UFA-Dabei 618/1968 28.05.1968


1st riots and strikes in Paris title: it currently: hour of the rebels, image: Daniel Cohn Bendit German students and Cohn Bendit on the Franco German border near Saarbrücken. Close-up of Cohn Bendit, who want to force illegal border crossing. Cohn Bendit in police cars. Empty railway tracks. Aircraft on airport. Mountains of garbage on the road. Being ranked. Police. Parade of red flag and banners. Politicians go to Conference. Pompidou, great. Mendès France, great. De Gaulle speaks to the nation, original sound, large, in televised speech: "J ´ ai décidé de soumettre au souffrage de la nation un projet de loi par lequel je lui demande de donner of à l ´ etar et d abord à ´ son Chief un mandate pour la Rénovation." Street fighting in the Latin quarter. Shooting. Injured with a bleeding face. The pavement is torn up. Police running with batons. Burning vehicles. Shootout. Evacuation of wounded. Car wreck will be pushed by excavators.
(74 m) 02. Ingolstadt: Most modern oil refinery in Europe opened in technology: energy in Bavaria, image: Bavarian brass band. Train station. Brass band. Prime Minister Goppel is welcomed. Goppel goes next to senior men of BP. Patent leather shoes beyond the marble floor. The BP refinery industries. Computer work driving record through refinery. Pointer fails. Oil tank. Aerial view of the refinery.
(50 m) 03 Düsseldorf: Diana Rigg shows "Emma Peel Mode" title: with youth: Emma makes fashion, image: Diana Rigg Diana Rigg (Emma Peel) goes with striped sweater and short skirt on the catwalk. Mannequins show off "Peel Look". Long boots over the knee. Striped suit. Close-up of Diana Rigg. She are great interview about the fashion, interview (English). Diana Rigg on camera for fashion shoots in various poses. Close-up shots of her.
(43 m) 04 Alsdorf: start of the Contergan process in medicine: the Corntergan process, image: distributed pills on hand. File folders in a filing cabinet. The extensive indictment. Process in the Casino Hall of Colliery Anna. Leading employees of the manufacturer factory of Thalidomide as a defendant. Judge at the judges table. The manufacturer's works. Pills in the production process in large drums. Pills run out of machine. Laboratory technicians in laboratory for chemical tests. Guinea pig in boxes. Registration of data in tables. Mice as experimental animals in cages. Skeleton and embryos from healthy and diseased rabbits, tests on animals. The Contergan tablets. Thalidomide children with missing limbs. Little boy opens door with an artificial arm. Boy rolls on skateboard without legs. Children in the school. Girl writes with feet. Principle Defender for nerve damage Dr. Dörr's interview about the possibility of seeing ahead of nerve damage. Actuality: "prior to the preparation on the market, it was checked adequately. Animal experiments and clinical controlled trials of long term have no evidence indicated that any side effects could occur." "The company today differently what would do if you Once again geriete in such a situation?"
"I don't think that the company could do something else than she did." Close-up of Dr. Dörr. Courtroom spectators.
(88 m)

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Cohn-Bendit, Daniel; Dörr; Gaulle de, Charles; Goppel, Alfons; Mendes-France, Pierre; Pompidou, George; Rigg, Diana


Saarbrücken; Romania; Alsdorf; Düsseldorf; France; Food; Paris; Ingolstadt


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Narcotics, drugs; Higher education; Industry; Industrial events; Interviews; Justice; cameramen, cameramen; Fire; food science; Musical events; Oil; Photographers; Police; Strike, strike; Technology; Animals (except dogs); Unrest; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs; Medicine; Crime; Transport: General; Foreign policy events; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Fashion; Jobs; aerial photographs; Time hotels; Industrial; Technology; transport


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UFA-Dabei 618/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Title brand it-news hour the rebels Mr Cohn-Bendit and unrest France camera: strong origin: Gaumont in technology energy i. Bavaria BP story camera: Rau in youth Emma makes fashion Emma Peel-mode camera: Luppa in medicine of the Contergan process Conterganprozess camera: Seib origin: archive at the beginning and end of

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Contergan (Thalomide) Hits the Market (October 1, 1957)

Contergan (German trade name for thalomide) was hyped as a miracle drug when drug company Grünenthal begins selling it: a sedative and sleeping pill without any side effects,

even pregnant women can take it to counteract the effects of morning sickness. It’s a non-prescription drug and quickly becomes a popular tranquilizer. Soon there are mounting reports by doctors about a correlation between the active ingredient Thalomide and strange nerve irritations, and most of all, terrible malformations in newborns. The drug is taken off the market in 1961, but only because the press put pressure on the company. The district attorney initiates an inquiry immediately. After prolonged investigations it is clearly proven that the consumption early in the pregnancy causes damage to an embryo’s organs and limbs. In 1968 charges are brought against the management of Grünenthal. At that point around 10,000 “thalomiders” had been born worldwide, about half of them in Germany, 2,000 died at birth. After a two-year trial the parents of the injured children and Grünenthal settle out of court. Under the condition of a plaintiff’s waiver—which is controversial to this day—the drug company agrees to pay a compensation of 100 million DM. A few months later the criminal procedure was dismissed because of the trifling nature of the offence. As a result of the Contergan-scandal the “Medicinal Products Act” (German Drug Law) that was enacted in 1961 became tougher and guidelines for the admission of drugs were set up.

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