UFA-Dabei 639/1968 24.10.1968


Olympics Mexico this special report: Olympics 1968 image: launching runners, long jump, discus thrower.
100 m women: start. Barrel. ZL. Wyomia Tyus (Negress) WINS in 11.0 seconds. Barbara Ferrel, United States, wins the silver medal (Negril). Event / Poland wins bronze. Award ceremony.
Discus women: untarnished Stadium. Rain splashing in a puddle. Lia Manoliu, Romania raises 58,28 m and won gold medal. ZL. Liesel Westermann wins the silver medal. ZL. Award ceremony. Liesel Westermann congratulates Lia Manoliu.
110 m hurdles men: start and run ZL. Willie Dawenport, United States, (Negro) wins the gold medal. Werner Tamil, Darmstadt, running the inside lane and 5 stand photo. Finish.
Long jump men: Bob Beaman, United States, (Negro) jumping 8.90 m and wins the gold medal. ZL.
Pole vault: Seagren / United States jumps 5.40 m and wins gold medal ZL. Silver WINS Claus Schiprowski / Germany, 5.40 m. ZL. Mexican older spectator with cigarette, big. Award ceremony: Seagren/United States Saha / Germany, Wolfgang nordwig (GDR), East Germany.
200 m men: man fired on runners. Gold Medal winner Tommie Smith / United States (Negro). Time: 19.8 sec. Peter Norman / Australia overhauled John Carlo / United States (Negroes) from the finish and WINS silver. Award ceremony. Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised hand with black glove demonstrates the "Black Power". City image Mexico City. Transfokator recording. Mexicans on the road. City traffic. Modern buildings.
Weightlifting: Heavyweight: Leonid Tschabotinski lifting 572,5 kg and wins the gold medal.
Rowing eights: Germany wins the gold medal ahead of Australia and the Soviet Union. Scoreboard. Award ceremony of the team. German flag on the mast.
100 m freestyle swimming women: start and swimming. The Americans win it.
Springboard diving women: Sue Gossick / United States, WINS.
400 m hurdles: Starter shoots. Henn and Schubert / Germany run on the inside lane. Sombrero, large audience. Hemery, England runs and WINS in 48.1 sec. Henn-sprints and won the silver medal. Scoreboard. Award ceremony. Athlete below oxygen mask on the lawn. Transport on a stretcher. Martin Lauer interviews the German Olympic doctor Professor Reindell about possible health damage. Actuality, big: "Do you think that there is a real danger to health and life of our athletes?" - "the crisis look certainly Very much threatening, and it must be admitted that we didn't expect a such multitude of failures, but the electro-cartographic studies have shown that the crisis left no lasting damage, first and foremost at heart, which were won at the rowers, where the most serious crisis observed. No notice was given, that any damage to organic remains."
1500 m run: Keno / Kenya via Norpoth and Jipcho Kenya sprints. Jim Ryun across sprints Norpoth and bottlenose dolphins. Keno / Kenya, wins gold dolphins before Jim Ryun and Bodø.
High jump men: Dick Fosbury jumping backwards 2.24 m and won gold medal.
Cycling team pursuit driving: The victorious German team on the track. (Disqualification). Winner: Denmark.
Marathon run: runners start. Runners on the track. Mamu Wolde / Ethiopia, leads. Mamu Wolde arrives first at the stadium. Kenji Kimihara / Japan, will clap 2 viewers. Last runner arrives after 1 1/2 hours at award ceremony at Stadium.
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Beaman, Bob ; Carlos, John ; Davenport, Willie ; Ferrel, Barbara ; Gossick, Sue ; Fosbury, Dick ; Hemery ; Hennige ; Jipcho ; Keno ; Kimihara, Kenji ; Kirzenstein ; Lauer, Martin ; Manoliu, Lia ; Nordwig, Wolfgang ; Norman, Peter ; Norpoth, Harald ; Reindell ; Ryun, Jim ; Seagren, Bob ; Schiprovski, Klaus ; Schubert ; Tramile, Werner ; Tschabotinski, Leonid ; Tümmler, Bodo ; Tyus, Wyomia ; Westermann, Liesel ; Wolde, Mamu ; Smith, Tommy


Mexico City ; Mexico City ; Mexikco city


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Olympics ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities: South America ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Science and research ; Microphones ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 639/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This special report Olympics 1968 Olympics Mexico 100m women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool discus women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 110m hurdles men origin: Polygoon, INA-pool pole vault origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 200 m men origin: Polygoon, INA-pool weightlifting - heavyweight origin: Polygoon, INA-pool rowing - eighth origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 100 m swimming freestyle women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool diving women origin: Polygoon, INA-pool 400 m hurdles origin: Polygoon, INA pool interview Olympic medical Professor Reindell camera: Fire 1500m race origin: Polygoon, INA-pool high jump men origin: Polygoon, INA pool cycling pursuit race origin: Polygoon, INA pool marathon race origin: Polygoon, INA-pool at the beginning and end of total length

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