UFA-Dabei 690/1969 14.10.1969


1 Berlin: Hertha BSC Berlin - HSV 1-0 while sport - full funds for Hertha, image: viewers image filling. Long shot of the stadium with spectators. Playback. Hertha shoots on goal, ZL. Goalkeeper Öczian holds. Children with Hertha hats. HSV storms. Shot on goal. Goalkeeper Volkmar Groß holds. Game in front of goal. Goalkeeper big jumps up and catches ball. Spectator with glasses, side, big. High ball at HSV gate. 2nd half: Battle for the ball. Old spectator, large. Old man skin with fists on the parapet. Hertha players Touchline to the middle. Game in the middle. Ball rolling in goal. Players cheering. Viewers running in place. Repetition of the gate by gate camera recorded. ZL. Viewers swivel screen banners.

02. U.S. astronauts in Berlin here news - notes at the time, image: car of escort accompanied. Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. People wave to astronauts from the roadside. Accompanied by escort motorcade. Astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin Collins with contactor in car. Close-ups of Armstrong, Aldrin Collins prior to the Schöneberg Town Hall. Children waving flags. Collins speaks interview: "on our way we came along on the wall, and I thank God that it is not possible to build walls, also in the space because the space belongs to everyone. We have conquered the Moon for the benefit of all, even for the builders of the wall." Armstrong, Aldrin Collins on scaffolding at the wall.

03. 20 years DDR parade of the people's army. Flag bearer. Troop parades. Marines, tank, rocket car. Flag group. Brezhnev, Ulbricht, Gomulka on bleachers waving flowers. People walk past waving, screen-filling.

04. Frankfurt: book fair young demonstrators with transparent when moving and mouthpiece. Exhibit Hall with booths. Readers on beach.

05. Frankfurt: Awarding the peace prize to Professor Mitscherlich Alexander Mitscherlich award ceremony and speech, o-ton: "stupidity is about all there required where is demonstrably embezzled information and self-expression prevents intimidating taboos. Our schools schools of social classes and the nation were so far mainly, although they were called elementary school. Both had an interest to provide some information and hide others. It gnaws the ravages of time. One must count therefore combating this educative often unnoticed and unconsciously produced stupidity to the most essential tasks of peacekeeping." Among the listeners, close-ups, Heinemann, Lauritzen, Carlo Schmid. Listeners applaud. Heinemann is the hand Mitscherlich.

06. Studio mirror "Angel of St. Pauli" reverses fire. Burning Strip joint. Scantily clad girls watch out door. Jürgen Roland in addition to camera. Policemen pushing onlookers back. Horst Frank as well as Jürgen Roland. Brawl in local. Easy girl and pimp walk behind the coffin.

07. Catarina Valente show Catarina Valente - music is in the air, image: close-up Catarina Valente singing. Catarina sings Valente, big, before microphones. She are statements at trial. Catarina Valente's interview, big, o-ton: "with new songs and new hair, new costumes, and also Of course very old." She sings original sound.

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Aldrin; Armstrong, Neil; Breschnjew, Leonid; Collins, Joan; Frank, Horst; Gomulka, Wladyslaw; Heinemann, Gustav; Kohut; Lauritzen, Lauritz; Mitscherlich, Alexander; Roland, Jürgen; Schmid, Carlo; Schütz, Klaus; Ulbricht, Walter; Valente, Catarina; Groß, Volkmar; Öczian


Frankfurt; DDR; East Berlin; Hamburg; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Libraries; Books; DDR; Demonstrations; Honors; Border DDR/BRD, borders; Interviews; Children; Flags; filmmaking; Football; Musical events; Parades; Police; Rockets; Aerospace; Advertising; sports audience, sports spectator; People; Exhibitions; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; transport


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UFA-Dabei 690/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This sports full funds for Hertha football: Hertha/HSV origin: look in the world here-news notes at the time U.S. astronauts in Germany camera: Pahl, Zakariah, fire, Ahsendorf 20 years of DDR origin: DEFA Frankfurt book fair & peace prize to Prof. Mitscherlich camera: Jürgens, Jürgens, Rühe Studio mirror to "Angel of St. Pauli Catarina Valente music is in the air of Catarina Valente show camera: Rühe, Jackson", Fire at the beginning and end of total length

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Founding of the GDR (October 7, 1949)

On October 7, 1949 the Provisional Volkskammer meets in the Ballroom of the former Reich’s Aeronautics Ministry and votes on the „constitution of the German Democratic Republic“, thus implementing the founding of the GDR. It is the SED (Socialist Unity Party of Germany) leadership’s reaction to the failed Germany talks between the Soviet Union and the Western powers, plus the West German Basic Law had been enforced on May 23, which essentially founds the Federal Republic of Germany.

Only one day after Konrad Adenauer is elected to the office of Chancellor of West Germany (September 15) a SED delegation travels to Moscow to consult about concrete steps towards the founding of their own state on the territory of the Soviet Occupation Zone. Elections to a “German People’s Congress” took place in mid May—the results were “corrected” during a recount: the party finally had a basis of legitimacy. A constitution in the Weimar tradition had been prepared in advance. It commits to liberal fundamental rights and the option of a united Germany, it defines the state—which is quite different from the Federal Republic—and declares it socialist and anti-fascist. Four days after the founding of the state Wilhelm Pieck is elected the President of the GDR, and Otto Grotewohl is elected premier.   

From now on the “day of the republic” is annually commemorated in Berlin as the national holiday of the German Democratic Republic, complete with military parades and mass rallies. Mikhail Gorbachev attends the 40th and final birthday of the republic. In light of the GDR’s comrades’ resistance to reform he declares: “I believe that danger only lies in wait for those who do not react to life.”

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