UFA-Dabei 679/1969 29.07.1969


1 Berlin: Painting "Human suffering" in news - notes at the time, image: rising painter Michael Ostwald. Painter Get up giant painting, which is lying on the ground. Settings of the painting. Dying peace dove, bone hand, suffering face.

02. Kiel: Tanker painter in elevator while painting to ship wall baptism of Texaco. Woman at a christening, original sound. Champagne bottle shatters on ship. Cloth over the ship's name is drawn. Long deck of the giant tanker.

03. Bonn: Press Conference of FDP after Moscow trip group leadership of the FDP at table at press conference. Mischnik, half-close. Scheel recorded interview for the Moscow trip speaks: "first of all we have always the impression had, that it would be useful for us to strive to take more relations with the Soviet Union in all areas. This finding has been confirmed. And we have not taken this journey as a party action, it can not be."

04. portrait: Ernst Reuter title: Ernst Reuter: look at this city. Debris blowing up in Berlin. Houses to collapse. Rubble women in bucket chain. Scuffles and confrontations on the street in Berlin in the East-West conflict. Ulbricht, half-close. The Brandenburg Gate. Screen at the rally's crowd. Ernst Reuter interview speaks: "and I say it again: we have said no, will be again no say and we will say no, as long as a breath in us is alive." Ernst Reuter with beret, great. Photos from the life of Ernst Reuter. Reuter distributed Carepakete. Reuter is planting tree. Reuter press 1 ball and 1 Avus race. Reuter inaugurates Platz der Luftbrücke. Airlift aircraft flying over houses. Reuter speaks o-ton: "peoples of the world, her peoples in America, in England, in France - you look on this city and recognizes that you may not disclose this city and this people, can not disclose."

05. study: Report hitchhiking in the summer of 1969 while – we do not screen all talk of the fare,: hand of hitchhikers. Girl sits on the side of the road. Young man on the side of the road. Cars drive past. Hitchhiker gives interview. Motorists To give interview. Car stops. Hitchhiker play while waiting for flute.

06. Trier: German Water Ski Championships breakdown from ZL 1018 / 7 - same section. It rode on the waves, sports - image: water skiers with poodle. Water skier in striped bathing suit with poodle on board. Runner at Slalom race through gates. Hagen Klie wins the Championship in slalom. Figure run: Benzinger run of the winner. Jumping: Jumping with helmet. Landing, ZL. Fall of Knight, ZL. Leaps and falls, ZL (Very much good shots). It wins Karl Heinz Benzinger. Leakage and in the water fall of the winner.

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Benzinger, Karl Heinz ; Mischnik, Wolfgang ; Ostwald, Michael ; Reuter, Ernst ; Scheel, Walter ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Klie, Hagen


Berlin ; Bonn ; Kiel ; Paris ; Trier


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Portraits ; Press, press conferences ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Blasting ; Surfing ; Debris ; Art ; People ; Transport: General ; water skiing ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Surfing ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 679/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This up-to-date notes at the time painting "the suffering man camera: Ahsendorf baptism of a Texaco tanker FDP press conference after Moscow travel camera: Luppa Ernst Reuter: Portrait camera looks at this city of Ernst Reuter: Wiers origin: repros archive material, not labeled."

This reportage all we talk about v. fare not hitchhiking in Germany camera: Jackson while riding on the waves sport German Water Ski Championships origin: view i. d. world at the beginning and end of total length

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