UFA-Dabei 667/1969 06.05.1969


01 Hannover Messe in economy - balance of the fair, image: rotating screw, big. Totals of the exhibition centre. Drive self-propelled carriages. Inflatable. Swimming pool. Construction vehicles. Atlas crane. Conveyor for luggage by baggage handling system. Transistor radios. Fireproof cooking pot. Glass fibers as optical fiber. Rolleiflex. Game computer.

02. 1 may in Hamburg and historical images in news - notes at the time, image: pan across City Hall. Photos of the labor movement in former times. Crowd with umbrellas, screen-filling. Mayor Weichmann, half-close. Hassle of APO demonstrators. Otto Brenner talks about city hall balcony actuality: "ladies and gentlemen. Our civic duty, but criticism and democratic vigilance is not a wrong understood silence and subservience to the authorities; but this vigilance applies also to those forces that with violence, To try to obstruct the way honest democratic forces here." Willy Brandt speaks interview: "I call on the young people in Germany to fight to work for reforms against backwardness, against stubbornness against Coldhearted, and we strongly warn those apparent radicals who are, although sometimes unwittingly, supporters of the blackest reaction." Half close listeners.

03. Israel: Golda Meir is out front of troop forces Golda Meir. She speaks with soldiers. Dayan, great. Golda Meir and Dayan at dinner.

04. Queen Elizabeth in Austria Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip receiving on Schloß Schönbrunn.

05. NSU series - Tip 1 - safe driving spinning wheels ro 80 Frankenberg at the wheel "Is driving fun". Car driving in curves. Frankenberg speaks interview. Look in the rearview mirror. Frankenberg strap themselves in. Filmed clash out of moving car. Car overturns. Open the door lock. Dense traffic.

06. Munich: Election of Miss and the Mister Germany in Munich: 95-62 - 95, image. Applicant in a bathing suit. Stop hair part. Make-up of eyeliner. Applicants in the evening gown and swimsuit. Curtain opens. Muscle men. Winner Mister Germany Dittmar Ulbrich is flexing muscles. Dittmar Ulbrich with Cup. Gesine Fröse as Miss Germany. Alexandra sings original sound. Vico Torriani leads Gesine Fröse.

07. Hamburg: HSV - Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-0 breakdown of ZL 1006 / 8 - something shorter. This sports - HSV greatly in shape, image: game. Game total. Half close, viewers in the people's Park Stadium. HSV striker with a storm door. Storms Günter Netzer / monks Gladbach. Defense of goalkeeper Girschkowski. Parade of goalkeeper Kamil / monks Gladbach. Spectators cheer on, great. Charly Dörfel storms and shoots 1:0 pan of HSV flags. Spectator wearing headscarves. Laughing spectators with glasses. Goalkeeper Girschkowski keeps ZL, loses the ball and attacks after. Gaping spectators. 2-0 shot into the empty goal shortly before the end of the game. Spectators clap, half-close.

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Alexandra ; Brandt, Willy ; Brenner, Otto ; Dajan, Mosché ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Frankenberg von, Richard ; Fröse, Gesine ; Meir, Golda ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Torriani, Vico ; Ulbrich, Dittmar ; Weichmann, Herbert ; Dörfel, Charly Bernd ; Girschkowski ; Kleff, Wolfgang ; Netzer, Günter


Hanover ; Hamburg ; Israel ; Munich ; Vienna


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Industry ; Domestic events ; Football ; Musical events ; Rain ; beauty care ; beauty pageants ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Technology ; automotive engineering, automotive ; People ; Military ; Military events ; Social events ; Transport: General ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Trade unions ; Industrial ; Military ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 667/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This balance sheet economy of Hannover Messe trade fair camera: Rieck, Wiers, Zakariah this up-to-date notes for the period 1 may in Hamburg u, historical pictures camera: fire, Wiers origin: Archive Golda Meir inspected israel. Troops origin: Pathe news Queen Elizabeth in Austria origin: Austria NSU series - drive safely home: archive in Munich 95-62-95 election of Miß u.d.Mr.Germany camera: Rau, Pahl, rough doing sports HSV greatly in form HSV Borussia M'gladbach monks camera: Rühe, Brandes, Zakariah, Wiers beginning and end of total length

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