UFA-Dabei 653/1969 28.01.1969


01 Minister Benda in the Middle Rhine sports College title: Sports Sports sports, image: pan to Hennef sports College. Athletes at table in discussion. Manfred Schnelldorfer, great. Ernst Benda, great. Benda jumps into the pool and swims with Gerhard Hetz to the bet. Benda's on the phone in swimming trunks. Jutta Heine at the table, great.

02. Inzell: European Championships in speed skating breakdown from ZL 992 / 7 - same section: water leaking from roof. Spectators from Holland dancing on the edge of the track. 500 m race: Erhard Keller runs and WINS. Erhard Keller at the award ceremony. Gerd Zimmermann runs against Kees Verkerk / Holland and WINS. He won the 5th place in the four-way battle. Dutch viewers with funny hats. 1500 m run: Claeshorn / Sweden wins out over Dag Fornäs / Norway. Dag of Fornäs WINS in the four-way battle. As European champions with flowers at the ceremony.

03. Hamburg: boat show title: this mass - escape on the water, image: sailing boat. Inflatables and ribs. Paddle boats from above. Small sailboat. Sailing boat. Rotating propeller, outboard motor spinning. Motor yachts. Camping boat with retractable wheels. Most expensive boat from the United States. Interior design and kitchen.

04. invasion of the Lebach ammunition storage and burial of victims title: this policy: topic of the week - violence, picture: terrain Lebach. Sentry gun immediately, feet tall. Barbed wire before barrack. Shield: Military security area. Photographs of the injured and dead. Schröder at the hospital in the conversation with the attending physician of the serious injuries. Funeral service. Nationals. Flowers. Wreath of the President and the Chancellor. Schröder, half-close. Soldiers carry the coffin. Lowered flag and drum roll. Troop presents.

05. Prague: Funeral of Jan Palach black flag. Funeral procession. Crowd of people on the streets in mourning. Weeping people on Windows. Photo of Jan Palach. People lay flowers before the coffin. Sea of flowers. Students carry coffin. Nationals. Silent crowd on the side of the road. Crying girl. Coffin to the grave. Pastor. Weeping mother.

06. Paris: Students devastate the Sorbonne destructions in the Rector's Office. Scraps of paper. Scrawled on pieces of art.

07. Tokyo: student protests students with White Helmets occupy University buildings and defend themselves against approaching police officers. Shooting with catapults. Police officers holding shields to protect themselves. Students throw acid bottles, and burning gasoline canisters. Students raise flag. Wounded are transported away on stretchers. Ambulance runs. Police storm a burning building. Students with arms raised on the wall after arrest.

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Benda, Ernst; Palach, Jan; Schröder, Gerhard; Claeshorn; Fornäs, Dag; Hetz, Gerhard; Keller, Erhard; Schnelldrofer, Manfred; Verkerk, Kees; Zimmermann, Gerd


Hamburg; Lebach; Paris; Tokyo; Prague; Moskau; Hennef; Inzell; Hennefe


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Bundeswehr; Demonstrations; Ice skating; Higher education; Flags; News, communications; Police; Postal, postal services; Rain; Shipping; Spoprt-Ehrungen; sports audience, sports spectator; sporting events; Deaths, funerals; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs; Cultural events; Military; Exhibitions; Military; Sports honors; transport


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UFA-Dabei 653/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Sports Sports Sports Benda in the Sports School of Mittelrhein camera: Luppa Inzell: Championships in the speed skating origin: Fox fair camera escape on the water boat show in Hamburg: Rühe this policy theme of the week: violence assault a. ammunition Lebach, Schröder i. hospital, burial of the dead camera: Luppa funeral of Jan Palach origin: State, State, Fox students devastate the Sorbonne origin: Pathé journal student unrest in Japan origin: Asahi news at the beginning and end of total length

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Self-Immolation of the Student Jan Palach in Prague (January 16, 1969)

On January 16, 1969, in protest of the suppression of the Prague Spring the student Jan Palach sets himself on fire in the centre of the Czechoslovakian capital. As a “human torch” he wants to stir up the people, wake them up from their apathy and hopelessness that has overcome them since the invasion of the Warsaw-Pact-Troops in August of 1968.

The student douses himself with gasoline in front of the national museum, ignites himself and all ablaze he runs into the nearby Wenceslas Square. After an attentive tram conductor has extinguished the flames with a coat the badly burnt Palach is taken to a hospital. Only a few hours after his action 200,000 people gather in the historic centre of Prague. They lay wreathes and rename the “Red Army Square” in front of the philosophical faculty of the Charles-University “Jan Palach Square” by placing new signs, even though security guards immediately take them down.

Three days after his self-sacrifice the 20-year old dies from his severe burn wounds. His body lies in state at the university at the bottom of the statue of the “national saint” Jan Hus. After a nationwide moment of silence Palach is buried on January 24, with 10,000 mourners attending.  

While Palach’s desperate appeal moves people in Czechoslovakia and abroad—and there are a number of copycats, contrary to his express wish—the political consequences are nil. Nevertheless “Honza” becomes a symbol of resistance. A memorial event in light of the 20-year anniversary of his self-immolation is a first messenger of the “velvet revolution” in the fall of 1989. 

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