UFA-Dabei 625/1968 16.07.1968


1st freedom of movement in the EEC title: this policy: your home Europe, image: audience, screen-filling. Foreigners see pedestrians (Italian, French). Dutch truck driving on country road. French truck drives through town. Border customs-douane with boundary label. Run controlled papers. Border gate opens. European newspaper front page. Abroad. Station clock and riding the trains. Migrant workers get off train. Italian guest workers in manufacturing plants. Migrant worker and his family in apartment balcony and on the coffee table. Migrant workers interview talks about his life in Germany: "my life in Germany everything well, but I have only one problem: in Germany there is no Italian school is."
German branch of Benteler in southern Italy. Dr. Patrick interviewed managers: "Our biggest problem is the costly supply of prematerial since we are today still not suitable steel suppliers in the South of the country." "What brought you the construction of your branch station in Brindisi?" "First of all the German conditions relatively cheap workforce and for the future we promise through the development of the Mediterranean region more interesting outlets." We think there on the countries of Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey and for the distant future also in North Africa."
(61 m) 2 Munich: CSU country Party Conference title: it currently: notes at the time, image: long shot of the Assembly. Strauss on the lectern, total. Kneeling cameraman and photographer. Handshake Strauss Kiesinger. On listener Bank Stücklen, Hale, half-close. Dollinger, Stingl, great. Kiesinger speaks actuality, big: "for me the most interesting aspect of the nuclear NPT has been always the European. In my opinion a wring Europe in the position must be, to be able to decide freely on its armament." Spectators clap amongst others von Guttenberg, half close.
(20 m) 03 Amsterdam: graphics by Mauritius Escher image: eye (Transfokator), pupil of death. Flying white birds are reflected in black in black birds. Two young men on the bench in the exhibition space. Glass ball, the artist and his environment. Staircase with people missing gravity. Salamander, bees, butterflies, fish.
(30 m) 4 Poland: kindermoden 2 girl walking on the street. Children with small hats. School clothes. Girl with umbrella. Swivel knee stockings to head. Girl running in short mini dresses. Close-up of faces.
(23 m) 5th portrait O. E. Hasse title: this portrait: the faces of the O. E. Hasse, image: close-up O. E. Hasse. Photos by O. E. Hasse in different roles "08 / 15"-"Canaris" "The doctor of Stalingrad". Headlights light up. O. S. Hate when shooting in scenes of the movie "The marriage of Mr. Mississippi" with Joan of Koczians.
O. E. Hasse interview is great: "the role of writing off, the whole role. It is Very much admired by many people, it is also a Heath work, but one learns Very good it. Learning is and remains the be-all and end-all, because the other preparatory work, the artistic comes also the samples."
O. E. Hasse in the Berlin performance 'Rameau's nephew' by Diderot. Actuality: "was a hypocrite, if you want, but watch to talk to you like a hypocrite. Keep the vices that are useful to you, but beware of their tone, before her expression that embarrass you those who can make you ridiculous. I'm the fool Bertins and many others, your maybe at this moment, maybe you are mine. One who is wise, is no fool. He's a fool, so he is not wise, and he is not wise, he is so fool of fools a fool and the King maybe." Close-up. (60 m) 06 Hannover: international competition Athletics Germany - Hungary title: doing sports: Hungary without pepper, image: high jumper. Breakdown of ZL 964 / 9 - same cutting athletes in training suits are in addition to Sportfeld.Zuschauer total. 1500 m run: Bodo bottlenose dolphins wins the final sprint before the Hungarians Honti, ZL. Triple jump: The Hungarian Henrik Kalocsai WINS with 16.29 m, ZL. Pole vault: Klaus Lehnertz WINS with 5 m ZL. High jump: Ingomar Siegharts WINS with 2.03 meters, ZL. Hammer throw: In the pouring rain Uwe Beyer, half close, and we throw only 4. Imre Nehmeth, champion in the hammer throw, 1948, as a spectator, large. Zsivótzky / Hungary WINS, ZL. 110 m hurdles: start and run. Final phase in ZL. Hinrich John WINS.
(49 m)

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Dollinger, Werner ; Guttenberg von ; Haese, Jürgen ; Hasse, Otto Ernst ; Höcherl, Hermann ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Koszian von, Johanna ; Stingl, Josef ; Stücklen, Richard ; Honti ; John, Hinrich ; Kalocsai, Henrik ; Lehnertz, Claus ; Nehmet, Imre ; Sieghart, Ingomar ; Tümmler, Bodo ; Zsivotzky


Cologne-Wahn ; France ; Amsterdam ; Burep ; Hilden ; South Italy ; Berlin ; Munich ; Poland ; Hamburg ; Hanover


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Narcotics, drugs ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hands ; Industry ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; filmmaking ; News, communications ; Photographers ; Portraits ; Indians ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Watches ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Art ; Works of art ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; People ; Science and research ; Customs ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Eyes ; Exhibitions ; Migrant workers ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 625/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Title brand this policy their home: Europe free movement typically EEC origin: Polygoon, Corona, while news archive notes at the time CSU Party Conference, Munich camera: Rau graphic EXH., Amsterdam origin: Polygoon Polish. Children's fashion origin: Polkronika this portrait the faces of O. E. Hasse O. E. Hasse camera: Pahl, Rühe origin: Archive this sport Hungary without pepper Athletics Hungary/Afr.. camera: Pahl, fire at the beginning and end of

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