UFA-Dabei 656/1969 18.02.1969


1 Munich: Title interview with Professor Zenker after 1st heart transplant in Germany: medicine - we continue, image: heart surgery. Beating heart in an open chest. Entrance and part setting the surgical University Clinic. Operations Division. Professor Zenker at press conference after heart surgery. Mr Wiechmann interviewed Professor Zenker, o-ton: "one should, I believe, not so much value put on personal success or failure on the" - "we put no value at all on prestige – only the welfare of the patient or the patient is decisive for us. What touched us after this operation, is, that we could not fulfill the hopes of the patient and his relatives."-"what insights could you this heart transplant now for the future win?"-"first of all that that such difficult intervention yet in a University Clinic is technically well feasible. -"In my clinic the problem of organ transplantation, particularly the heart transplant is further pursued and carried out be." - "You too remember; still, even a sick person that one can expect of such a heart transplant, the heaviest secondary heart damage has been shown to" other organs?"–"We also remember to transplant the liver in the future." Medical boards from the chest.

02. Wilson in Bonn and Berlin title: this news - notes at the time, image: Kiesiner goes next to Wilson. Palais Schaumburg, close to half, Kamal in conversation, half-close. Wilson with a pipe, half-close. Wilson goes up in Bonn City Hall stairs. Protesters with placards against the British policy on Biafra. Contactor Wilson is located on the airfield. Sightseeing tour of factory in Marienfelde. English soldiers present sabers. Wilson is out front of the stand and speaks with a soldier.

03. Berlin: Demonstration against the fascism around the world young people run on the Kurfürstendamm with mouthpiece red guards. Painting of shop Windows. Protesters with protective helmets. Storm on the KaDeWe department store. Brawl with the police.

04. snow weather in Hamburg Mönckebergstraße in the snow. A snowbound cars. Recording of driving through snow. Train on snow-covered track. Snowplows clear runway on the airfield. De-icing of aircraft. Lufthansa machine restarts in the snow. Horse pulls the Snowplow. Tanks push snow. People on skis in the Mönckebergstraße.

05. action Minga - development aid in Brazil in Brazil - 40 degrees in the shade, image: day laborers immediately. Peasants, women and children go to work. Walk through the jungle. Men in the grubbing-up of jungle trees to land reclamation. Forest fire. Excavator move Earth, big. Planting of crops. Medical station of the Federal Republic. Child on the examination bed is cast around the foot. Processing of the cassava tuber in Pindorama. Market in Pindorama.

06. Hamburg: test drive of the Hamburg title: three premiere, image: moving Hamburg on the river Elbe. Luxury liner Hamburg driving on icy Elbe. Bug travels through water, from above. Anchor is lowered, rattling anchor chain and hitting water. TV picture. Shipowners Bitsch Christensen and Captain Helmut Bender in an interview in the Studio of the vessel. Drawing with breakdown of the vessel. Photos: dining room, swimming pool, bar, lamp, cabin, corridor. Turbines. Steering position. The Hamburg on the river Elbe.

07. wedding Arndt Krupp von Bohlen and Henriette von Auersperg Arndt Krupp, half close, Hetty, half-close. Photographers. Tender wedding couple. Father of the bride Prince Auersperg increases with Hetty in horse-drawn carriage ride in Castle Church. Shooters fire. Chimney sweep. Arndt, and Hetty abut. Berthold Beitz's short interview interview: "I've had troubles with Arndt - I have to say that, but my concerns are now less, come on I'm not them but."

08 Cologne: Streamer breakdown from ZL 955/9 - same section. Band plays in the parade. Sweets are thrown from cars. Children collect candy. Funny figures. De Gaulle in mussels. Breasts naked figures. Pig heads. Woman kissing a soldier.

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Auersperg von, Henriette ; Beitz, Berthold ; Bender, Helmut ; Bitsch-Christensen ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Krupp, Arndt ; Schütz, Klaus ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Wilson, Harold ; Zenker, Rudolf


Bonn ; Munich ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Brazil ; Austria ; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Demonstrations ; Railways ; Trade, finance ; Higher education ; Industry ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Carnival ; Children ; development aid ; Flags ; Carnival ; Television ; Forestry ; Radio ; Musical events ; Photographers ; Police ; Smoking ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; State visits (inside) ; freedom of expression ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Medicine ; Military ; Winter ; Economy ; Agriculture ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Industrial ; Agriculture ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 656/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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In medicine we make next heart transplant in Munich interview with Prof. Zenker camera: Rau origin: Gaumont, archive this up-to-date notes at the time Wilson in Bonn and Berlin camera: Luppa, Wiers demonstrations in Berlin camera: Wiers snow disaster in Germany camera: Rühe, Jürgens in Brazil 40 degrees in the shade action Minga three times premiere test drive of the "Hamburg" camera: L., Rühe Krupp-wedding ' origin: Fox Carnival in Cologne camera: Luppa at the beginning and end of total length

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