UFA-Dabei 654/1969 04.02.1969


01 Reforger I - US manoeuvres in Germany while in the maneuver - GI's samples in Bavaria, image: detailed GI's. Phantom Hunter, taken from below, flying. Landing. Roll out. Transport aircraft landing sideways, large. Fitting the wheels, great. Soldiers get off transport plane. Country parachute landings. Strauß, half close, officers welcomed. Helicopters fly. Jets season. Aircraft are napalm bombs. Helicopters carry loads. Strauß as a spectator, half close, in addition to NATO commander Lemnitzer. Helicopter drop gun. Soldiers leave helicopter. Soldiers fire at gun. Tank ride through terrain. Band rises from helicopters and plays.

02. Berlin: Green week in news - notes at the time, image: radio tower and Exhibition Hall. People in exhibition. Fruit stand. Piglet drinking pig, big. Fountain. Lübke, half-close. Danish State. Today. Was Argentina. Cameramen. 2 police officers with protective helmets before the Persian stand with carpet and image of Shah and Farah. Demonstrators carried off by police. Brawl with rubber truncheons. Exhibition visitors to dinner plates.

03. de Gaulle in Brittany de Gaulle in car umdrängt of people. De Gaulle standing in car, waving, half-close. Demonstrators with raised fists, trailer with V raised fingers. De Gaulle with escort when driving through town. De Gaulle speaks, half-close.

04. NSU series: Richard von Frankenberg: is driving fun - Tip: curves to rotating wheels. Frankenberg at the wheel. Photo of Twiggy, lying. Curves cleavage: Bikini girl on beach. Cleavage of Madame ball. Swinging hips. Racing car in curve. Hands covering breasts above-no fashions. Cars in curves. Traffic sign: Attention curve in addition to Frankenberg. Hands of Frankenberg at the wheel, great. Car slows down in turn and runs on the opposite lane. Car drive properly through curves. Hitchhiker on the side of the road. Short cuts. Cleavage. Hitchhiker next to Frankenberg in the car.

05. Munich: Fasching fashions this entertainment - time of fools, image: girl flashing with an eye with Carnival hats. Mannequins show off dancing Carnival dresses. Painted tight mini-dresses. Bottles on the table. Girl drinking out of glass. A short close suit. Carnival wig. Glued plastic foil on naked skin as a costume. Flowers on bare-breasted. Cleavage of the low back.

06 evening suits demonstrate men's fashion in Ahrensburg Dressmen. White Dinnerjacket, striped jacket, peak reverse. Mandarin collar. Beat Chapel. Light and shadow trick of Chapel and fashion. Dressman, great. Jumping on a trampoline in a dinner suit.

07. New York: film ball Rex Gildo with microphone sings "who forbid that, knows nothing of love". Horst Buchholz with cigarette, big. Helmut Schön, large, Vicky, large, Walter Giller, Nadja Tiller at table. Uschi glass, great. Dr. Edwards presented "Golden screen 2" for "Honey". May spils film award. Alexandra, great. Werner Enke, great. Roy Black sings original sound. Dancing girl, great. Janelle sings original sound, great.

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Alexandra ; Black, Roy ; Buchholz, Horst ; Engelbrecht, Wolfram ; Enke, Werner ; Frankenberg von, Richard ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Gildo, Rex ; Giller, Walter ; Glas, Uschi ; Heintje ; Lemnitzer ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Spils, May ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Tiller, Nadja ; Twiggy ; Berger, Vicky ; Mork, Ingolf ; Schön, Helmut


Berlin ; Bavaria ; Munich ; Brittany ; Mainz ; Ahrensburg ; France ; Innsbruck


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Bombs ; Karate ; Demonstrations ; Honors ; Hands ; cameramen, cameramen ; Carnival ; Carnival ; filmmaking ; aircraft ; Forestry ; Musical events ; Photographers ; Police ; Smoking ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Maneuver ; People ; Military ; Social events ; Transport: General ; Weapons ; Water ; Agriculture ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; NATO ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Agriculture ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 654/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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While the maneuver of CI's U.S. maneuver in Germany rehearsing in camera in Bavaria Reforger I: rough it up-to-date notes at the time green week and demonstrations camera: Wiers de Gaulle in Brittany origin: Gaumont NSU series: topic curves Richard von Frankenberg origin: Archive this conversation time of fools Carnival fashion in Munich camera: Rau menswear on Castle Ahrensburg camera: L. movie ball in Mainz with Janelle camera: Jackson, Zaki at the beginning and end of total length

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