UFA-Dabei 651/1969 14.01.1969


01 Paris: debates order table at Viet Nam Conference title: Viet Nam, a table problem, image: Viet Nam child. Spokesman of the National Liberation Front discussed various solutions of the table form. Drawing of the proposed table shapes. In between images from the Viet Nam war: bombs fall. Burning huts. Soldiers go through jungle-bound shrubs with on the back. Verwundeter lags with a broken leg: women and children to flee. Defense gun fires. Children look protection holes. Bombs are falling. Child is recovered. Crying child. Wounded and dead on stretchers and on the Earth.

02. Hamburg: research vessel Meteor here news - notes at the time, image: bug of the Meteor. The Meteor's Mayor Weichmann on board. He is the captain and the officers. The Meteor at the wharf. Barge driving on icy Elbe. The Elbe bridges, total and icy Elbe. Radar screen turns search on ship. Soft man visited the technical facilities of the vessel. The Meteor at the exit on the icy river Elbe. Members waving on the shore of Schulau.

03. Lignano: art exhibition beach with beach umbrella and people on the Adriatic Sea. Young girls go on three-seater bicycle with hood. Young girls go to art exhibition. Modern paintings on the walls. Girls and children build works of art out of sand on the beach.

04. Frankfurt: New hair replacement - hair weaving detailed men with little hair. Man with a bald head, big. Girl weaves artificial hair in the hair of the man. Man with artificial full hair at the rope jumping in the shower for hair washing, young woman stroked man in her hair and kisses him. Man drives with binoculars in an open car. He wears large poster before him with photos of himself with the bald head.

05. Hamburg: Rehearsal with the Ofarims title: the Ofarims - looks at us, image: ABI and ester go on snow-covered road to the port. ABI increases on Bank and photographed ester. Still photographs cut ester Ofarim in the rhythm. Entrance to the Music Hall. ABI and ester before the Music Hall. ABI and ester on stage the music hall with a chapel at rehearsal. Ester, large, ABI, great. Hand on piano, great. Ester and ABI Ofarim sing o "Never grow old". Bowing with flowers after the presentation.

06. Grindelwald and Lauberhorn peaks: ski race breakdown from ZL 990 / 8 - same section.
Giant slalom ladies: run by Florence Steurer / France. Run through the goal. Face after run, half-close. Run by Gertrud fork / Austria. Aequo with Florence Steurer. Gertrud fork after run, half-close.
Women's downhill: Isabelle me / France on the route. 3. Rosi Mittermaier / Germany is on the line. Ride through the target. She will be 2 nd run the winner Wiltrud Drexel / Austria. It is worn almost out of the curve. Run by target. Wiltrud Drexel, laughing, after victory.
Lauberhorn downhill men: Bernard Orcel / France plunges into the target. Men help him while standing up. He is on the route 6 Karl Schranz / Austria. Run through the target as the winner. Karl Schranz, laughing, half-close.

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Ofarim, Abi ; Weichmann, Herbert ; Drexel, Wiltrud ; Gabel, Gertrud ; Mir, Isabelle ; Mittermaier, Rosi ; Orcel, Bernard ; Schranz, Karl ; Steurer, Florence


Lignano ; Hamburg ; Viet Nam ; Frankfurt ; Paris ; Grindelwald ; Lauberhorn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Bombs ; Hands ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Photographers ; Radar ; Shipping ; beauty care ; Townscapes: Germany ; Art ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Men ; People ; Currency ; Weapons ; Foreign policy events ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 651/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This policy of Viet Nam a table problem?

Discussion to the table order of the Viet Nam Conference in Paris origin: Eclair with up-to-date notes at the time research vessel Meteor camera: Zimpel art exhibition in Italy origin: Corona new hair restoration (hair weaving) camera: Pahl the Ofarims: looking at us!

Camera test with the Ofarims: L. doing sport with 100 in the Valley of Grindelwald and Lauberhorn ski race origin: Cine journal at the beginning and end of total length

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