waving out of the window. Director Harald Reinl, half-close. Machine gun fires from rear of car. Harald Reinl's interview, interview, half close: "but I'm just the action required, as realistic as possible and effectively as possible to the image." Each shot is difficult this actually, because it must be Yes To try to diversify. In this movie, we have here Of course exactly, not serving in any "Jerry Cotton" movie a few special Brummer. And Mr. Nader himself is Very much sent things is always excellent."
George Nader latches mount in rope and sails rope hanging River. He jumps from the vehicle. Bus falls down rocks. George Nader, laughing, big, dirt from the hands of wipes.
(30 m) 04 fair in Hanover in Economics: balance of the fair, image: large screw turns. Large screw turns. State of the steel industry with scissors. Poultry knife to cut poultry. Watches. Electronic watches. Work of a tuning fork watch for trips into outer space. Diagram of the space clock compared to the graph of a normal clock. Brushes for car wash. Trash compactor. Waste is compacted in the compactor in a small space. Plastic boats and moorings. Container. Krupp booth. Automation machines. Self-propelled carriages. Entrepreneurs of the mechanical engineering sector gives interview about growing economic interview.
Interview: "we are with the results of mass Very much satisfied, where I would like to point out that already the result of the month of March and the month of April, so before the fair, was already Very good, and we believed that this development in the next few months will continue and the economic upswing in machinery Very much strong will prevail."
(74 m) 05. Baden Baden: election of Miss Germany in prominence: the Miss team, image: pan across back of candidates in a bathing suit.
Pan candidates in a bathing suit, from behind about Miss. Girl in long sack race, high jump. ZL recordings and stand copies. Girls on the catwalk in the evening gown and swimsuit. Champion Lilian Atterer from Forcheim, music student, receives sash. Faces of Miss candidates, great. Jaques Esterel prostet with champagne glass, great. Nadja Tiller, half-close. Miß Germany with Crown, great. Udo Jürgens singing "always the sun rises again" interview. Headlights.
(54 m) 06. Cologne: Olympic test for high diver in sports: stars for Mexico, image: high diver in ZL. Assembly. Jumps in ZL of Ulrich Reefing, Bernd Wucher Gadaria, Klaus Konzorr, Karl-Heinz Schwemmer, Regina Krause, Ingeborg Bush. Knight to jump under water. Springer gets out of swimming pools.
(44 m)

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Busch, Ingeborg; Atterer, Lilian; Diehl, Carl Ludwig; Esterel, Jaques; Jürgens, Udo; Nader, George; Reinl, Harald; Richter, Hans; Tiller, Nadja; Konzorr, Klaus; Krause, Regina; Reff, Ulrich; Schwemmer, Karl Heinz; Wucherpfennig, Bernd


Hanover; Paris; Rolandseck; Hamburg; Baden-Baden; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Narcotics, drugs; Demonstrations; Honors; Higher education; Interviews; filmmaking; Musical events; Olympics; Police; beauty pageants; Swimming; Technology; diving; Watches; Art; Works of art; employment; Exhibitions; Buildings in Europe; Technology; transport


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UFA-Dabei 615/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title mark it up-to-date demonstrations i. Paris origin: Pathé journal Rolandseck: Kunstpreis f. Prof. Richter camera: Seib, Rühe Studio mirror: "Death i. Red Jaguar" (j. cotton) this economy balance of messe Hannover Fair, report II camera: Luppa, Jürgens with celebrities Miss team Miss Germany election & Udo Jürgens camera: out this series Diving qualification for Mexico camera: Luppa beginning and end

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Paris, May 1968 (starting on May 3, 1968)

In May of 1968 Paris appears to be on the brink of revolution. Protests at the University of Nanterre first spread to Paris, then to the entire republic. Student occupations are met with violence. Hundreds of arrests and injuries turn into street battles with the police. Due to the state authority’s brutal treatment large parts of the population sympathize with the students, the trade unions proclaim a general strike in solidarity. Within a matter of days up to 10 million French workers participate in a general strike, paralyzing the country. Demands for better university and working conditions merge with protests against the excesses of capitalism, the war in Vietnam and the authoritarian society. Strike- and action committees organize as a counterforce to a precipitately acting government. A touch of anarchy is in the air.

A coup d’état seems to be within reach.

Nevertheless, the tide turns near the end of the month. Union representatives and employers agree to improve labour conditions. Supporters of the conservative administration take to the streets nationwide. President de Gaulle, who by now has fled to the French military’s headquarters in Germany, dissolves the National Assembly and calls for a new election on June 23, from which he emerges as the clear victor.

Meanwhile, labour representatives have brought about an end to the strike movement. Unrest continues only in a few factories and universities. A revolution did not occur, nor did any fundamental reforms materialize. And yet in France the “jolie mai” (“beautiful May”) becomes the epitome of the worldwide youth revolt of 1967 and 1968. Nowhere else has there been such a solidarity across the population. No other rebellion of that time has spawned so many impressive images and slogans as the French rebellion did: “Be realistic, ask the impossible!”    

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