UFA-Dabei 697/1969 02.12.1969


01. the Hague: The EEC Summit protesters with placards and banners in the streets. Transparent: "this is the Summit of the Summit. 15 years except charges nothing happened". Historical Hall of Knights in the Hague, totally, outside. Pompidou, de Jong and LUNs, enter the meeting room. Willy Brandt welcomed several participants. LUNs in the table, unpacks his briefcase. De Jong, half total. Willy Brandt with headphones and cigar. Several settings of the session table and the participants.

02. Olympic Games Munich 1972 Olympic medals. Bank window, oversized Olympic coin issued: "games of the XXI Olympiad, Munich of 1972 young couple enters the banking Hall, can be seen in the switch Olympic medals. The medals with different sports disciplines, each wholesale. Box with 17 different medals.

03. London: Albert Hall: election of Miss World girls with ostrich feather headdress rises from bus. Different title candidates, close. Miss Germany and others, each total. The girl with sashes on the swimsuits, several settings. Applause of the audience, totally. Winner Eva over Staier of Austria won sits on the throne and goes with Crown and Royal mantle at the stage ramp.

04. Bonn: Federal press ball Champagne is poured into glasses. Drums, large. Dr. Heinemann, laughing, great. Pan on Henry Nannen, laughing, great. Augstein held hand whispers with Willy Brandt, close. Each large. Uschi glass and Walter Scheel, Augstein with Rut Brandt. Willy Brandt, Esther Ofarim, close. Dancing: Rut Brandt, Walter Scheel with Uschi glass, Helmut Schmidt and wife, Horst Ehmke, Karl Schiller, laughing. Willy Brandt with Esther Ofarim, Henry Nannen with Rut Brandt. Gerhard Schröder, talking, close. Rainer Barzel at the table with others. Dancing: Stoltenberg, von Hase, Josef Ertl, close. Dance long shot. Brandt and Ofarim in entertainment.

05. Duisburg: City lighting in Homberg in Duisburg – in terms of film. Several settings of the empty space of the cinema. Curtain goes up. Projection room. Scenes from "A day is more beautiful than the others". Kurt Hoffmann at the cutting table in front of screen. Glasses takes off, close. Additional scenes during the recording of the above film. Cameraman with exposure meter. Recording Studio: Family comes down stairs and takes place at the dining table. See other vivi Bach, great. Hoffmann directed by instructions.

06. Bremen Airport construction in Bremen - it will what into the air, image: aerial photographs. Plan of the new airport of Bremen and construction work. New check-in Hall, total. Waiting in the waiting room. Aircraft in the air, close. Assembly Hall of the United aviation works with the VFW 614, total and detail settings. Designers and at the drawing board. Art room. In the Assembly Hall the "flying bed frame," one of the most modern vertical take-off. Several settings of workers and in assembly halls with airplanes in Assembly. Transport aircraft "Transall", frontal on the runway. Pilot in the cockpit. Launching Transall big close, and in flight, total. ERNO aerospace research space. Several settings of white-dressed men in their research. Test A 3 ELDO with the engines of the European satellite carrier.

07. Cologne Müngersdorf: football of 1 FC Cologne Borussia Mönchengladbach play scenes, tussle at the gate of Mönchengladbach on the ground. Sepp Herberger in the audience, great. Cologne goalkeeper catches the ball. Günther Netzer in various scenes. Cologne goalkeeper fends off ball. Wang, Weber, le Fevre. Manglitz in game scenes. Ball flies into the goal. Audience waving flags.

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Augstein, Rudolf; Bach, Vivi; Barzel, Rainer Candidus; Brandt, Rut; Brandt, Willy; Breme; Ehmke, Horst; Ertl, Josef; Glas, Uschi; Hase von, Karl-Günther; Heinemann, Gustav; Hoffmann, Kurt; Jong de; Luns, Joseph; Nannen, Henry; Ofarim, Abi; Pompidou, George; Rüber-Staier, Eva; Scheel, Walter; Schiller, Karl; Schmidt, Helmut; Schröder, Gerhard; Stoltenberg, Gerhard; Fevre le; Herberger, Sepp; Manglitz; Netzer, Günter; Weber, Paul; Wimmer, Maria


The Hague; Homberg in Duisburg; Bremen; Hamburg; London; Bonn; Cologne Müngersdorf; Cologne Müngersbach


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Banking, banking; Europe, EDC, EEC; filmmaking; Football; Rockets; Aerospace; beauty pageants; Technology; accident series; Social events; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; aerial photographs; finance; Technology; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 697/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Doing up-to-date notes at the time the EEC Summit the Hague origin: Polygoon Olympic coins, Munich camera: Rau Wahl of Miss world, London origin: Pathe news Federal press ball, Bonn camera: Luppa thereby concerning film opening a cinema + (city of Homberg) + Studio mirror "a day so beautiful..."
Camera: Rühe in Bremen it will what in the Bremen air: air & Space Center in sports of Yugoslav new style soccer of FC Köln / boron. Mönchengladbach origin: look in the world at the beginning and end of total length

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