UFA-Dabei 693/1969 04.11.1969


01 Banja Luka / Yugoslavia: Earthquake in Banja Luka - city in fear, image: running, weeping refugees. Military-trucks. Geköpftes Minaret of a mosque. Rubble, destroyed houses. Crowds on the street. Great facial bleeding injured. Woman injured on the leg will be continued. Weeping people, ZL. Man runs with child in her arms. Street clock shows 9,14 pm. Multiple panning shots of ruined houses. Tank for space work. Dead are recovered and carried away on stretchers.

02. Paderborn: Princess Anne in Germany image: sedan moving to. Anne gets out, welcome. Entry in the Golden Book of the city. Anne's signature and date, close. Anne leaves town hall with Mayor, totally. Greeting British officer, close. Walking appeared to stand in the company of an officer. Parade in front of Anne, short. Anne enters battle suit, wearing headscarves in tanks. Inside the Tower hatch and observed field exercise of the tanks. Moving even a forward under the guidance of a soldier. 03. Hamburg: Italian fashion mannequins descend aircraft gangway. Winter coats, swing on long legs. Fur coats before plane bug. Mr in the pop shirt. Mr furs. Winter coat demonstration before plastic before the Hamburg Atlantic Hotel.

04. Munich: Visiona - live young in the year 2000 girls in modern Wohneinrichtung with TV built in dome opaque over. Bathroom with ball bath. Inserting a covered table in kitchen Department. Kitchen facilities. Round bed.

05. portrait: Marcel Marceau archive: Marcel Marceau in pantomime "Make-up". In GDP mask speaks interview about the task of the MIME and pantomime Marcel Marceau: "so, GDP is matured, because he Of course has a larger and deeper vision of the world. He shows people between life and death, laughter and crying, dreams and reality. He is actually the poet representing the everyday... Now, the timelessness is the hardest to show also the weightlessness. I would say that the MIME to express everything, for example the creation of the world, light and shadow, the pantomime must be as a witness, a silent witness of our time... "Pantomime is the brother of all peoples, because it represents the essence and also the poetry of the everyday - life, dream and hope." Pantomime: The fight with the long button placket. GDP as a soldier during the drill. More than flying (archive).

06. Hamburg: German trampoline Team Championship slow motion of a jumper and two more jumpers in magnificent jumps. Winner of the men's. Police Sports Club Berlin. Winner of the ladies: TG youth village / Salzgitter.

07. Mörsch: Moto ball Cup final MSC PUMA Kuppenheim - MSC Malsch various scenes, ball flies beyond the gate. Ball flies into goal. Players with the Cup. Result 1:0 for MSC PUMA Kuppenheim.

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Marceau, Marcel ; Philipps, Mark


Berlin ; Munich ; Paderborn ; Banja Luka/Yugoslavia ; Hamburg ; Nürburgring ; Moersch


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Disasters ; Moto ball ; Portraits ; Sports details, fouls ; Trampoline, jumping on a trampoline ; Buildings ; Military events ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Autographs ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 693/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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In Banja Luka earthquake in Banja Luka, Yugoslavia origin: Novosti doing up-to-date notes at the time of Princess Anne in Germany camera: L. Italian fashion stores in Hamburg camera: Jürgens, Wiers live in the year 2 000, 'Visiona' camera: Rau Marcel Marceau mimes f. Germany Marcel Marceau portrait camera: Rühe, Wiers doing sports duels of the week German trampoline Championship camera: fire Moto ball in Mörsch origin: look in the world at the beginning and end of total length

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