UFA-Dabei 660/1969 18.03.1969


1 Berlin: Trial of the Dutschke assassin Josef Bachmann title: this news - notes at the time, image: Bachmann behind bars. Josef Bachmann on the dock, great. The gun as the murder weapon. Archive: Site of the assassination. Bicycle headlong to. Record on the road, the site of the assassination. Offender Bachmann on stretcher. Josef Bachmann close-up on the dock. Bachmann speaks with his defender and is deduced.

02. England. Police push back wedding of Beatle Paul Mc Cartney with Linda Eastman fans. Paul Mc Cartney and Linda Eastman in the throng of fans. Level copying of the pair. Photographers umdrängen the pair. Police officers protect the car umdrängt by fans. Crying teenager.

03. truck drives winter - and spring impressions in Germany by snow walls. Cars on Schneestraßen. Snow plow. Excavator shovels snow to the side. Flourishing Crocuses. Frog jumping. Flower meadow.

04. action "Clearly driving" – tips for real overtaking cars overhauled in curve. Runner will be overhauled. Cars on the road. Car starts to overtake. Oncoming vehicle can turn car back on track. Driver looks in the rear-view mirror and indicator sets. Overtaking. When overtaking car meets. Outdated vehicle travels slowly. Returning odometer, great. Track and arrows "clearly driving".

05. Geneva Motor Show title: this motor - who shines in Geneva, image: raise hand towel by car. Ro 80 NSU is State under cloth. Mercedes. Different cooler from the front. Retractable headlights Flash. Small electric car from the Switzerland la Drolette. Microcars. Race car. Super Porsche for 140,000 marks. BMW with retractable headlights. Girl at the wheel of a Maserati with neckrest. Small cars from France Ami 8 Audi 100, is turning. Mercedes, BMW, Prince 4 NSU. 80. for ro ro 80 settings inside and outside. Ro 80 trips over Alpine passes. Hand turns great.

06. Stuttgart: VFB Stuttgart - Bayern Munich 3-0 title: this sports - Bravo Stuttgart, image: kick-off. Viewers filling picture. Stuttgart storms. Stuttgart players on the ball, ZL, is pushed. Munich's top scorer Madhavan storms. Defense of the Stuttgart goalkeeper Heinze, ZL. Stuttgart goes with a long shot in the lead 1:0 Viewer, screen, raise arms. Müller shoots before the Stuttgart goal, ZL. He will be forced out. Bayern coach Cebek, half-close. Haug, Stuttgart shoots the 2:0 goalie parades Heinze in ZL. Foul on Stuttgart striker Larsson, ZL. Larsson crashes when run on goal. Haug shoots free-kick at the Bayern wall over the gate. Spectators wave flags. Advertising on sidelines. Martini, Africola, Bosch.

07. France: the Snowcart World Championship athletes wearing Snowcart sled and put on helmet. Departure to Snowcart. Fall. Departure to Snowcart. Camera travels with. Athletes at awards ceremony. Snowcartfahrer ends up in the water.

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Bachmann, Josef ; Die Beatles ; Eastman, Linda ; McCartney, Paul ; Cebek ; Haug, Martin ; Heinze ; Larsson ; Maier, Josef ; Müller, Gerd


Geneva ; England ; Berlin ; North Germany ; Switzerland ; Holland ; Stuttgart ; France


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; Higher education ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Education, youth ; Spring, spring pictures ; Football ; Plants ; Photographers ; Police ; Advertising ; Go-kart ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Crime ; Transport: General ; Winter ; Exhibitions ; Judiciary ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 660/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This up-to-date notes at the time of Berlin: trial of Assassin Bachmann camera: Pahl origin: Archive wedding Beatle Paul Mc Cartney origin: Pathe news winter and spring impressions in Germany camera: Rieck origin: Archive: spring images Add.

Action "driving clearly"-Überholen origin: Archive this motor: who shines in Geneva Geneva Auto Show camera: fire origin: Cine journal, archive this sport bravo Stuttgart VFB Stuttgart-Bayern Munich 3-0 origin: look typically World Championship i, Snowcart origin: Pathé journal at the beginning and end of total length

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Assassination Attempt on Rudi Dutschke and Easter Riots (April 11-15, 1968)

Severe unrests occur in the young German Federal Republic during the Easter holidays in 1968, triggered by the assassination attempt on Rudi Dutschke on Holy Thursday in Berlin. The unskilled labourer Josef Bachmann—citing “political motivations”—fires three shots at the “German Che Guevara” outside the offices of the Socialist German Student Union, injuring him critically. Quickly, the news goes viral. Even before the shooter is identified Dutschke’s allies know for sure who really is to blame: the Springer publication empire, which has been leading a malicious campaign against the leading head of the extra-parliamentary opposition. Dutschke’s comrades unload their rage in a spontaneous protest outside the headquarters of the publishing company and chant phrases like “Springer—killer” or “Bild took part in the shooting!” While Dutschke is in the hospital undergoing emergency surgery and barely survives, the first rocks and Molotov cocktails are thrown—to prevent the printing and distribution of Springer newspapers. Peter Urbach, who is later exposed as an “agent provocateur” and as an informant of the intelligence service, contributes to the escalation of the situation. The following day the protests spread all over Germany. By Easter Monday civil war-like street riots take place in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and more than 20 other German cities. Two people are killed and hundreds are injured. In the aftermath the “Easter Riots” become the beacon in the escalating confrontation between the New Left and the state.

In 1969 Dutschke’s assassin Bachman is sentenced to 7 years in prison for attempted murder. One year later he takes his own life. Dutschke has to undergo intensive rehabilitation therapy to regain his speech and memory. He dies in 1979 from the long-term effects of the severe head injuries.

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