UFA-Dabei 649/1968 30.12.1968


1st Title: 3 man behind the Moon in technology: image: astronauts in a capsule. Flying rocket. Repelling rocket stage. Astronauts float in the capsule. Anderse can float toothbrush in space. Image of the Earth from the capsule in the sunlight. Lovell in the capsule floating, congratulated his mother birthday, original sound. Moon images from Apollo 8 recorded. Earth with continents from capsule recorded. Capsule in flight as a fiery tail. The salvage ship Yorktown. Floating capsule in the sea. Borman, Lovell and Anders on the Yorktown. Borman says. Lovell puts on hat.
(51 m) 02 radio North Sea in music: Pirates practice their craft, image: Disc Jockey, big. "Here, North Sea, the current North Sea wave on the medium wave radio is 266 m, equal to 1,133 khz."
Pirate ship Galaxi in the German shipyard. Young disc jockeys and Captain seated at table. "Program manager speaks interview: Yes, once the exceptional and beyond we To want to fill a gap in the German radio programs."
Studios on the ship. Disc jockeys at rehearsal, big announcements, o-ton: "In the Studio and at the microphone For you your Horst Rainer." Hello, dear motorists, allowed the Udo from the broadcast "on the trip home" To give with still a special tip you on the way?
Teens, you must listen to very quickly. Your Pascal, who has a good tip. If you have a teacher Too much hitting you, then gives him a golden brass knuckles and the thing would be created from the world? But I would have here a re-recording in stock and that would be softly, softly, "The Equals" this time. Mast of the ship.
(50 m) 03. Interpol Chief Paul Dickopf gives interview about growth of crimes this report: fear of crime, image: kidnappings on the Jungfernstieg. Abduction on the Jungfernstieg. Criminal register in the Federal Criminal Police Office. Interpol Chief Paul Dickopf gives interview interview: "the crimes that make the most to us, belong in the area of the theft. In itself, it is not to explain that today's welfare theft has taken on such a level. Unfortunately, it is to consider this phenomenon in all hochzivilsierten States and note. It could be that our civilization, quite sure but lack something in our education." Tab by Interpol. Official radio, weapons. When firing. Fingerprints.
(56 m) 04. Prague: Smirkovsky Skoda it currently: news from the CSSR, image: Smirkovsky goes into factory. Smirkovsky is welcomed before visiting the Skoda works and goes through the factory. Workers gossip. Smirkovsky speaks with workers.
(49 m) 5th Prague: opening the subway underground Hall with glass display cases. Mayor of Prague cuts Ribbon at opening. Photographers. Ride on an escalator to the top. Pedestrian in U train shed. Traffic on the Wenceslas square. Pedestrians climb through mesh and see road.
(49 m) 6th High Tatras: preparation for World Ski Championships crane operator, great. Crane loads on vehicle, big Earth. Modern hotel located in the building. Ski slopes are made. Jump.
(49 m) 07 holiday on ice in sport: brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, image: Ice Ballet Ballet dances on the ice. Dance of the siblings novel. Appearance by Sjoukje Dijkstra. Ice clown, Ballet.
(33 m)

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Allegret, Yves ; Anders, Walter ; Borman, Frank ; Dickopf, Paul ; Lovell ; Smirkovsky ; Dijkstra, Sjoukje ; Roman, Nelson


Prague ; High Tatras ; Hamburg ; Berlin Tegel ; United States ; Pacific ; Spain


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice skating ; Industry ; Interviews ; Justice ; Photographer ; Rockets ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; Ships ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Crime ; Transport: General ; Science and research ; Microphones ; Outlander ; Revues ; Buildings in Europe ; construction ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 649/1968

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This technique 3 man behind Lunar flight Apollo 8 origin: vis news, vis news in music pirates practice their craft radio North Sea camera: Seib, Luppa this report fear of crime Interpol story camera: Luppa origin: archive here-news News from the CSSR opening subway Prague, Smyirkowki at Skoda, preparation v. World Ski Championships High Tatras, flea market origin: State this sport brilliant brilliant brilliant holiday on ice in Prague origin: State

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