UFA-Dabei 699/1969 16.12.1969


01 Typhoon in Japan Palm and other trees in the storm. Spring floods on banks. Ship in a storm, half total and total. Japan. City At night in the rain, cars.

02. Bonn: Japanese hostesses at Dr. Heinemann breakdown from El Mundo 382/1 - same section. Villa Hammerschmidt, total. The Japanese hostesses in their national costume get out of a bus and go into the House. Inside: Hosteß presented a bouquet to Heinemann. Various settings: Heinemann welcomes the girls individually. Heinemann in the midst of the girl.

03. Munich: Federal Association of German employers associations - election of the new President Otto A. Friedrich several settings of the papal conclave. Counting of the ballots. Applause of the entrepreneur. Otto A. Friedrich, close to speech, interview: "we want to be entrepreneurs Act willing partners, so we need to make us in this critical phase of the economy of particularly rigorous in design costs, extent and pace of investment and hard discipline in the own price formation. I apelliere to my entrepreneurial colleagues, to evaluate the price management as a matter of national importance." Intermediate cuts different entrepreneurs listening to.

04. Berlin: Christmas market and promotion of the film carousel, skooter railway for children. Stand with roasted almonds. Crowded market. Poster: "we love cinema" and "Let's go even in the cinema". Autograph hour, with Rudolf Platte, big. Sabine Bethmann, big and close. Achim Strietzel, close. Poster: Mickey Mouse: "The cinema has more than 3 programs".

05. duck story various settings of duck breeding, among other things, eating and drinking duck, ducks in cages, duck eggs in cartons. Automatic nesting boxes. Lore with lining, duck farm, outside and inside, totally. Intermediate cuts: roast duck on covered table.

06. portrait: Otto Dressler in currently - shipping stranger at work, image: Otto Dressler. Atelier. Otto Dressler pours liquid foam in a plaster mould, which swells and solidifies. Dressler pushes the fingers into the ground and lifting them out of shape and has soft foam gun in the hands. Reliefs: Beethoven with Melody bubble on the mouth and Höhrrohr; L ' L'Inconnue of la Seine with bubbles; the garden Gnome with balloon "Hei APO". Several of these reliefs as a seat cushion on stools. Making a foam girl; naked girl is a deleted with Schaumstoffmasse. Girls figure made of foam. Lit line: "Please Sit down on it" and "Relationship to art". Dressler is foam girl.

07. New York: Impressions and Germans in New York title: passers-by. Collection of waiting at road crossing. Traffic lights: Dont walk, close. Fischei setting a street scene. Women's player in the Park. Art exhibition and Viewer. Carousel. Ice rink with runners in Central Park, total. Plenty of taxis. Several streets. 87th Street: Mozart Hall, outdoor, Café Hindenburg, outdoor, Alpine cellar shield. Inside: Hindenburg picture on the wall. Singer, sings great and close, original sound "at the fountain in front of the dead". Female audience. Look at construction site, skyscrapers (Fischei). Driving record Broadway in the rain.

08 Hamburg: Football Borussia Mönchengladbach - HSV various game scenes on icy course. Including Netzer is the ball over Voigt to Dietrich. Goalkeeper Öczan can't hold the ball, puts long ball enters the goal. Headers. Ball up and running again in the gate: Öczan is long. Game scenes with Wang and Lagman. Game scenes in ZL. Hamburger shooting the ball into the goal. Intermediate cuts: Viewers.

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Bethmann, Sabine ; Dressler, Otto ; Friedrich, Otto A. ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Platte, Rudolf ; Strietzel, Achim ; Dietrich, Marlene ; Laumen ; Netzer, Günter ; Öczian ; Vogts, Berti ; Wimmer, Maria


Berlin ; Japan ; Hamburg ; New York ; Munich ; Bonn ; Moosach/OBB.


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industrial events ; Disasters ; filmmaking ; Football ; Shipping ; State visits (inside) ; Townscapes: North America ; Art ; Christmas ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 699/1969

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Doing up-to-date notes at the time Typhoon in Japan origin: [...]ro Japan. Hostesses b. Dr. Heinemann camera: Luppa employers Association, choice O.A.. Friedrich camera: L. Filmförderung Berlin Christmas market camera: Ahsendorf duck story camera: fire in art verfremder the work of Dressler - portrait camera: out this report everyday life in New York City impressions from New York + German in New York camera: Rahim in sports match of the week football BOR. Mönchengladbach/HSV Hamburg camera: Seib, Rieck, Zakariah, fire beginning and end of total length

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