UFA-Dabei 635/1968 24.09.1968


01 Airshow in Farnborough in aviation show in the cloud, image: flying aircraft. Aircraft flying in the clouds. Aircraft flying (from right to left) plane flying balloon and Earth. Flight over show. Settings of aircraft. Brand Rolls Royce aircraft. Exhibition Center, total. Rockets. Suspended long flight stand for advertising. The Concorde rolls on airfield, shot from below. Concorde rolling on runway.
(27 m) 02 cars falling cars in city traffic from the sky - you must expect - (Westag No. 1). Cars on the highway. Cars threading from side street in traffic on Highway. Heavy traffic on the highway. CARS overtaken truck. Car falls vertically from a height of 40 m and turned into scrap heaps. Impact necessary distance at 100 km/h to 50 m. trace space between two conductive blocks corresponds to rear-end collision at 100 km/h. City traffic. Motorcade. Driver tried to overtake. Hand turns great. Oncoming VW. Couple feet on and brakes, big. VW faces car. Car falls vertically from the top of height 6 m, overturns. Holding down a cooler. Impact collision speed equivalent to 40 km/hour Drive at a time.
(34 m) 03 Bonn Bonn it currently builds: Bonn builds Bonn, image: Richtkranz is raised polishing glass stands and delivers speech to topping actuality: "now I would like to raise the full glass and greet all guests of honor and wish, if I empty the glass now that the future of nay us unity and peace. Cheers."
Stud, big, looks upward. Saharan speaks interview, half close: "the Federal Government is housed in the space Bonn at 84 points and lives of them 58 times the rent. The federal Treasury has designed since a long time a plan for a urban development more cohesive, more rational, and thus cost-saving summary of the federal ministries in the space Bonn, In the area of Bonn Godesberg."
High facade of the new House of representatives. Small pensions. Rhine. Modern new buildings. Modern city blocks. (52 m) 4th tour of Udo Jürgens in music: Udo on tour, image: Udo Jürgens bows. Udo Jürgens bows on stage and is umdrängt by fans. Udo Jürgens at tour of Havel, half-close. Udo Jürgens binds to watch Alexandra. Udo Jürgens with microphone at rehearsal. He sings actuality "Mathilda". He gives the music directed by statements at trial. Udo Jürgens singing appearance. Young girls stormed on stage and umdrängen Udo Jürgens.
(49 m) 05. Poland: dirt road Championships in sports: neck and broken leg, image: men in white coats push bikes to the start.
Men in white coats push bikes to the start. Start the sand track cyclists. Dust. Driving through the curve. 2 drivers collide. The Norwegian Harrods box stays with broken leg. Ambulance.
Place nurse sent water with shovel by railway. Start to the final. Clouds of dust. Viewers keep umbrellas by himself. 2 riders against each other. Fall. Hung driver rises unharmed. 3 Polish winner with wrapped bouquets, smudged faces and paving on the lip.
(30 m) 06 portrait of Heide Rosendahl our stars for Mexico image: Heide Rosendahl at gymnastics initial Assembly. Heide Rosendahl in the long jump. Heide Rosendahl enters her house in Leverkusen in the tracksuit. She sits down on the balcony and tinkering to jewellery. Training. Heide Rosendahl at exercises. It attracts race shoes. Start and hurdle race at the training ZL. Long jump ZL. Vault ZL. Shot put ZL. Heide Rosendahl gives interview, great. Mr. Lüthke interviewed Heide Rosendahl sitting next to her on the lawn, o-ton: "what you do without, to participate in the Olympic Games." "The sport is Very much A lot I'm having fun, but it gives me but not A lot that I would give up something because of sports. Still A lot of Nice amenities in life and I there all take what comes."
"What chance figure out you are for Mexico?" "Yes, it's hard to make a prognosis in the Pentathlon. Maybe it is enough just to a good place - whether three BB´s under ´ n is first, I know, Not yet."
(60 m)

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Alexandra ; Jürgens, Udo ; Lütke ; Schmücker, Kurt ; Harrfeld ; Rosendahl, Heide


Bonn ; Farnborough ; Hamburg ; Leverkusen ; England ; Berlin ; Poland


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; Interviews ; aircraft ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Olympics ; Portraits ; Shipping ; Ships ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Watches ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Transport: General ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; construction ; Viewers and audience ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 635/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Including aviation show in the clouds Airshow in Farnborough origin: Pathe news cars falling from the sky (Westag No. 1) currently in Bonn Bonn Bonn Bonn builds builds camera: Jackson doing music with Udo on tour Udo Jürgens tour camera: Wiers with sport leg break a Polish Sandbahnrennen origin: Polkronika portrait of Heide Rosendahl camera: Luppa at the beginning and end of total length

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