UFA-Dabei 684/1969 02.09.1969


1 Hannover: Meeting the teachers Union doing policy - Pauker parties, image check: meeting room. WT speaker speaks. Teachers discuss education policy and education emergency, large, original sound: "How, ladies and gentlemen, you see the problem of 10 school year for primary school?" - "will you call to action, Will you call for a strike?" - "hold it right, your party colleagues in the Federal Government a financial policy making, the..." - "it is high time that we not only evaluation and Moscow trips, but also this central topic talk. You must travel to Moscow and education policy making, not one or the other." Speakers, great. Mischnik speaks actuality, big: interviews, big on education policy by Kiesinger, Brandt and Scheel.
Recorded interview he was: "the following is necessary: first, you must set the precedence of public duties." Because the education is Of course foremost. Secondly, it national education budget must be for education a kind, whom whatsoever."
Actuality Scheel: "the FDP wants to replace the previous tripartite school system through an open school system. "And in the next few years it comes this tripartite educational system gradually in a comprehensive school, to convict an open school system."
Actuality Brandt: "all young people should - be encouraged irrespective of their social origin and from the income of their parents -. We need to move closer toward I think the equality guaranteed by the basic law. A changing social consciousness must help us to overcome the still existing educational barriers and to exploit the talented reserves."

02 Mercedes C 111 here news - notes at the time, image: taillights Mercedes c 111. part setting wheel, headlights, taillights, image filling. Retractable headlights come out. Settings of the car. Flip-up doors, engine, valve. Drive via test track.

03. research ship Comet keel of the ship, from the top, driving through water. The comet on the side. Transfer of the vessel to the hydrographic Institute in Wilhelmshaven. The comet on the sea. Engine room. Command bridge. Indoor shots. Cruising ship.

04. 200 years mortgage Strauß at the lectern at commemorative event. Old document of a Pfandbrief dating back to 1769. Audience, great. Strauß receives "Chicken that lays golden eggs".

05. cornerstone station Mindelheim crawlers in the levelling of terrain. Earth is loaded with construction vehicles on truck. Road roller, great. Document of the laying of the foundation stone. Daniels speaks interview at groundbreaking ceremony: "broadcasters spread messages and information in all languages far out into the world. The here proposed transmitter Wertachtal is called to bring the voice of the free part of Germany in the world even more than so far to bear." Model of the transmitter.

06. Paris fashion in fashion - ideas from Paris, image: gloves. Mannequin with mini dress and Maxi Cape. CAP and scarf. Veil flap. Baggy pants. Nina Ricci: Leopard pants. Evening dress with sleeves made from ostrich feathers. Balmain: Dark short dress, breitrandiger hat. Evening dress with triangular long sleeve front. Evening dress with belt, deep cleavage, Veil skirt, fringed. Courège: loincloth dress, black and white giant glasses.

07. Studio mirror: Curd Jürgens: at night to half on the Reeperbahn, one in News - News from the film, image: Curd Jürgens and Heinz Reincke. Curd Jürgens and Heinz Reincke go singing about the Reeperbahn. Script girl makes records. Curd Jürgens and Heinz Reincke sit with girls in local and swaying singing. Dance.

08 premiere Janelle: "a heart goes on holiday" cinema display "a heart goes on holiday". Heintje before movie. Janelle plays football on the football pitch. Janelle's autographs. Janelle is carried on shoulders by lot.

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Brandt, Willy ; Dollinger, Werner ; Heintje ; Jürgens, Curd ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Mischnik, Wolfgang ; Reincke, Heinz ; Scheel, Walter ; Strauß, Franz Josef


Düsseldorf ; Mindelheim ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Bonn ; Untertürkheim ; Paris ; Town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber ; Wilhelmshaven ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Television ; filmmaking ; Radio ; Postal, postal services ; Shipping ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Autographs ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; finance ; Trade unions ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 684/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Policy check Pauker parties teachers Union in Hanover camera: Seib, l. this up-to-date notes at the time of Mercedes C 111 camera: L. research ship Comet camera: L. 200 years mortgage camera: Rau inauguration transmitter Mindelheim in fashion ideas from Paris origin: Pathé journal fashion from Paris currently new by the film studio mirror: on the Reeperbahn at night to 1/2 1 with cord of Jürgens Heintje: A heart travel goes length a. start and end

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50th Anniversary of Nina Ricci’s Death († November 29, 1970)

The fashion designer Nina Ricci makes her mark with her refined feminine Haute Couture made from luxurious fabrics and elaborate ornaments. Her high-end creations quickly become the epitome of the good taste of Paris.  

Born as Maria Adélaide Nielli in Turin in 1993 her family moves to Paris when she was 12 years old. A year later she begins an apprenticeship at a dressmaker’s. At age 18 she takes on a management position at the same company and soon is made head designer. In 1904 she marries jeweller Luigi Ricci, they have a son one year later. In 1908 she goes back to work and is hired by the couture house Raffin, where she would stay on as a designer for two decades. 

In 1932 she and her son Robert found their own label „House of Nina Ricci“, a combination of her nickname and her husband’s family name.

The designer prefers to work with the fabric directly on the mannequin. Her creations are well received with the French upper class. After World War II she is invited to participate in a couture fashion show at the Louvre. Among the audience were many international guests, who made sure her international breakthrough would follow soon. The label gets a strong foothold on the US-American and European market in the next few years. Robert Ricci’s own scents contributed to that, such as “L’Air du Temps”, which went on sale in 1948.

Nina Ricci retires as a designer at the age of 70, her couture house continues to thrive under the management of her son. It becomes so famous that many actresses wear the gorgeous creations on the red carpet. Even pop-artist Andy Warhol designs a shop window for the label. Nina Ricci passes away at the age of 87. Today her name still stands for timeless, feminine elegance. 

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