UFA-Dabei 630/1968 20.08.1968


01 Biafra demonstrations in Frankfurt and Bonn title: it currently: notes at the time, image: protesters. Biafraner in marching with a large cross. Biafra posters with hungry children, Transfokator. Images of hunger. St. Paul's Church in Frankfurt. Man with speaker shall help call, o-ton: my fellow Americans, every day starving in Biafra thousands of people. Central Nigeria knows no respect. Women and children are not spared in the massacre. Be not tired, support this silent March. Sacrifice a quarter of an hour, go with us!" Biafraner with cross. Presentation of donation. March of the Biafraner with a cross.
(60 m 2) Vienna: space exhibition pictures of spaceships and astronauts. Satellite. The Russian cosmonaut Leonov speaks with the German rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth. Design of a German satellite.
(60 m) 03. London: fashion show with transparent blouse mannequins make suits and dresses with deep recesses. Close to half as a spectator Beatle John Lennon and Yoko Ono, companion.
(60 m) 04. Berlin: Kurt Hoffmann turns with child star Gaylord title: it: in terms of film, image: Recording Studio. Photos of boys, big. Filmjunge Archibald as Gaylord with script after test shots. Director Kurt Hoffmann, great. Movie scene with Gaylord and parents in the morning in bed. Kurt Hoffmann on camera, half-close.
(50 m) 5th Munich. Atelier mirror "the duck rings 1/2 8" Rolf Thiele and Luggi Waldleitner, half-close. Poster help for Ho Chi Minh demonstrators. Chaos in the courtroom. Heinz Rühmann with punch cards. Rolf Thiele gives interview, interview, big: we filmed the story of a unfilmischen almost heroes here. Unfilmisch therefore, because he is a logician, a naturalist, a computer technician, a person who is convinced that our world is depicted." Herta Feiler, half-close. Computer is converted in elephant.
(50 m) 06. Berlin: Training police horses title: the high school of the police image: police deployed against protesters. Behind water cannon mounted police against demonstrators. Police on horseback pushing protesters to the side. Police horses in training. Fires. Noise. Horses in the area. Jump over obstacles with balloons. Shots. Motorcycles drive between horses through. Riders with Berlin flags.
(45 m) 7th Güstrow: World Championship the Tournament Angler title: Sports Sports sports, image: anglers angler and fisherpeople cast fishing rod on dry land in the target. DDR-Anglerin, great.
(25 m) 8 Berlin: German Athletics Championships pole vaulter, ZL. Hammer throw: Uwe Bayer throws 69,52 m. ZL.
100 m run men: start. Race in ZL. Gerd Metz / Mainz, WINS with year 6, 72 m 80 m hurdles record women: Heide Rosendahl WINS with the year best performance 6.72 m running from the front and side. Inge Schell WINS ahead of Heide Rosendahl in 10.7 seconds. Discus women: Liesel Westermann / Cologne WINS with 19.89 m ZL.
Shot put men: Heinfried Birlenbach WINS with 19.89 m ZL.
800 m run: Josef Kemper commented on his interview: "to be the kick-off for the first time at the German Championships, I think ran the first 100 meters in cars." The race Very much quickly tackle Walter Adams and Franz-Josef Becker. The first 200 meters are relatively fast, almost 25 ½ seconds gone. Everything is still Very much close together, no one dares a decisive push forward. Still, Franz-Josef Becker at the top. I'm still in the midst the field, addressed the first 400 meters in about 54 seconds. Walter Adam moves in the second position. I am trying to come outside, but Dirk von Maltitz moves in front of me in the car and I must now, would have to run around outside all. Meanwhile, Walter Adams on the HomeStretch attracts a Very much hard spurt, I can No more Parry as a result of the distance. I think, as a result of the fact that I was violating a time, Walter Adams has won this race, but above all also due to the fact that he was simply stronger that day."
Start by Kalhan. Walter Adams and Franz Josef Becker lead. Kemper can No more catch up. Walter Adams WINS. Audience clapping.
(60 m) 9 special service: Russian invasion in the CSSR breakdown from ZL 969/8 - same section. Brezhnev, half close, Kosygin, half close to conference table. Eastern politicians starting session Cierna. Cheering people. DUBCEK's autograph. Russian tanks in the CSSR. Map of the CSSR. Photos from Hungary. People in Hamburg To give Dr. Haese. Interview on the crisis. the race red flag. Demonstrators outside the Soviet Embassy in Bad Godesberg. Czech inland waterway vessels in Hamburg flags on half mast. Czechs speak in truck depot in Hamburg to the crisis. Dr. Haese interviewed Czechs.
(60 m) 10 special delivery for A few Theater: Kamal in Waldshut Waldshut, street from above, with flags on the houses. Wagon train when starting. Kiesinger welcomes clergy. He was standing in the car. Clap kids. Women in traditional costumes. Flag wavers from the Switzerland move. He was as a spectator, large, laughing. Women in medieval costumes b. dance game. Costume parade. Fahnenschwingerinnen. Chapels. He was clapping. Kiesinger waving v. balcony, total.
(50 m)

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Adams, Walter ; Becker, Franz Josef ; Birlenbach, Heinfried ; Die Beatles ; Breschnjew, Leonid ; Dubcek, Alexander ; Feiler, Hertha ; Haese, Jürgen ; Hoffmann, Kurt ; Kossygin, Alexej ; Lennon, John ; Leonow ; Oberth, Hermann ; Ono, Yoko ; Rühmann, Heinz ; Thiele, Rolf ; Waldleitner, Luggi ; Kemper, Franz Josef ; Metz, Gert ; Rosendahl, Heide ; Schell, Inge ; Westermann, Liesel ; Wucherer


Vienna ; Frankfurt ; Bonn ; Munich ; Bad Godesberg ; London ; Paris ; The Hague ; Bucharest ; Belgrade ; Rotterdam ; Prague ; Berlin ; Biafra ; Hamburg ; France ; Güstrow ; Bratislava


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Demonstrations ; Misery ; Interviews ; Flags ; filmmaking ; Police ; Rockets ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Unrest ; maps ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Foreign policy events ; Fashion ; Cars ; Exhibitions ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 630/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Doing up-to-date notes at the time of Biafra demonstrations in Bonn and Frankfurt camera: Luppa space exhibition in Vienna origin: Austria London fashion origin: Pathe news here in terms of film studio mirror: "Gaylord" + "the duck rings 1/2 8" the high police horses training school the police camera: Wiers Sport Sport sport angling, DDR origin: DEFA German Championships in Berlin camera: Pahl at the end of the debate of sonderlieferung Czechoslovakia - special report Kiesinger in Waldshut camera: Rough at the beginning and end of total length

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